Down the Rabbit Hole
Type: Commercial
Also Known As: Claire's store
Founded: 2012
Founder: Claire Silverstone
Location: 212 Peter Street, Waterfall Creek
Affiliation: Silverstone Enterprises
Down the Rabbit Hole is the clothing store of Claire Silverstone, co-owned by Alyssa Miller. The store is located at 212 Peter Street, the same building as Decade.

Through the Looking-Glass is the sister-store in Los Angeles.


The store is a clothing store that displays both collections of Claire and other collections. All collections are named after characters from Alice in Wonderland

Alice Collection - Named after the main characte Alice in Alice in Wonderland

This collection is Claire's first ever collection, designed when she was still in university. The collection was produced in the summer of 2012 and debuted in Fall 2012.

Queen of Hearts Collection- ''Named after the Queen of Hearts

This collection was Claire's first professional collection, created in the winter of 2013 at the early stages of Claire's pregnancy. The collection debuted in Spring 2013.

Tweedle Collection - Named after characters Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

This collection contains various designs, always created in two complimentory colors. Claire has dedicated this collection to her own twindaughters. The collection first appeared in Fall 2013.

Chesire Collection - Named after Chesire Cat

This collection is a design collaboration with Alyssa Miller and Emilia Brown. The collection was produced during early 2013 and debuted in summer of 2014. This collection features many vibrant colors, with purple as a common color throughout the designs.



Witches and WizardsEdit


Spring 2015)


The store is located in Peter Street, in the heart of the small business district of Waterfall Creek. It is in close connection to adres-companion Decade, where the store's opening party was hosted.

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