Elisabeth Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname Mary Elisabeth Preston
Also known as Liz
Titles None
Born October 4th, 1682 in an unknown village in England, United Kingdom
Turned 1711 in Lyon, France
Died Starvation (turned)
Age 25 (physical appearance)
326 (Season One)
Occupation Co-leader of The Dawsons
Co-owner of Pressed On.
Residence The Dawson House
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline James Dawson
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships James Dawson (husband)
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'8"
Hair Color brown/blonde
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By None
Elisabeth Dawson is a main character in Touch of Magic. She is married to James Dawson and is the primary medical for the supernatural characters of Waterfall Creek.

She is a vampire and a member of The Dawsons, where she is officially the second ruler. 


Elisabeth PrestonEdit

Elisabeth Preston was born in England in the early 1th century. She was a lovely girl, but her father and older brothers were very abusive. Her mother died when she was younger, and from that moment the abuse got even worse. She ran away from home at the age of 20 and she ended up in the streets of Paris. She was still young and finaly free, but very lonely, scared and hungry. She had to steal food to have something to eat, but it was never enough. She also had her share in drugs and alcohol , and had some bad friends who had a bad influence on her. 

One night , she endud up on the streets after she had been kicked out a squatting home. She hadn't eaten in days , and wondered the streets. Every person would look at her and move away , all but one. James stopped her and put his coat over her , and offered to buy her something to eat. What Elisabeth didn't know at that time , was that James was in fact a type B-vampire and this was the way he picked his victims.

Elisabeth , however ,was different to him. When they finished talking he couldn't hurt her and so he took her with him. He took care of her the following days ,and after that Elisabeth showed him around in Paris, a city she knew like the palm of her hand. Quickly ,the city of love had his effect on them and they fell in love. 

After a few months James had to leave again because he was a wealthy businessman at the time. When Elisabeth asked to go with him , he offered her to take her , on the condition that they would stay together forever. Elisabeth agreed and after James had revealed what he meant she still agreed. He turned her , but made her swear she'd never drink human blood herself. Elisabeth promised. Elisabeth and James were one of the people founding the little town called Waterfall Creek. They mostly invested financial aid. They also built a house of their own , but named it Wadson house. In present day , this house acts as Town Hall.

Elisabeth DawsonEdit

After a few years , they moved and travelled around the globe. She even went back to England once , to ask her father if he had any remorse , to which he said no. She was tempted to snap his neck , but James prevented her from doing so , saying i'd ruin her if she killed someone. They stayed in Europe for a little while after that but returned to the USA where they found Jason and Seth shortly after. When they find Alyson and Dylan , Elisabeth recognizes part of her in the state they are in. She asks Alyssa to turn them and she guides them into being a vampire.

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Elisabeth has a warm personality despite her human life. An example of this is that she has never drank human blood , making her one of the eldest vampires known to do this. It is even more remarkable because she has studies medecine and has gotten in contact with blood more than others. 

It also shows in her love for food. She loves to cook for her family , even though she doesn't eat human food herself very often. This might have to do with the fact that her mother used to cook all the time.


"Elisabeth just has that timeless beauty thing she has. She is considered beautifull in any decade"
Alyson about Elisabeth

Elisabeth is rather tall women of 30 years old. She has blue eyes and and a long squared face. In Season One and Season Two she had brown hair, but in Season Three she had a lighter haircolor, a light brown and/or dark blonde. She keeps this hairstyle for the remaining few seasons. In Season Four she goes for a full blonde hairstyle.

In Season One her style is mainly basic colours, with an occasional hint of purple or brown. As the season progresses she includes more patterns and colors to her style.

To see Elisabeth's outfits throughout the season, see Elisabeth Dawson/Appearance

Vampirism Edit

Education and Career Edit

Shortly after Alyson and Dylan joining them, Eisabeth decides to go study medecine. She has a degree in Obstetrics and Gyneacology and Master in Public Health. She decided to study OB&GYN because she felt like she wanted to help woman , especially pregnant woman. The second one she got because she wanted to go volontair internationally, which she did for 15 years. 

Residences Edit

  • 1682 - 1701: Preston family cottage
  • 1711: Lyon, France
  • 1809: Waterfall Creek
  • 1820-1825: Canada
  • 1847: London, United Kingdom
  • 1860-1880's: Rocky Mountains, USA
  • 1883-1890: Salt Lake City, USA
  • 1914-1922: Waterfall Creek
  • 1922-1939: Seattle, USA
    • 1922-1930 in north-Seattle
    • 1930-1939 in south-Seattle
  • 1940-1945: Convalescent home, Wales, United Kingdom
  • 1946-1963: Kansas City, USA
  • 1963-1973: Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
  • 1973-1978: Helena, Montana, USA
  • 1981-1989: Medellin, Colombia
  • 2001-2005: Seattle, studying pediatric medecine
  • 2008-2017: Waterfall Creek