Daphne Saphire
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born March 13th 2017
Turned N/A
Died None
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Residence Saphire-Miller house
Supernatural information
Species Dhampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities TBA
Family & Relationships
Parents Alyssa Miller (mother)
Justin Saphire (father)
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Chris Saphire (paternal uncle)
Jade Miller (maternal aunt)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color
Portrayed By None

Daphne is one of the main characters in The Next Generation. She is the daughter of Alyssa Miller and Justin Saphire. Her older brother is Damien Saphire. She goes to SJBS with the rest of her family.


Before Daphne was born, her mother had suffered a miscarriage after the defeat of May Miller, which caused Daphnes parents to pause their family plans. However when Alyssa was revealed to be pregnant, Daphnes parents embraced the pregnancy and several months later Daphne was born on March 13, 2017. 

Growing up Daphne was watched carefully because of who she was and who her parents were. There was a constant threat to her life and her brother’s. She travelled around a lot with her parents, and didn't attend regular school for most of her childhood because of it, instead having a homeschool tutor. This allowed her to spend her free time at home rehearsing dance, and she learned ballet starting at the age of 6. She added many more styles in later, such as hip-hop and jazz.

When she got older she wanted to go to school just like her friends. Because of the constant threat, her parents agree on the condition that she allows someone to watch over her and her brother. Her Dhampire genetics proved to be a challenge at first, but her last name soon made the people at the school very welcoming, and she became more at ease. However she is determined to prove herself as her own person and following her father (star of the track and field team and current coach) and her uncle (lacrosse player) she becomes a member of the cheerleading squad, like her mother before her. She joins her cousins Amanda and Alexis in this, and together they soon rise to be known all over school for their risk-taking tricks and acrobatic skills.

She also notices her bodyguard Mason is often distracted at times, with a situation happening between Emilia and Ivy which Daphne uses to sneak out from time to time. Damien ultimately rats her out to Mason, who starts to go with her to the local diner so she won't be able to slip out again. To Daphnes surprise he is revealed to be not as stuck up, and he informs her that he is way more attentive than she thought. (See more : [[Daphne and Mason)


Daphne and Mason met when Mason became Damien and Daphnes bodyguard at SJBS. After initially being distracted by his sister and Emilia at the school, Mason starts paying more attention to Daphne after Damien rats her out. He becomes friends with her friends, and to Daphnes surprise she finds out he is a nice guy. Rather than being stuck up, Daphne discovers Mason has been observing. After a while they hang out even if his pressence isn't really required anymore. The two of them become close friends and Mason opens up about his past to her. Daphne tells him that he doesn't always have to be strong for her, to which he admits he struggles with the high school experience. 

When Mason finds Daphne dancing at one point, he realises that his feelings for Daphne might be more than just platonic, and more than what's in his job description. He tries to take his distance, but Daphne notices and asks him if something is wrong. He shrugs it off, and Daphne believes she has done something to scare him off, revealing her own feelings to Emilia. On the final day of school, Emilia gets the two of them in a room together and Mason reveals he won't be returning to the school next year. Believing he will be re-assigned, Daphne kisses him on an impulse and he kisses her back.

After the kiss, the two of them get interrupted by Emilia before they can talk, and the next morning Mason arrives at Daphnes house where he asks Alyssa for a leave. Daphne kisses him goodbye on his cheek, and watches Mason take off for the summer.

They meet up again in the late summer when Daphne is bartending at Pressed On. He greets her amicably, and the two of them resume a friendship and they go on as if the kiss didn't happen. In an attempt to light Daphnes spirits for the impending school year, Mason takes her to the dancefloor at a Labor Day Banquet hosted at town hall. There they share an embrace which is noted by Damien. Upon confronting his sister, Daphne reveals the truth about the kiss and argues with Damien over the age difference between her and Mason. Emilia then overhears this, and supports Daphne. But despite it, Daphne denies that there is anything currently going on.

That all changes when Mason is set up for robbing the city the labor day banquet, which is revealed to be a ploy of Vincent Taylor. Mason is forced to be incarcerated, and Daphne works hard with the rest of the family to keep him safe. During a phonecall they make, Mason declares that he regrets how they left things earlier in the summer, and he promises they'll talk if he ever gets out of there.

When he does, the promised talk takes place in Daphnes bedroom where he points out her dancing as being one of the first times he saw her as more than just a job.


So when she gets into a relationship with Mason they try to keep that a secret, and Emilia is the one helping her out. But nothing is secret at the Millers. There is always somebody that knows something. So when her father finds out he gets mad at Mason and tells him to break things of with his daughter or he’ll break other things. When Dapheé finds out she gets into a huge fight with her parents after which she runs away from home.

They start a big search and every vampire involved with the Millers is looking out for her. Eventually Mason is the one finding her and bringing her back. After that her parents trust he will take care of her and decide they want to allow the relationship.

When Daphne graduates from high school she wants to do something with her dancing and she decides to go to Juilliard in New York. Mason goes with her and they rent a little apartment in Manhattan. 

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