Emilia and Nick
Nickname Emick
Intimacy level Allies
Species Wizard and Vampire
First met Unknown
Duration 2016- current
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Emilia Brown and Nick Thornton.


Season SixEdit

In season six, Emilia asks Alyssa for some days off, so she can secretly travel to Alaska. She meets him and wonders why she's not speaking to his father, but proceeds with her plan anyways. She asks Nick's family's help to prevent Matt from taking over the Millers, stating that he was part of the extortion of Hainasoni witches and that he does not deserve to reign. Kendall threatens to boil Emilia's blood and have her die a slow death, but Nick sees logic in Emilia's request and stops Kendall. He asks her how he knows he can trust her, and she simply says tells him he doesn't know. She says she knows, however, how Greek Hill works and promises to take it down with them if they agree to help against Matt. She gives him a picture she found of his sister in Greek Hill.  This enrages Kendall again, but she storms off when Nick interferes once again. Nick says if she really wants to help, she needs to prove it. Emilia then draws a map of Greek Hill more detailed then the one Nick had. Emilia is still at the compound when Kendall tries to escape and gets injured.

In the chaos of Kendall's injury, Emilia and Nick go to Greek Hill together, where Emilia helps rescueing Naomi. Afterwards, Nick tells Emilia they plan on escaping from their parents, and Emilia tells him to come to the motel. Nick says he will go there when Matt and Alyssa are both dead. 

Emilia tells him she can't possibly do that, and heads back to the motel. She tells Alyssa about the failed atempt to get alies. Emilia then witnesses the voting for the next coronation, and she calls Nick for help one last time. 

Nick doesn't reply the call because they are in the middle of escaping their family. When they do, they travel to the motel. On their way, Nick tries to call Emilia this time, but she is not replying because she is getting beaten up by Matt for trying to kill him.

When the Hainasoni bloodline arrives at the Motel, Emilia still shows cuts and bruises and Nick wonders what happens to her. The next day, Emilia is healed and brings food to Kendall's room, where Nick is watching over her. He asks her who did that to her, and she replies saying he knows who. She tells him she tried to give him what he wanted, and he tells her he never wanted her to get hurt in the proces. He says he understands the new Millers now, and promises his family's support against Matt.

Nick and Kendall help Alyssa in preparing for a fight with Matt, creating a spell that will disable her human weaknesses. However when Emilia hears of the content of the spell, she stops him saying Alyssa wouldn't want her humanity gone. Nick notices how much she cares for Alyssa, and Emilia states they are close friends. 

After Matt and Alyssa fight, and Alyssa wins without the additional help, Nick joins Emilia on the porch of the motel. There, she tells him about how she did love a girl once. She tells him her name was Ivy, and she tells him love can be a vampire's greatest weakness. He listens to her, and tells her that girl was a fool for letting her go. 

Later, some of the Miller vampires blame the Hainasoni witches for Matt's defeat, stating the fight was unfair. They launch an attack on the witches and wizards in their sleep, but Emilia and Alyssa are able to prevent the attack because they were in the rooms at the time of the attack.

When it is revealed Matt was weakened because he had been hunting poorly and exhausting his energy on sex, he himself is blamed for his defeat, and not the witches. Nick makes a comment about the accusations, and Emilia asks Alyssa for better protection of the witches. 

Alyssa agrees and buys the condo across the hall from her former appartment, giving it to the witches for them to reside in. Emilia attends one of the parties, where Nick apologizes for his lack of cooking skills for the party food. Emilia says she's not the type to be won over by food, reminding Nick she is a vampire after all. They laugh and joke throughout the evening.

When Nick goes on a few dates with a girl, Emilia starts realising she wishes to be like the witches, but instead she's a vampire. She starts doubting her friendships with them, and slowly starts breaking the connection.

Several weeks later, some of Matt's followers decide to revolt anyways. They kidnap Emilia, and take her to Greek Hill. She gets drained of blood and then locked in a cell with Kendall Hagano. She feeds on Kendall, and only then realises the toxic witches blood that killed May. When she realises she's dying, she tells Kendall she is sorry. And she asks Kendall for her forgiveness. Additionally, she tells Kendall to tell him, meaning Nick. Emilia succumbs when everything around her goes dark.

She wakes up in a car, that Nick and Kendall are driving. Nick jokes about having a déjà-vu, but Emilia is mainly confused about it all. Kendall explains to her that the toxin was removed by the elders when Payton asked them too, and that they had to make it look like Emilia died in order to get her out of Greek Hill. They drive up to a rendez-vous point where Jade is waiting for them, and she takes them to a hideout of hers. There, Emilia and Nick stay for several days, waiting untill Matt's followers are rounded up and killed.

While in the hideout, Nick asks him what she meant when she said her supposed last words. Emilia thinks of a way to express her feelings, when the door gets kicked in and they are compromised. They have to run into the forrest, and Emilia tries to fight off the other vampires to give them a headstart. She kills one of them who is about to kill Nick, and kills another one who is assaulting Kendall.

Season SevenEdit

Nick and Emilia soon realise that Matt's group is far from their biggest concern. When they find out that hunters are active in the area around Greek Hill.

After more days of running from the hunters, they stumble upon a group of other witches.

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