FORUM 10 ;Edit


In Senior year the couple will grow more together

Liam goes craycrayEdit

Liam kidnapping Mila in revenge on his siters


Lauren and Nate's death is a tragic loss.

FORUM 14 ;Edit


Jade & Gameplan cobra Edit

see gameplan cobra


Alyssa looks behind her. “Jade…” The girl she had appearently called came from behind the corner with another girl. A gasp was heard instantly. Everyone looked at Elisabeth , the one that had gasped. The youngest girl that was brought in smiled and walked towards Elisabeth , James frowning and looking up when Elisabeth and the girl hugged. “How is that possible.” Is all he asks , leaving the other ones in the room guessing. Elisabeth shakes her head, looking at the girl. “ long…” “Couple of centuries.” The girl says. Justin notices how the two both have an English accent now. “Elisabeth… who exactly is this ?” He asks , the question that is on everyone’s mind.

Elisabeth looks up and smiles. “This… is my sister. Clarissa.” And by that she looks around towards Alyssa and the girl she had called Jade. “How…?” Both girls smile , and Justin is amazed by how similar their smile looks. Just like… their eyes , now that he looks at the other one in a detail. “How come you are alive ?” Elisabeth asks.

"I was never dead." She states. "Well, they found your body , many years later…” "The body was me. Just not dead. I knew that something was going on in our home town ,so I had to come back. And I did… in a coffin…” The girl sighted. “When they buried me , I got out again. Then I noticed you were not there. Mom and dad had died a long time already. Only Arthur was still alive, as an old grey men.You know how it feels to come back and seeing almost your intired family dead ?” A lot of the other vampires in the room moved in their seats. “But when I heard you were still alive… I came to the realization that you must have turned too.” The girl pause , clearly upset. “But then I got found by the council. They said I was a danger to the secret by going back to my home town. They imprisoned me but they didn’t kill me. Instead they made me join their army. But knowing you where out there somewhere gave me a purpose. So I gathered as much information as I could find about them. In order to somehow find you and help you beat them.”

“Okay , enough nostalgia for now. Clarissa , tell us about them…”

  • Vampirehunters

​Silence took over the room as everyone took in the information. Hunters were in town.

Hunters were different than the Anconi-spies. The spies were the same race ,they understood the way of life a vampire had. They would not do things to get the vampire-race exposed. But hunters… hunters were a whole different story. “Good thing I have a safe spot. It used to be a vacation spot for my mom. It is under the strongest surveillance , we’ll be safe there. And by we ,I mean everyone. But I wont obligate anyone to go. I’m just giving the option. Just know we’ll be staying there for a few weeks , maybe months , so pack enough. We’ll have to hide completely so limited access to the outside world.” Everywhere in the room , couples faced eachother, and nodded. Justin was the first to stand up. “It’s my father’s fault… so I want to apologize to anyone for having to run from them. I understand if anyone is mad at me ,I get it.” Claire shook her head. “Why would we ?” Claire asks. Payton nods. “We don’t choose our parents , Justin. If they are horrible persons… you just try not to let that influence you.” And by those words ,everyone stood up. “We will meet midnight , at the Dawson house.”

Payton , Jason , Claire and Seth returned to their house , where they met up with Liam , Mila and Phoebe. They explained the situation and sighted. “Now I know you want to come with us ,but you can’t. We need the three of you to stay here , and cover us. Liam , if they come here you say you live in this house because your father did, you enherited it. If they ask about me or Jason , you say you’ve never met us , and that you’d never let your little sisters be together with us. Mila , if they ask anything about school.. for all you know we were regular students. Phoebe ,if they ask why you’re here you say the thruth , only in stead of learning from Payton and Claire , you learn from Liam. We will keep in touch with you , we’ll just use different names , alright. I will be Nicholas Delaine , Jason will be Jason Carrington. Oh and Mila , I need you to call your sister. I know she mentioned she didn’t like living at your parents’ house with Olivia and Caleb, so invite her here. It’ll explain the atmosphere of children in the house. Tell her she can stay as long as possible.” Mila nodded and sighted deeply. “I’ll help you guys pack.” She says ,and she rushes upstairs with Payton and Claire.  Payton first dives into Amore’s room , packing up 3 stuffed animals and toys. She takes a blanket and fills the rest of the little suitcase with clothes that are a little too big , and just a few sets of clothes that just fit , as the baby is growing so much lately. On top of the clothes , she finally puts some picture frames and some other nostalgia stuff , and she puts the suitcase in the hallway , along with the pack ‘n play. Then she moves to alena’s room across the hall , and packs up all of her clothes in another suitcase , and adds Mr. Teddy. She also takes Alena’s blanket and the picture frames she had on her dresser, along with the butterfly haning of the seeling and a little pillow with her initial on. As she sets out the two medium suitcases , she can already see one big one standing outside of their bedroom. She walks in on Jason loading up Payton’s clothes and she takes his hands. “It’s okay , I’ll do it. You can take Aj’s stuff.” She says , as she continues herself folding some basic shirts and pants , nothing to fancy.

It takes Claire a quarter of an hour to get the twins’ stuff ready , as Seth works on their stuff. Downstairs , Mila gathers a lot of magical books and items such as amulets , while Liam runs up to the attic. He comes down with a big box and sets it out in the hallway. When Mila frowns , he sights deeply. “Stuff I came across when I lived at the attic. Payton told me recently she planned on looking through it , so maybe she’ll want to.”

Two hours and a half later , everyone is back gathered downstairs. The hallway is filled with a total of

7 suitcases ; Three very large ones , one for Jason and Payton , one for Claire and Seth , and one with other stuff such as the books and practical stuff like computers. The other 4 suitcases were for the children. Besides the suitcases , there were the two pack ‘n plays along with other travel-items

It finally took Jason and Seth half an hour to get àll the stuff loaded in just three cars (Jason’s Audi , Payton’s SUV and Claire and Seth’s main car) , including the kids. Now , at half past eleven , they took the time to say goodbye to the ones close to them.

Alyssa had efficiently packed their bags in two hours ,and they had gathered the rest of the stuff in the next hour , fitting it all in their SUV. “Alright , so we have some clothes , Damien’s stuff , Daphné’s stuff , we’ve got.. everything. I think.”

The same thing happens at Alyson and Dylan’s beach house, Jade and Pierre’s cabin and James and Elisabeth’s house before they all meet at midnight. “Alright , so it’s a two hour drive. Here is the address.” She handles Seth , James and Payton a note. “Read it. Now burn it.” She says , as she holds out a fire. Everyone nods and burns the papers. “I suggest we leave in groups , 20 minutes apart. We’ll go first.” Alyssa waits for a moment and sights. “It’s going to be okay sis.” Jade smiles , as she hugs her big sister. Jason joins the hug quickly. Soon enough , everyone is involved in one big hug , breaking apart from the sound of an engine. Matt smiles as he steps away from Alyssa and Justin’s car again. “You should really leave now.” He says ,and Alyssa nods. She gets back into the car and looks at Justin who climbs behind the wheel. “I love you , you know.” She whispers. Justin nods. “I know…”

When they arrive , they are faced with gates ,and Alyssa steps out of the car. She dials in a code , gets her eye lasered , and then the gates open. Justin can’t help but think how she did not exaggerate when she said it was secured like a fort. Everywhere you watched there was surveillance , as Justin drove up the driveway and approached the front of the house.

When Alyssa opens the front door a few moments later , they walk into one of the biggest houses he has ever seen. “Oh my god…. This would fit the entire army.” He states , and Alyssa nods. “Well, not completely. But it does fit my mother’s entourage.” She puts down Daphné quietly and looks around. “It has 10 bedrooms , so…” Justin nods , and runs it down in his mind. One for them , one for Jayton , one for Cleth , one for Dyson , one for Jameth , one for Pierrade , leaving 4 bedrooms to divide Matt and the kids to. Alyssa nods. “I’ve been thinking of having Alena and the twins take one , having AJ and Damien take another , and giving Amore and Daphné one , leaving the fourth one to Matt.” Justin nodded. “I don’t really care how we sleep , as long as we are all safe.” He said. He then checked his phone, but Chris hadn’t replied since an hour ago. Alyssa sighted and she switched her son to her other arm , so that she could hug Justin. “It’s going to be alright honey. No vampire hunter can enter here , and we’ve erased all of our tracks back in Waterfall Creek. Our family will be safe.” And to that , the little toddler holding Justin’s hand begin to whine. “Let’s go upstairs and put him down. He’s probably tired from the trip.” Justin nodded and followed her on the stairs. Alyssa went to the left , and entered the second door to the right. It was a nice spacious room , with light-blue wallpaper. It had one bed in the center of the room with gray and white pillows on it.

Twenty minutes later , Jason’s car arrives. He steps out and looks around a bit. Alyssa and Justin walk out the house and both smile a little. Alyssa takes Amore and Alena inside , while Justin carries a sleeping AJ in his arms and walks up to the same bedroom he had put Damien in. Jason follows Justin with AJ’s little suitcase and drops it down. “Are you good handling the boys ?” He asks , and Justin nods as he watches the two toddlers sleeping on the big bed. Jason nods to and heads back downstairs, where Alyssa is seated on the couch in the entry , smiling at Daphné who is crawling at her feat , Amore who is standing up on the couch looking to the front door , and Alena who is just about happy with her toy from the car. Jason then walks back outside , and enters again with more baggage.

When Payton arrives a quarter of an hour later , she sights. “This is why I never move.” She jawns , and Jason smiles. “It’s okay , this is just temporary.”

Five years from nowEdit

Silverstone familyEdit

In five years from now , Payton and Jason will be celebrating their five year marriage anniversary. Celebrations will happen , after managing their daily lives : Jason works at the club during night-time and keeps his days as clear as possible to spend with his 9 year old daughter Alena , his 7 year old son AJ and his little baby girl , 5 year old Amore while dealing with monthly Miller meetings. Meanwhile , Payton will go to the newspaper twice a week where she has her little weekly section in the Creek Daily , but still makes time for her husband and kids.

People will still need clothes five years from now ,and Claire will still be designing them. Daniel will be her co-designer. Meanwhile Seth is still vice-principal in magicschool , but he still teaches in some way by co-coaching the SJBS-track team with Justin. But no special treatment for Amanda , his 6 year old daughter who just made the team. Her twin , six year old Alexis , is already on her way becoming a creative genius like her mom and aunt , but sticking to music instead of coloured pencils.

Saphire familyEdit

Alyssa will keep an eye on all 5 stores she co-owns with Claire. From her bed , that is ,as she will be pregnant with baby #3. Big brother Damien ,who is 5 , will be thrilled to have a baby brother. That doesn't mean he loves his little sister Daphné , 4 , any less. The Miller empire will be going strong , but in a humane way in which Alyssa uses the capital for various projects and charity. 

Ambroise familyEdit

With Jade being free from the wings of the Anconi , her and Pierre's relationship escalated quickly when she got pregnant. Their now 3 year old daughter Amélia is the little princess , and is treated that way. Pierre , who is co-owner (along with his sister-in-law Alyssa and Jason) of the club and is co-manager (along with Mike) there brings some money into the house. Not that it is very much of a hard life they live , as Jade is co-advisor to the world's strongest vampire-group , and trainer of the army it has. But nothing pleases her more as being with her little girl , and planning the nursery for the next one along with her sister , who happens to be pregnant as well.

Greene familyEdit

Mila works at the main store in Waterfall Creek and is more happier than ever. After falling in love with his little daughter Sophia (now 4) , she fell in love with Liam. She had no trouble being Sophia's mother as she has a big heart. Which showed when she decided to addopt her niece and nephew and save them from a future with her addicted sister. The family of five ,including Liam as three year old Caleb and Olivia's adoptive father , moved to a bigger house. And although it is never really quiet , it will be even more busy when Liam and Mila add their first biological child , who is in the making.

Saphire familyEdit

The postman might have a problem dilivering post to the Saphires in Garden Street , as Chris purchased a house across from his brother with the money Alyssa gave him. He stayed there during his visits from college mostly. That is , if he wasn't with his girlfriend Phoebe. Now , the couple moved in together while Phoebe works at the city offices as event-coordinator. Chris makes a living as a photographer and graphical designer , taking plenty of pictures of the family at barbeques and so on. But his most precious object to shoot is the Saphire Bridge , in the east of the city which he helped rebuild and make it safer in honor of his late parents.

Once upon a blue moonEdit


  • Alena & Owen (dhampire / wizard)
  • AJ & Nathalie (dhampire / human)
  • Amanda & Casper 
  • Alexis & Damien (dhampire witch/ dhampire)
  • Amore & Mitch (dhampir/ MD-wizard)
  • Sophia & Nick (twice blessed witch / wizard)
  • Daphné & Mason (dhampie / vampire)
  • Damien & Alexis (dhampire / Dhampire witch)
  • Laura & Carter (witch / human)
  • Lydia & Sebastien (witch / wizard)
  • Nick & Sophia (witch / twiceblessed witch)
  • Naomi & AshtonakaTrevor
  • Kendall & Florian/Cameron (witch / human)
  • Cassidy & 
  • Hailee & 
  • Ivy & Tom (vampire / vampire)
  • Aria & Matt (vampire / vampire
  • Mason & Daphné
  • Emilia & 

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