Dhampires are the offspring of a type-C vampire and a human, an extremely rare combination. They are generally characterised by living on minimal blood, and they have normal human interactions. Type-D vampires are extremely rare. 

A variation of the species is when the human parent is a witch or the wizard, in which case the Dhampire child will be a witch dhampire or a wizard dhampire.

Dhampires in Touch of magic are :



Type-D vampires are closest to humans in their biological composition. They have a natural heartbeat and are not considered dead, however they are immortal. 

Their heartbeat is fuled by blood, and it needs blood to keep the body in balance. Like in any vampire case, the dhampire is stongest on human blood, but genetical prefference wil be in animal blood given the parent will be a type-C vampire.


Their natural heartbeat and organs, give them a very human appearance. They are not as pale as other vampires, and they are a bit more vulnerable to injuries unlike regular vampires.





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