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Claire and the Dawsons
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First met When Seth Dawson started dating Claire Silverstone
Duration N/A
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This is the relationship between Claire Silverstone and The Dawsons


When Claire started dating Seth Dawson she soon met his vampiregroup. He wanted them to meet her and he took her to their home. Claire was first intimidated by the many vampires that lived there and she didn't know what she needed to do, or what she needed to say. But when they started talking to her she felt more comfortable. They were just like other people and they wanted her to feel comfortable in their home. She started to like them and the Dawsons liked Claire too, because she was polite and a little shy. 

When she started to come around more she really became a part of their family, making them allies and friends. During attacks and other critical moments they were always there for eachother, which made their bond even stronger. At some points they may not agree with each other, but they will always find a solution with which they are all happy. They also went to some tough times when Nate and Lauren died, but because they all felt the same way, they could give each other the support they needed. 

Claire and JamesEdit

As James is the leader of the Dawsons he was seen as some sort of role model by Claire. She admired the way he could find a solution for a problem and she loved his persuasive side. James saw Claire as someone he needed to protect, but soon he realised that she is well able to take care of herself. From that moment they became more and more allies instead of James just protecting her. Claire gave good opinions about different kinds of subjects and now they see each other as perfectly equal. 

Although James is still the leader of the Dawsons, he knows that Claire and Payton are both higher in hierarchy than he is, but that has never been a problem for him. He accepts it and loves Claire for who she is. They became great friends over the years. 

Claire and ElisabethEdit

As Claire never really had a mother, she soon started feeling more for Elisabeth than just friendship. Elisabeth was always so concerned and made sure Claire ate enough, slept enough and just made sure that she never had anything to ask for. Therefor Claire started seeing Elisabeth as a little bit of a motherfigure. But as she grew older that changed a bit. She started to mature and when she was around 20 years old she saw Elisabeth as a really good friend. She still enjoyed the cooking that Elisabeth did, but never thought of her as a mother anymore. 

Claire and AlysonEdit

Alyson liked Claire from the beginning. She adored the cute appearance that Claire had and she was always thinking about how to dress her or do her hair. Claire thought this was great and found a good friend in Alyson as they both had a passion for fashion and all things related to beauty. Claire borrowed a lot of clothes from Alyson, but she never complained. She only loved it when Claire was wearing an amazing outfit that had came right out of her own closet. 

Alyson was also kind of protective over Claire. She knew that Claire could be a little bit naive and she didn't want het to make any mistakes or do things she didn't want to do. At first she was mad when Seth shared his first night with Claire, because she thought that Claire might not have been ready for it. But as she saw their relationship growing she started to accept it more that Claire was not the little sister she should take care of, but that Claire was just a good friend that could take care of herself. 

Claire and DylanEdit

Claire was a little bit scared of Dylan at first, because she had no clue whether he was serious when he said something, or if he was joking. But as she got to know him more she found out that almost everything he said was a joke or sarcasm. And she started to like it. She took over some of his habits in sarcasm and she liked talking with him because he could always make her laugh, even when she was down. He just always had something stupid to say or a great anecdote that was just hilarious. 

Dylan was protective over Claire, but not in the amount that Alyson was. He just talked with Seth a lot about what Claire meant to him. He just didn't want her to be left with a broken heart. And although he never really wanted to admit it. He was deadly worried if Claire was in some sort of danger. His elderly brother instints then just popped up. 

Claire and LaurenEdit

Claire and Lauren didn't really have a connection at first, because Lauren and Nate weren't very much at the Dawson house. When Claire started dating Seth, she was seen as 'Seth's girlfriend' by Lauren. This changed over time and when Claire was in junior year, she and Lauren finally bonded when Lauren joined the glamsquad to make Claire junior prom queen.

Claire and NateEdit

Claire never really had a special relationship with Nate. She liked him as a friend and she never had anything against him. When she needed his help he was there for her and the other way around, but they never really had a special connection that she had with the other members of the Dawsons, or like her sister had with Nate. She appreciated him being protective over them and they talked when he was in Waterfall Creek, but most of the time he was in Portland with Payton. 

Claire and LynnEdit

When Lynn joined the Dawsons Claire was first a little sceptic about the whole situation. She was still a little bit in shock by the death of Lauren and Nate. So Lynn really had to grow on Claire. But soon they found a similair interest in fashion. Claire opened the store and Lynn was very willing to help her out. So when she started working in the club their relationship became a lot closer. When Lynn started dating Mike she became a real part of the family and Claire gave them her blessing. 

She always appreciated Lynn helping her out in the club and she was very proud of the work she did. But when Claire got some other things on her mind Lynn started to feel less appreciated and she felt like she was working her butt of for nothing. So Lynn told Claire she was going to quit and Lynn left without ever really explaining why. Claire wanted to apologize for not being around that much, but Lynn didn't really seem to be able to forgive her yet. Soon after that Lynn left Waterfall Creek with Mike when his mother died. Claire spoke to her once on the phone, but she realised Lynn wasn't coming back to the club. It's not that they can't stand each other anymore, but their relationship is not what it always had been. 

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