Dante Benito
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 26 June 1816
Turned N/A
Died Shot during an uprising
Age 26 (198)
Occupation Member of the Trebles (advisor to Lindsey Price
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Limited pyrokinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 6'
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Portrayed By
Dante Benito is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. He is an ally of Lindsey Price and member of The Trebles, making him an indirect enemy of The Millers 2.0.

Dante is a vampire and has a reputation for being a ladiesman within the species' gossip scene.


Early lifeEdit

Dante was born as the second son of a wealthy Englishman in the early 19th century.His father was a good friend of Joseph 'Rich Joe' Vann. Dante was raised on a plantation and had a good childhood because of his family's wealth. As a little boy, he had no idea of the injustice that his father's slaves were undergoing.

When he did became old enough, he started to speak up about it to his father. He tried to silence his son by having him focus on school, where Dante studied law to become a lawyer. Secretly, he started helping the slaves with his gathering knowledge. He finished school and became a great lawyer. His father seemed to be very proud of him and trusted his son would help him out with legal issues that had to do with the slaves. But Dante refused and started helping the slaves get out of the horrible lives they lived and tried to give them as much knowledge about their rights as he could.

He got involved in the 1842 slave revolt and got shot, and was presumed death. However he wasn't, and when he woke up, his life had changed forever. He found refuge with Julian Price who took him down the mississippi river to New Orleans. There, Dante discovered his new life as a vampire.

Season SixEdit

Dante is first mentioned by Skye, when she talks about how some of the Independant Vampires have split off from the group, moving up north along the mississipi closing in on Miller teritory. Alyssa says she is not too worried about them, and decides to focus more energy on 'Rogue City', Portland. 

We also see Dante later on in the city when he's talking to Lynn, who is contemplating becoming a member of the Trebles.

Season SevenEdit

When the vampires hold a political meeting about the hunters, the meeting takes place in neutral teritory. However Dante and Lindsey Price come bursting in stating they claimed the land three days earlier. Dante threatens the vampire coven leaders, including Alyssa, Jason and James, to kill them all. He mentions how he was inspired by Alyssa's actions several years before. Alyssa gets mad over this, and she launches at him. She is able to get him on the ground, and warns him not ever to speak to her directly again. At that point Jade arrives at the meeting, holding the paperwork of The Trebles stating Lindsey and Dante were right.

As Alyssa lets Dante go, he tells her she better watch her back before taking off again. But not before demanding all the vampires leave their territory.


Dante is a real ladiesmen. He knows how to wrap them around his finger and he is very well known for his kissing skills in the vampire world. One in ten American vampire girls are said to have shared the bed with him. Besides that he is a very smart man with a great view on the world. He understands very well what is going on. He also has a very good eye for what people really want. He usually can figure out the real reason why people do what they do. 



Dante met Lindsey when he was a new vampire, at The Independent Vampires when he was trying to find his way. Lindsey immediately saw the potential in him when she was planning to make her own group. He could help them out with the legal paperwork they had to fill out every decade. And he also looked very strong. She told him to join the Trebles and Dante agreed. Not only because that would give him sort of a home, it would also give him access to Lindsey's bed. They shared that bed a couple of times, but more as friends than as real partners. They both knew from each other that they had sexual needs and they never bothered if the other one slept with someone else. When they had nobody they would always find each other.

Dante met Ava while scouting for The Trebles. She is one of his very few non-one-night-stands, and they had a legit relationship with eachother for a while. Dante cared about her, as he recognised some of his own lost innosence in her. When she decided to go back to her family, they fought because Dante knew she was breaking the vampire rules. They broke off that moment, but he has always been looking out for her. When he finds out she is at the Millers with her biological parents, Dante is shocked and tempted to go see for himself, but Lindsey is able to convince him otherwise.


Julian is Dante's sire who found him as roadkill on the streets. He took him to New Orleans after having turned him into a vampire, and learned him the basics. When he knew Dante got the hang of it, he started to distance himself a bit more. He foresaw trouble in his eyes. Dante proved him wrong when he saved Julian's ass when he did something stupid with the paperwork. From that moment Julian started to accept Dante as an ally a little more. When Dante decided to join the Trebles, Julian was not pleased, but they parted ways as friends. They can be seen as allies now. They go to the bar once in a decade and talk like friends are supposed to do.

Dante met Nicole for the first time when he was a new vampire. They didn't get off right away, but over the years they started to get to know each other more. When he decided to join the Trebles she wasn't pleased, and when she found out he was screwing her sister, she liked him even less. But she knew very well that her sister had her own will. They are estranged allies with a mutual respect for one another.

Dante met Alyssa for the first time when he went and scout one of The Miller hideouts, where he stumbled upon Alyssa. When he saw her, he didn't immediatly kill her, and instead tried to seduce her. They slept together once, and agreed it was a one night stand. Alyssa promised not to tell her mother about the tresspassing into their territory. Decades later, they meet again when he went with Lindsey to the Millers. He tried to seduce her again, but it didn't work this time. Alyssa said no to him in a rather harsh way and from that moment they started hating each other. Dante because he couldn't get her and didn't like the fact that he got stood up by a girl, Alyssa because she couldn't stand the smug grin on his face.


Dante is a type B vampire and has always been. He was turned by  but lacked much guidance after that causing his feeding pattern to be very wild.

Powers and TalentsEdit

Dante doesn't have any special powers besides the standard vampire powers. He is quite strong for a vampire, but he can still be beaten by vampires that are older than him or that have more muscle tissue. His real talent lies in the fact that he has a degree in law and he knows a lot about the rules in the different states. That makes hiding in plane side a lot easier. 



  • Dantes favourite drink is Jägermeister. 
  • Dante has a diary that he writes in every day. 
  • Dante is a fan of the really shy girls. He thinks it is amazing when he is able to get them in his bed. It gives him a confidence boost when he knows he can get a girl like that in his bed. 

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