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Waterfall Creek


212 Peter Street

Decade, formerly known as Cloud 9, is a common known place in Waterfall Creek in the nightlife/clubbing scene.


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The club is a 2-story establishment, half on street level, half underground. The main dancefloor is undeground and takes up most of the lower-level area. Towards the back of the building is the bar, which stretches almost across the entire width of the building, with the exception of a private entrance to the VIP area. Across the dancefloor from the bar is the music installation and DJ. Behind the bar is the back room where the drinks get delivered. There is also a security room (more like closet) and the most rear part of the back room features a lounge corner for the employées.

From the lower level there are 2 staircases, one leading to 'the balcony', the upper level area which features look-out windows onto the parking lot. The balcony leads towards the VIP room. The VIP room is shielded from the balcony with curtains, includes a direct acces to the bar and is 'guarded'. There are comfy seats for the VIP-guests. There is also acces to the staircase initiating in the back room that leads to the roof.

Another staircase leads from the dancefloor to 'the gallery', a little hallway that features the doors to the offices of Jason and Mike, as well as the door connected to the front of the building where there's a condo. The staircase is also guarded, and only the staff have access to it.


In Season One the teenagers attend an underground rave at an abandoned building north of the town. Two years before Season Four Jason and Seth purchase this building.

They turn it into a nightclub call "Cloud Nine" which rose to be a hotspot for Waterfall Creek and the surrounding area. Originally Payton helped Jason out as a manager, but when Mike loses his job as a carpenter,Jason hires him to become a bartender. By the end of Season Four, Payton has left the club due to her pregnancy and Jason promotes Mike to manager.

In Season Five Seth amuses the idea of throwing Jason a bachelor's party at the club, but Jason choses against it. Payton and her friends originally had a relaxing night at her bachelorette's but eventually do end up at the club where they go dancing. The club is later vandalized by vampires, and forced to temporarily close. Alyssa jumps in and provides financial support, and the club gets rebranded as "Decade". 

In Season Six Jason reluctantly hires Liam as a second bartender. Later, Hope Gordon joins the list of employees.




Decade is located on 212 Peter Street, in the same building as Down the Rabbit Hole.