This page contains specific scenes between Seth Dawson and Claire Silverstone.


Claire only breaks out of her wondered daze when she hears Seth gniffling beside her. His eyes are glassy when Claire looks at him. She frowns in confusion until Seth grabs her cheeks and kisses her messily. “Your face,” he whispers in explanation. “Just, your face. You look so happy.”

Season OneEdit

  • Claire and Seth's first time

“The grey one?” Claire asked, yelling from the bedroom. Seth looked up from his phone. “Yeah. I got some pants here.” He said, as he pushed the sheets off so he could get out of bed to grab them for her. Then he stopped. The sight in front of him made him forget he was even going to do anything, let alone get more clothes. Claire was standing in front of him, her hair a bit messy because of changing clothes, wearing not much more than his grey jersey, which just reached the top of her thighs. “It’s okay. I don’t need those.” Claire then said, then tugging the bottom of the shirt with her legs crossed over one another. Seth can hardly keep it together. Then Claire walked to the bed, and as she put down her knee she leaned over to him, causing Seth’s shoulders to hit the pillows again. Claire then pressed her lips to his, leaning forward more. Seth welcomed the kiss, sliding one hand to rest on Claire’s cheek, the other one softly touching Claire’s side.

Then Claire moved even closer, entirely leaning over him, her lower leg resting in between Seth’s knees as she smiled at him. Seth then looked at her as their lips parted again, softly touching her upper leg. Then he pulled her closer, as if any last restraint washed away, and he started tugging at the jersey she was wearing, then stroking his hand over the curve of her body. “Claire, do you want this?” he then asked, voice serious as his hand comes back up to pull a strand of hair out of her face. Claire looked at him, the fact that he asked her consent making her love him even more. He was so gentle, so amazing. She wanted this. She wanted this right now. “I want to.” She said, before she leaned in to kiss him, Seth meeting her halfway. Then he gently pressed three more kisses onto her lips, before he reluctantly moved out of the bed. “Give me literally 30 seconds, baby. Then I’m all yours.” He said, before moving swiftly and grabbing his phone from the nightstand and walking onto the upstairs hallway. Claire then heard a whistle through the door that was left open slightly, and a few seconds later Seth returned to the room. He then walked over to the bathroom, where Claire heard some water running before Seth carefully closed the door, like he had done with all the other doors in the room. Then, Seth looked back at her, as if she was now officially the only thing he cared about in the entire world. And she was.

Claire then smiled while she tried to keep the butterfly feeling under control, something that went out of the window when Seth returned to the bed, this time leaning over her and passionately pressing his lips against her. Moments later, he slightly turned them by pulling Claire’s leg up, placing his hand to the small of her back and kissing her eagerly.

From that point on Claire’s body moved along with his, as if she had never done anything else. When he moved, she moved. When kissed her, she kissed back. When he went down lower, Claire bit her lip. When he made her feel something she had never felt before, she moaned. Then he held her, both of his arms wrapped around her upper body, as their mouths continued kissing, and their bodies aligned themselves. And then they made love. They ruffled up the sheets, and they kissed each other all over their bodies. After a certain time, Claire even dared to push Seth’s shoulders back, and then she moved backwards a little bit, to attempt to make him feel as good as he did her. And it worked. Seth’s body gave in to the movements Claire made, and he allowed her to take him to that place.

Then Seth looked at her, vaguely noticing the clothes he had taken off of her and thrown on the bed, before pulling her closer. This time he made things more intense, turning Claire on by knowing exactly which movements to make. For the third time that night, Claire found herself out of breath, her body rushing with adrenaline and pure ecstasy Seth just held her, looking at her in pure awe. “Fuck you’re beautiful.” He then said, before he gently touched her cheek. Claire blushed, then leaning in for another kiss to hide the redness in her cheeks. But then again that might have been due to whole other activities. Seth thinks it’s adorable. Adorable and extremely hot, however he knows the limits. For a minute or so Seth just looks at her, while Claire fghts off the cold by pulling the sheets up. Then she looks up at him, and smiled. “Was it…. Was it good? I mean..” she then said mumbling, and Seth smiles, before putting his hand under her chin and pulling her in for another kiss. “Yes. It was. You were.. you were…. I have no words.” Seth said, with a brief frown. Claire then smiled widely, before she put down her head on his chest. “Was it hard?” she then asked, the question coming across vague, but Claire had noticed his face at some point, and the sounds he had made. Seth then sighs deeply. “Yes. It takes a lot of self-control. It took a lot for me not to just… do stuff. But I didn’t want to. I… I want to make love to you.” He said. This made Claire’s butterflies in her stomach intensify, and he pushed herself up on her elbows to be able to look at him. “I’m glad you did.” She said. Seth then cups her face with his hand. “I’m glad I got to be your first. Thank you.” He said, and Claire just leaned into his touch. “I love you.” She then said, causing him to smile. “I love you to.”

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

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Season SixEdit

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