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Emilia and Ivy
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This is the relationship between and Emilia Brown and Ivy Woods.

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Ivy and Emilia met when Ivy came to a small town in Colorado. Ivy originally intends to kill Emilia when she finds out someone is staying at the cabin, but doesn't do so when she hears Emilia play the guitar. Instead Ivy introduces herself, and Emilia comforts her when Ivy tells her she has broken up with her boyfriend. Emilia agrees to let Ivy stay the night. The two of them talk, and when Emilia reveals she is a musician, she recalls seeing Ivy before. However Ivy has no recollection of that happening, so she concludes it must have been her twin-sister Aria.

Ivy watches Emilia sleep, but she can't bring herself to actually killing and she packs her stuff to leave the cabin. She leaves the house and tries to hunt on deers, trying as hard as she can to get rid of Emilia's scent. Emilia awakes the next morning and realises Ivy is gone. She then goes looking for her, and then sees Ivy in the woods, feeding on a deer. Ivy looses control over herself, and attacks Emilia. Emilia looses conciousness and Ivy heads back to the cabin, leaving Emilia behind. Ivy tries to wash away the blood stains on her hands, while Emilia fights for her life in the woods. When Ivy is in the shower, she realises whose blood it is, and she regains control over herself. She then goes back to Emilia, and saves her. When Emilia regains conciousness she is terrified of Ivy. However Ivy comes up with a plan to blame the attack on Aria. When Emilia remembers meeting Ivy before, Ivy reminds her that it was in fact Aria, and then goes on to say it was Aria who attacked Emilia.

They then both head back to the cabin. Emilia is traumatised by the attack, and can't stop showering while Ivy throws away the outfit she wore earlier today so she can continue to blame the attack on her sister.

The next few days, Emilia spends in bed. It is not untill Ivy brings Emilia's guitar, that she opens up again. In doing so, Emilia tries to understand what happened by asking questions. However Ivy ignores or dodges most of them, because it reminds her of the lie she has created. Emilia continues to recover from the attack over the next few days, and they spend their evening by the fireplace and listening to Emilia's music. One night in particular, they kiss on the deck of the cabin, and many more kisses follow in the next few weeks.

Emilia ends up writing a song about everything that happened titled 'We Are Strangers'. When Ivy encounters the lyrics, she realises what she is doing is wrong. One night when Emilia is overviewing all her music, Ivy admits to her that she was the one who really attacked her.

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