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Witches and Wizards of the Silverstone bloodline



 Divitia is one of the constituent regions of the Magical Dimension. Divitia is ruled from the Silver Castle. Magicschool is also located there.

Divitia's Queen was Caroll Silverstone until she died and a young Lillian Silverstone took over. Under Lillians rule the region prospered. With Lillian's untimely death, Lucy Greene became Queen Regent as guardian of Divitia's princesses, Payton and Claire. With the death of their aunt, their birthright fell upon them, and Payton and Claire became Queens of Divitia. The throne will pass on to Riley Silverstone and her family.

Bloodline and castleEdit



Divitia comes from the latin word Divitea, meaning Wealth.

Location & climateEdit

Divita is the reagion in the Middle-East of the land. It is neighboured by Solos in the North-West, Amertas in the South-West, Sanguis in the South-east and Slivatica in the North-East. It is the biggest realm in the Magical Dimension.

The region is mostly covered in mountains, with a bit of hills and landside towards the east. The amount of waterfalls and -drops increases in the West, where the area also gets a little bit more swampy. The area knows a soft climate overall, there is more sunshine in the North then in the South and the (North)-East is characterised by occasional bad weather



Significant PlacesEdit

The CliffcoastsEdit

A coastal Area in Divitia, bordering the Birthing Sea. It has several small towns located across the coastal line ;

  • Ullimina, a small coastal town located near a peak cliff. It is said to have the second best view of the whole realm, after Claruma. It's mostly inhabited by fishers.

Twins CrossEdit

An area where lots of travellers pass by, from Solos to Slivatica and Aerqua. It is located in the north of the region, between the Highlands and the Cliffcoasts. It is known for it's small little villages where travellers can find shelter and enjoy the tasty gastronomy.

  • Levisville
  • Praedicio
  • Mormonts Keep
  • Wilkes Pass

The Highlands

The Highlands are the most mountanious area of the realm, located in the core mountain range of the Magical Dimension. It reaches up to the borders with Slivatica and Sanguis in the East, as well as the border with Amertas in the South-West.

  • Magicschool
  • The Silver Castle
  • Claruma, A city located high in the mountains. It's very hard to reach, but the view is totally worth it once you've made the climb. Inhabitants enjoy a 99% sunshine ratio, which is why the city is called the Bright Top of the Highlands, which is where it got it's name from

Significant InhabitantsEdit

The inhabitants of the realm include people from the Silverstone Bloodline.