Fase 1) Jade will report back to the Anconi (3rd week in june) : Edit

  • The Silverstones are very distracted by their personal lives , and seem very week with the presence of their human friends. It doesn’t seem like they are capable of fighting
  • The Dawsons have shattered : Alyson and Dylan have returned to New York , Jason and Seth have isolated themselves from the Dawsons due to a Silverstone-Dawson fight
  • The Millers are a complete mess ; Alyssa Miller has no control over what’s left of the army. Most of it died along with May , and the others don’t obey her (Matt will have talked to the other vampire groups and will have erased the threat that Alyssa is recovering , to avoid the Anconi to think that they are TOO weak…

--> Obviously this is a false report. But it will convince the Anconi to leave the matter alone for a little while , as they are not that much of a threat anyway.

Fase 2) Secret operation between Jade & Pierre (after the false report , so rest of June)Edit

  • Pierre will have a global (read : magical dimension head-line news) fight with the Silverstones (The Silverstones don't know that this is a set-up from Pierre , to make it more believable). The Anconi will hear about this.
  • Pierre will volunteer to join the Anconi , completely on their terms (story-Pierre infiltrates in Anconi)
  • Pierre will infiltrate after being tortured for espionage (even worse than the storytelling)
  • Pierre and Jade will be gathering inside information to report back to Alyssa

Fase 3) Send back to kill (juli & augustus)Edit

  • Pierre and Jade are both send back to Orégon to kill the Silverstones. However , Jade and Pierre reveal themselves.
  • The Family comes up with the plan to fake Pierre and Jade's death.

Fase 4) Missing soldiers (september)Edit

  • After Pierre and Jade's dissapearence , more Anconi's get sent to Orégon to investigate.
  • The Family offers the Anconi's a truce

Fase 5) Coronation  (late september)

Now that the Anconi is weakened , Alyssa will take the Miller throne (as the blood-relative of May) along with Jason (as the blood-relative to Jared)

  • Alyssa's 'mate' will be Justin (she will change the name 'mate' to 'right hand')</li></li>
  • Jason's 'mate' will be Payton (same)

    note : Alyssa will be pregnant by this time (so Claire will have to design a special dress)

    </li> </li>

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