Fitzgerald Enterprises
Type: Commercial
Also Known As: Fitzgerald Global
Founded: 1995
Founder: Grayson Fitzgerald
Location: New York City, Seattle (Worldwide)
Appearances: Season Six

Fitzgerald Enterprises is one of the largest multi-national conglomerates in the world founded by Grayson Fitzgerald.


Significant EventsEdit


Fitzgerald Enterprises is a large, well-known conglomerate. Among their enterprises they manufacture computers, phones, and tablets. They also maintain a security division, and a banking and consumer credit division as well as a media division.


  • Fitzgerald Security
  • Explore Worldwide Media
  • Riverrun Software & Electronics (formerly co-owned by Jamie Rivers)



Fitzgerald Enterprises has a headquarters in New York City, and in 2015 also in Seattle. Fitzgerald Enterprises is mainly located in New York, but Grayson Fitzgerald travels a lot to meet new business people and make new connections.

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