Florian Morris
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born Unknown
Turned N/A
Age Unknown
Occupation Student at Sint-Joseph's Boarding School
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Human
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Dark blond
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By None
Florian Morris is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. He is a student at SJBS and love interest of Amore Dawson.


Early LifeEdit

Florian Morris grew up in Waterfall Creek. His dad was a banker, his mother was a housewife. His whole life, he has been an ordinary guy, especially in the shadow of his genius brother. His father noticably favored Florian's older brother, but Florian didn't mind. 

When he was 10, his teenage brother got send to a prime boarding school on the East Coast, to prep him for an Ivy League University, preferably Brown. His dad went on to work at the headquarters of his bank, leaving him and his mother in Waterfall Creek. Florian saw the marriage of his parents fall appart, and when he was 11 they got a divorce. That year, Florian got noticed by the coach of the SJBS track team, and shortly after Florian transfered from public school to Sint Joseph's Middle School. He got a scolarship to soften the financial blow for his mother,but they remained struggling. That lasted for about a year, untill his mother met another man. Leroy, Florians stepfather, encouraged him actively to excell at track. On his 16th birthday, Florian was given a truck by his mother and Leroy. 

Season ?Edit

In his Junior year he befriends Emilia Brown at the local teen hangout, where she is seen with several of her friends including Mason Woods, Daphne Saphire and Damien Saphire. He later gets invided by Emilia to a party in the prestigious Garden Street. Florian arrives with his curiosity, and lleaves as a man in love after having met the gorgeous Amore Dawson at The Saphire-Miller House. (see more : Amore and Florian)

When Cameron re-emerges some time later it puts a strain on his relationship and both brothers try to avoid eachother as much as possible. When he finds out Cameron is ordered to watch Kendall in assignment of Grayson Fitzgerald he gets furious and beats up his brother. 







Florian and Emilia are high school friends.

Powers and TalentsEdit



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