Falkland Apartments is a renovated apartment building in Waterfall Creek. It is located 2 streets away from the hospital, and downtown but no adress is known. It is in walking distance from 212 Peter Street and the town square.


Season Three Edit

Apartment 3A was purchased in the later summer of 2009 when Alyssa was planning on attending SJBS. She bought it in secret, but dropped some hints when Seth was talking about renovating The Silverstone House. Right before the holidays in 2010 Justin moved in after giving up his dormroom. He invites his parents there, who ask questions as to how Alyssa can afford her own place to live. During the dinner, Keith mentions some of the artwork Alyssa has, while Jodie comments on the rest of the furniture being rather cheap looking, doubting the authenticity of the art. When they left for Wyoming, the apartment was left abandoned for a while.

Season FourEdit

Mike moved in apartment 3B after dropping out of school and getting a job at the club. Alyssa put in a good word with the owner's group, assuring that a college dropout could afford such a place. Alyssa gave him a loan, which Mike pays off as rent while the property is still in his name.  

Season SIx Edit

In season six, Mila stays in apartment 3B, while Mike is in Arizona. Mila allows Pierre (and briefly Jade) to live there, and she collects a small rent from them. Mila tells Mike (and gives him the money) but by then Pierre has already left to go and join the Anconi on his plan. Mike and Mila are roommates for 2016. 

In the summer of 2016 several members of the Hainasoni stay at Alyssa's condo, which she had renovated.

Jade and Pierre briefly stay in apartment 3B again while they're in hiding from the Anconi. In 2017 Mila suggests Liam moves in so he'd have some help with the baby. Liam takes the offer, and moves into apartment 3B with Sophia.


Apartment 3AEdit

Apartment 3BEdit


Apartment 3A Edit

The apartment is spacious and has a loft-vibe to it because of the brick walls from the adjacent building. It has a spacious kitchen and family living room with dining room. he apartment has 3 bedrooms, orientated to the east. It is described as spacious and light , with lots of windows.

Apartment 3B Edit

The layout is a bit different from their neighbours. It's relatively modern and decorated with patterns of blue and grey in the main living areas.

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