Emilia Brown
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1936
Turned N/A
Died None
Age Unknown
Occupation Assistant to Alyssa Miller
Residence The Miller Compound (formerly)
Spellman Manor (formerly)
The Millers Headquarters (currently)
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color hazel
Portrayed By None
Emilia is a character in Touch of Magic. She is a vampire and part of the Miller 2.0-army. 


Early LifeEdit

Emilia was 19 when she dropped out of her English Literature education at University to persue her singing career. She was the lead singer of an upcoming band First Things First, who performed in small venues. Emilia enjoyed performing, cause it gave her a voice to say what she wanted to say. 

When her career became her major source of incoming, she started to enjoy the parties a bit more, even though she was also battling depression at the same time. On the road she also met a lot of guys, but she could never shake Vincent Taylor, the guy from the penthouse suite in New York City. They had a fun night together, yet after that the hadn't seen eachother anymore.

Emilia continued to stay in the environment, and attended a party when one of the songs reached the charts. There she danced with a mystery girl. They were over the moon with the success of their music. However soon after that success took a toll on Emilia, and she withdrew herself for 5 months into a quiet little town in Colorado to write songs and focus on music.

She one day met Ivy, who accidentally stumbled upon the cabin. Ivy stayed at the cabin for one night, but when Emilia found out she had left the next morning she was worried. When she finds Ivy, she gets attacked by her and is left traumatised. Ivy then lies to her and tells her Aria (who she met at the party before) was the one attacking her. Ivy then takes care of her, and the two of them become involved. That ends when Ivy confesses it was in fact her who attacked her, and Emilia leaves the cabin immediatly. (see more : Emilia and Ivy)

Emilia then returns back to New York, and starts touring again with her band. She meets Vincent Taylor, who tracked her down after following Ivy Woods to the cabin. Vincent decides turning Ivy is great payback for Ivy when she killed a bunch of people on his territory. He first uses small-talk to draw her in, talking about his family. He then tells her she should join them, but Emilia declines. When Vincent keeps insisting, Emilia runs off, but he chases her and turns her which was his plan all along (see more : Emilia and Vincent)

Season TwoEdit

She makes her way to Portland, where she almost runs into Alyssa Miller. She learns her abilities from the vampire population present there. She then bumps into Grace, who had just attempted to take her son back with her to the Millers because Portland was becoming a rogue city. Grace decides if she can't take Liam back to the Millers, Emilia will have to do.

There , she was usually overlooked , having to hunt on her own because she didn't show up at the picking. 

Season SixEdit

When she hears about a new leader , she finally dares to step forward , and she approaches Alyssa Miller in her office. Alyssa, who has an eye for fashion, spots the shoes Emilia is wearing and the two of them start talking about fashion. Alyssa decides she wants to keep Emilia around , and takes her with her to the shop.

Alyssa then takes Emilia as her personal assistant, which Emilia does excillently. Emilia and Alyssa grow to become close friends, and Emilia gets involved in big decisions and meetings, where she charms Jason aswell.

When Emilia learns of the battle for the claiming, she goes out to the Hainasoni to ask them for help. There she meets Nick Thornton, a young wizard who agrees to help her. (see more : Emilia and Nick).

When Jade comes to announce the soon arrival of the Anconi , Emilia is one of the people to be open and welcome towards Jade. In the fight , she gets trapped and panicks as she suffers from flashbacks fom the night she was attacked and turned. Jade helps her and she is able to survive the battle. (see Emilia and Jade).



To see Emilia's outfits throughout the season, see Emilia Brown/Appearance



Emilia briefly dated her band-mate Timothy. Their relationship was going downhill at the point where Emilia left.




Vampirism/Magic (if applies)Edit

Powers and TalentsEdit