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Greek Hill
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The Miller Coven
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Training camp of the Millers


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Secret Location

Greek Hill is the secret training camp of the Millers and homebase of witches from the Hainasoni Bloodline. After the defeat of May Miller, Alyssa and Jason will use it as a way of offering vampires and allies a way to improve their skills.


May bought the property shortly after having turned the Carrington brothers, after realising her plan to create the best of the best vampire soldiers was running out of hand. She had it renovated to her liking, including adding a whole sub-terain level with an indoor pool and running track.

Alyssa Miller visited it on a fieldtrip with her mother. She was impressed, but disliked the way everyone was treated. Greek Hill quickly gained the reputation of being a death sentence. Everyone send to Greek Hill who had not the hidden capacity to become even stronger, died there under the pressure.

Thomas Chamberlaine got send there when he got in charge of turning the majority of the army into vampires. He resides there and he is one of the people who knows the facility best. He controlled the vitals of new vampires as they came in. At one point Darcy Dunville joined him in he facility. She was a very promising recruit in the facility and continued to climb up the ladder.

Liam Miller got taken there shortly after his 20th birthday and tested by Darcy, who had become Thomas' right hand in Greek Hill. Liam too passed the test. In his file from his time in the facility, he is listed under D-002, indicating the facility kept a special list of Dhampires to compare results with. It is therefore suggested Alyssa was considered D-001, insinuating that May believed Alyssa's mortality was not fully gone and she was still a dhampire.

During the centuries, the location was kept hidden. No one really knows where it is, because it has a secret location and everybody is brought in blindfolded.

Present DayEdit

Now the training camp is property of Alyssa Miller and Jason Dawson. They won't lead the camp with the hard hand May did, but it will still be a training camp. Open for everybody to improve their skills in. It will also be used as a training camp for the Silverstones and the other allies that want to train and become better.

It now is also a hide-out place or home to the Hainasoni witches. For the onces who have fled their home and needed a place to stay, this was the ideal spot. Every single one of them had heard of the place, but had never been there. The people that they had fled from had no clue where it was either, so they would never be found.


The trainings camp has four different floors. From the outside the building looks just like an old factory building, but on the inside it is high tech and equipped with brand new stuff. It has this look from the outside, because no one would show interest in what is inside of it.

Ground floorEdit

The ground floor has a lobby with a reception, so if anyone does come in they can make sure they won't go any further than that room. The first floor also has a lounge, but it is actually never used by anybody, because the first floor is the one with the most chance of being seen.

Second floorEdit

On the second floor are some rooms for the vampires and witches to sleep and live in. While staying at the camp it is important for them to have their own space and to be able to have some time to themselves once in a while.

Third floorEdit

On the third floor are the labs. This is a restricted area and not everybody is allowed to come in their. Only the ones with a keycard can get in. The research that is done on this floor is top secret and is mostly about Dhampires and other species or spells that haven't been studied properly before.


The basement is where the training all happens. There are several facilities where vampires and witches can train to become stronger, faster or smarter. One of those facilities is a pool where they can check how long they can do without breathing, or take a swim and improve their strength.

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