Grace Miller
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born Graciana Milano
Turned N/A
Died May 2014 (supposedly)
Age 24 (vampire age unknown)
Occupation Former ruler of The Millers
Residence The Miller Compound
Supernatural information
Species Vampires
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Liam Miller
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color black
Eye Color None
Portrayed By None
Grace Miller (née Graciana Milano) is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. She is seen as a villain for the majority of the story, but she has her good moments. She is the mother of Liam and former mentor and girlfriend of Mason Whittmore.

Grace is a vampire and she co-rules The Millers along with her half-sister May Miller, but is less involved. 


Graciana MilanoEdit

Grace was born when her mother fell in love with the son of a local farmer in Italy. At the time her mother and her half-sister were trying to hide from May’s father, who wanted to kill them. A few months after Grace’s birth the plaque set in and killed her parents. As a miracle, Grace and her older sister were saved by a doctor. He took them in and they were raised by him for a little while to get healthy again. After that, he took them to an orphanage. Grace lived there with her sister, but she stayed behind alone when her sister was forced to become a nurse, due to being too old for the orphanage. Grace had the same faith when she became too old to. 

Grace MillerEdit

When she was 24, the orphanage/hospital was raged by vampires. Grace and May were both bitten and turned. However, their creator separated them sending them off to different places and took away their memories. When Grace woke up, she suffered from amnesia and didn’t knew anything anymore. The years following she spent trying to discover her new nature of being a vampire. She joined a local group and travelled through Europe , untill they split up. She then followed the rumour of someone who was helping a lot of vampires , and she found May. They reunited and promised to never leave eachother again.They travelled over to the New World and started building a family , but Grace had always wanted more to life than power.

Throughout severel periods she would distant herself , despite being the official co-ruler , and would live on her own.On of those times was in the late 80's , when she decided to go to college. On campus , she met a student named Christopher. She had sensed something odd about him , but didn't found out at first ; He was a wizard. Only later , when she surprisingly found out she was pregnant , the puzzlepieces came together. Grace decided to drop out and move ,without informing Christopher. When she returned to May , May reminded her about the potion she gave Grace once. Grace , shocked to be carrying a wizard's child, went in hiding.

Grace SpencerEdit

The first few years of her son Liam's life she was able to live pretty normal ; but as soon as Liam started to develop more, Grace called in May's help. This was the point were Grace took a step back at Liam's upbringing and Liam was mostly raised by nannies since then. The occasions that Grace has shown interest in her son have been mere.One was when he was in Portland when rivalary vampire groups were taking over the city. But Liam decided to go against her will by choosing for his half-sister Payton. Ever since , Grace and Liam barely had any contact. 

It is revealed in a letter by Grace that she intended on Liam to find a home with his sisters. She did not want him to live the life she had lived amongst vampires. She explains she abandoned him to give him a chance at humanity, and she did so the minute news came of Payton's birth. In this plan, Grace has used reversed psychology often, to make him develop a sense of responsibility towards his younger siblings.

Grace died due to the biological link with May. At the moment of her death she was tracking Noah down. Luckally, Grace's choises in men did kept her son alive , as he was able to live on due to his father's DNA.


Grace has a very strong will and is very self-protective and in a way often selfish.