Falkland Apartments is a renovated apartment building in Waterfall Creek. It is located 2 streets away from the hospital, and downtown but no adress is known. It is in walking distance from 212 Peter Street and the town square. Two significant apartments are featured; 3A and 3B


Season Two Edit

Apartment 3A was purchased in the later summer of 2009 when Alyssa was planning on attending SJBS. She bought it in secret, but dropped some hints when Seth was talking about renovating The Silverstone House. Originally the place is decorated minimally, as Alyssa's funds are running out. When Lauren and Nate agree to pay her rent for the Portland Lofts, she starts to decorate the apartment a bit more. At the end of the season Alyssa hosts a movienight at the apartment. 

Season ThreeEdit

In the third season, shortly after getting stabbed, Alyssa recovers at the apartment where Seth brings her bottled blood so she doesn't have to go out and hunt. They discuss being inside, and Alyssa draws the comparison to her room at The Miller Compound stating having her own apartment is much nicer. Alyssa hosts a birthday party for Justin at her apartment in the spring. In


In the summer she also hosts a graduation party there. When she decides to go with Justin to live with his aunt and uncle, she leaves the keys with Seth. She stays at the apartment whenever she comes to visit, and later on Justin does too.

Season FourEdit

When Mike also suggests moving out of his parents house, Justin reveals the apartment in their building is for sale. Seeing Justin and Mike's excitement, Alyssa puts a downpayment on the apartment and she grants Mike a loan so he can in Apartment 3B.  Alyssa put in a good word with the owner's group, assuring that a college dropout could afford such a place. Mike pays off as rent while the property is still in his name.   Chris also gets a room at Alyssa's apartment. When he throws a party that gets out of hand, Alyssa lectures him about it and he threatens to move out. Justin talks some sense into his brother, but he realizes they cant live together forever because it messes with their bond as brothers.

Season FiveEdit

Alyssa and Justin decide to move into The Saphire House. Chris stays in Alyssa's apartment and uses it to throw parties. Meanwhile Mike considers looking for a roommate but he realizes that the danger of his magical friends don't make him prime real-estate. Eventually he decides not to get a roommate after all.

Season SIx Edit

In season six, Mila stays in apartment 3B, while Mike is in Arizona. Mila offers Apartment 3B as a place for Pierre to stay. When several members of the Hainasoni show up, Alyssa offers her apartment as a place for them to stay that isn't the manor. After his cousins move to Seattle, Nick and Emilia stay at Alyssa's apartment. Alyssa eventually signs the apartment over to them once she and Justin decide to build their own house.


Apartment 3AEdit

Apartment 3BEdit


Apartment 3A Edit

The apartment is spacious and has a loft-vibe to it because of the brick walls from the adjacent building. It has a spacious kitchen and family living room with dining room. he apartment has 3 bedrooms, orientated to the east. It is described as spacious and light , with lots of windows.

Apartment 3B Edit

The layout is a bit different from their neighbours. It's relatively modern and decorated with patterns of blue and grey in the main living areas.