Damien Saphire
Biographical information
Full birthname Damien Keith Saphire
Also known as None
Titles None
Born October 19th 2013
Turned N/A
Died None
Occupation High School Student
Residence Saphire-Miller house
Supernatural information
Species Dhampire
Bloodline Unknown
Family & Relationships
Parents Alyssa Miller(mother)
Justin Saphire
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Daphne Saphire (sister)
Chris Saphire (paternal uncle)
Jade Miller (maternal aunt)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Alexis Dawson
Physical description
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue/grey
Portrayed By Logan Lerman

Damien Saphire is the oldest son of Alyssa Miller and Justin Saphire. Making him only half-vampire, also known as Dhampires. He has two younger sisters, Daphné Saphire and Danielle Saphire, and a younger brother, Darren Saphire. They live together in Waterfall Creek.


When Alyssa Miller finds out she is pregnant she first is shocked. But when she tells Justin Saphire and sees the happiness on his face she accepts it. She is going to be a mother. Damien is born on the night May Miller attacked for the first time. The poor timing made it a hard labour, but when Damien was finally there, he was a bundle of joy for both Alyssa Miller and Justin Saphire

From the moment he is born he seems to have a special connection with one of the daugthers of Seth Dawson and Claire Silverstone, Alexis Dawson. They are happier when they are together and they like eachothers company. They try to let them see eachother at least once a weak, but they are kind of scared for the connection they have. 

When they go to highschool together their connection grows even stronger. They get romantically involved in Freshman year and remain a couple for the following four years in school. They even make it to Prom Queen and King. In highschool Damien is a great sportsman just like his father and joins the trackteam. 

He graduates, just like most of his friends, and follows his girlfriend, Alexis Dawson, to New York. They rent a little apartment in Manhattan and when he gets accepted at NYU he starts studying Bussiness like his father, so he can help out with the finances of the club, the store and above all The Millers







Powers and TalentsEdit

  • Damien has mastered archery, trained by his mother, as well as martial arts, trained by his father.