Connor Curtis
Biographical information
Full birthname Connor Nathaniel Curtis
Also known as None
Titles Prince of Amertas
Born August 1, 1988
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 27 (2015)
Occupation Music producer
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Wizard
Bloodline Curtis Bloodline
Abilities Limited Magic
Family & Relationships
Parents Linda Curtis
Siblings Hayden Curtis (brother, deceased)
Eloïse Curtis (sister, deceased)
Ariël Curtis (brother)

Chloë Curtis (sister, deceased)
Phoebe Curtis (brother)

Relatives Freya Courtois(cousin)
Sexuality Gay
Relationships Jacob Thompson (boyfriend)
Children Noah Curtis (adoptive son)
Physical description
Height 6'0"
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By Chace Crawford
Connor Curtis is a character in Touch of Magic. He is the older brother of Phoebe, Ariël and Chloë Curtis and younger brother of his deceased siblings Hayden and Eloise. He lives in New York and owns a music label there. 

He is a Curtis wizard, just like his siblings, but has no active powers. This makes him part of The Curtis Family and a descendant from the Curtis Bloodline. He is a friend and ally of the Silverstone family.


Early LifeEdit

Connor was born as the third child of Linda and (name) Curtis. When their firstborn was a boy his parents were so excited. He grew up in a good and safe environment. When his first sister was born they soon started to do a lot of things together. He grew to be the only man in the next generation of Curtis', because after his first sister was born, two followed. He felt a little lonely sometimes, because there were no other boys in his family to play with.

He became an introvert person because of this, and he took Piano, violin and guitar lessons because of his mother. After originally disliking the lessons, he grew to love music. Music was the one thing that made him truly happy. He and Ariël both played the piano, creating a connection between the two oldest siblings. His mother called them her proud and glory but Connor knew his mother had no reason to be proud.

When he was 15, he realised he had always been different. He saw the good in people rather then the bad, and he wasn't the guy who's only hang out with other guys. Around his teenage years he had shed most of his introvertness, and he became slightly more social. Chloë in particular liked the new version of her brother, because now she had a ride to go to many parties. Connor enjoyed doing that, and he developed a certain social skill to get along with anyone from any gender or any background. 

When he got too close for comfort he kissed a guy. Connor realised he felt something with that kiss, but as soon as the other guy started calling him names he punched back with agression. With rumors now spreading, Connor was transfered to a preppy catholic school in New York, near where his father thought in Yale.The whole family was thus relocated to the East Coast. It was meant to reform Connor, but in reality all it did was convince him more. He accepted the fact that he was gay and so did his sisters, but his parents struggled more with it and were unwilling to accept it. Connor found an outlet for his frustration in music, and he did some of his best work in his final year of highschool.

After high school he got into the Conservatory of Music in New York. While attending there, Connor continued working on his music and he got in touch with some friends and contacts through working in a record store downtown. This is where he got inspired to make a carreer out of music. He decided to start his own music label and in his own bedroom and he started his first business at the age of 21. By the age of 23 he produced albums of 3 small artists.

Season SevenEdit

In Season Seven Connor travels to the west coast for the graduation of his younger sister Phoebe. Being back in the area where he once lived as a little toddler and seeing how happy his sister and his grandmother were with his visit made him think. He also started to recognize the fact that he was more then your average human; he was a wizard.

Although he came to that realisation, he didn't have many interests in exploring the posibilities of his limited powers, in contrary to Chloë. Connor was more interested in the tales and the area of the pacific northwest, which acted like a magnet for the supernatural. He sticks around for three months after Phoebe's graduation, exploring the area and spending time with his family. 

In these three months he travels the whole east coast, making connections everywhere for his music to avoid his parents interference in his life. One of these trips he goes with Justin and Alyssa Miller and their private jet. Although Connor is all dressed up for work, Alyssa insists on taking him out first. Alyssa manages to persuade Connor to go clubbing using some of Pierre's power. Connor stays in California after Alyssa and Justin return home, because he has met someone. Soon he discovers that his new friend is actually former "husband material" to his sister, and they bond over the annoyance that comes with having religious parents. When Connor mentions his departure to New York, he invites him along and the two decide to go back together. (see more : Connor and

He stays in touch with his sisters over the course of the next few months and Ariël makes several visits in the early fall. When those visits become less frequent, Connor starts to think she is involved with someone, but he gets told  that is not the case. In the late winter, he houses his mother and the Silverstone-Dawson children during the battle with the Anconi. In this time, he talks to his mother and he admits he's in a relationship with a guy. Although sceptic at first, Linda redeems herself when Connor tells her she is capable of forgiving Chloë and Phoebe but not him for something neither one of them conciously chose. When it is safe to go back, Linda departures after telling her son that she loves him, regardless of his sexuality.

When Chloë gets into a car accident early in the next winter, Connor takes the first flight out. When he arrives, he finds out his younger sister was pregnant, and that she died but the baby was saved. This caused for confusion and nixed feelings, but things become more clear when it is explained to him that Chloë was with Ariël after running away. Connor sticks around in Waterfall Creek a little while more as he and his family greive, and anticipate the recovery of his eldest sibling. When Ariël wakes up, both her brother and friend are there for her and Connor is happy she made it through.

While Ariël recovers Connor travels back and forth once a week between west coast and east coast. When X gets offered a job in Claire's company Connor makes the decision to move his record label to LA. He shares a loft there with his boyfriend and his sister, who now works for Silverstone Enterprises due to her injuries in the accident. Connor houses his label in the same building as the Silverstones, continuing his interest in all things magic from a distance. 

Eventually he becomes a father of an adopted baby boy which he announces on Phoebe's engagement party.