Drew and Naomi
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met January 2013
Duration N/A
Status Broken-up

This is the relationship between Drew Turner and Naomi Thornton


Drew came to his biological father who happened to be a good friend of Naomi's. That is how the two of them met. They got along, up to the part that Drew insisted on going with his father to the golf games he had, so he could hang out with Naomi in the country club. They started dating in the spring and lasted untill summer, when Naomi got taken to Greek Hill. When Drew kept demanding why she had to go, she eventually told him who he was. She gave him the choice to either wait for her or not, depending on if he could accept her nature.

When Naomi returned she found Drew was still hanging around the compound, but she quickly found him hanging out with Cassidy. She finds sneaking around and not telling anyone has backfired, as initially Nick doesn't believe her when she tells him they were dating. Eventually he does believe her. Naomi asks to talk to Drew, and ask him why. He replies saying he didn't see her the same way ever since her secret was reveled. Nick is in the room without Drew knowing and he beats Drew up. 

Naomi and Cassidy grew astranged over the next few months as she continues to date Drew. When Drew's father dies, Naomi attends the funeral too. Drew is shocked to see her there, and tries to use his father's death to get her back. Cassidy realizes the selfcentered bastard he is, and she and Naomi leave the funeral hand in hand. Drew then moves out of town, and Naomi never sees him again.



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