Claire and Seth
Claire and Seth
Nickname Cleth
Intimacy level None
Species Twiceblessed Witch and Vampire
First met Unknown
Duration October 2007-current
Status N/A

I love you Claire! You and all your flaws
— Seth to Claire

This is the relationship between Claire Silverstone and Seth Dawson.

They were the keystone for peace in Waterfall Creek in Season Oneand build on their romance during their joined senior year in Season Two. They had a semi-longdistance relationship while Claire studied in California, but eventually reunite again in Season Three. In Season Four they face an obstacle because of Claire's vision that vampirism is something to be fixed. Eventually they swear a vow not to get married until they can undo vampirism, assuming it to be never. By Season Five Claire's involvement in blood magic reveas she is pregnant with twins. At the beginning of Season Six, Amanda and Alexis are born.

They are each other's anchor and first love. They live together and cherish their time as high school sweethearts.


Season One

Seth and Claire first met when they were both in Sophomore year at Sint Joseph's Boarding School. When Claire walked out of her room she bumped into him. Both of them immediately knew what the other person was and although Claire was scared, she decided to give him a chance as she felt like he didn't meant any harm to her or her sister. They happened to be in the same class and despite them being natural enemies they became friends rather quickly as Claire kept being interested in him and asking questions. Seth wanted to keep his distance a little, but he didn't seem to stay away from the blond curly haired girl. They started to hang out more and more to disapproval of Payton. When Seth started noticing that Claire might be in love with him he started to think differently of her to. He always pushed away the feeling of being in love with her, because that would be very dangerous for both of them. When he finally let his love in, after he found a picture Claire drew of him,  the new it-couple was born. He took her up to the waterfalls, where they shared their first kiss. 

During their highschool years they were a constant couple. When Claire went away to go clean up after one of the party's at the high school she got kidnapped by the brother of Jason. When Seth found out he was determined to find her and to save her. With the help of his family and her sister he was able to get her out of their, promising himself that he would never ever let her out of his sight again. Seth had to leave for a little while in Junior year though, because he started transitioning. Making his love for Claire eternal. Despite some people wanting to break them up (Justin in the beginning and Douglas during their whole relationship) they always stayed together. During his absence Seth made sure that Claire had something on her mind, so he signed her up to become Junior Prom Queen. They were known as one of the favourite couples from SJBS and that helped in both their popularity. Seth as the star of the track team and Claire in general.

Season Three

In the last year of highschool they both lived in the Silverstone house.

Season Five

After Claire's summer internship it is revealed that she got offered a job to work at vogue, which would make her relocte to New York permanently. When Claire tells Alyssa, Alyssa answers with the question if she wants to break up with Seth. Claire is confused, which is when Alyssa tells her that Seth can't enter Miller teritory without having a target on his back. Claire then suddenly realises why Seth never could visit her during her internship, and she goes to talk to him about it. When Seth admits that, Claire decides to pass on the job offer and she focusses on her third year of school again. (sep 2012)

Claire launches her newest collection, and at the celebration party at the Dawson house Alyssa notices something strange about Claire. Concerned that Claire might be ill, she talks to Elisabeth. When Claire gets really ill, she collapses at the Dawson house. Elisabeth takes Claire to the medical room. There, separated from all the other noise, a particular sound hits Seth's ears. Another heartbeat. When Elisabeth runs a test, it is revealed that Claire is 10 weeks pregnant.

Seth and Claire put the conception date around mid-october, but Elisabeth is still a bit confused as to Claire's symptoms and blood levels. The next few weeks, Claire starts showing rapidly, and she considers dropping out of school because the stress affects the baby. This decision is fortified when on the next ultrasound Elisabeth reveals Claire is pregnant with two babies.

When Liam shows up at Claire's birthday party Seth is one of the people that is willing to hear Liam out. This creates an argument between Claire and Seth, but ultimatly Seth agrees that Liam brings danger into their lives, and that they need to protect their daughters from him. Things go the bad way when Seth gets too protective. He takes Claire with him to Chicago because he thinks Elisabeth and the others are going to steal his baby. Eventually, he bites Claire and toxicates her and the babies. However, the babies are able to fight the toxic off. James then finds out Seth has been shot with a special hunter's bullets. When they remove the bullet, Seth returns to his old self again. Claire and Seth decide to name them Amanda and Alexis. Amanda refers to Seth's little sister.

Season Six

When May Miller decides to shake their perfect lives up again she kidnaps the twins alongside their cousins. Claire and Seth are so worried that they would do anything to get them back. This results in Claire almost giving her live for her daughters as Jared drinks her blood in exchange for the lives of their kids. When Jared dies instead Claire learns that her blood is poison to vampires. When they can hold their girls again they hope that their lives can go back to normal and that everybody can stay safe. The most important thing for them is that their family is together and healthy.

Season Seven

Almost two years after the twins are born Seth proposes to Claire. She doesn't even have to think and immediately says yes.


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  • They met while bumping into eachother in the 3rd floor hallway at SJBS.
  • Their first kiss was by the waterfalls at sunset in November 2007, initiated by Seth.
  • Their first time was Claire's 16th birthday, as Seth insisted, initiated by Claire.
  • who’s the cuddler: both
  • who makes the bed: they usually don't make the bed, because the twins wreck it
  • who wakes up first: Seth
  • who has the weird taste in music: Claire sometimes likes an indie style of music.
  • who is more protective: Seth (with reason)
  • who sings in the shower: none
  • who cries during movies: Claire
  • who spends the most while out shopping: Claire, especially when it's clothes.
  • who kisses more roughly: Seth
  • who is more domineering: both
  • who controls the remote: Seth lets Claire control the remote
  • what pets do they have: Pluto and Salem already run around in the house, no more room for other pets
  • who was the one to propose : Seth
  • who stressed more over wedding planning : They asked Alyson to be their weddingplanner :)
  • who decorated the house : Claire (with Alyson & Payton)
  • who does the cooking : Seth
  • who is more organized : Seth
  • who iniatiates bedroom fun : Both equally
  • who suggested kids first : Neither. Claire talked about having one more.
  • who is the big-spoon/little spoon : Claire is little spoon
  • what's their favorite non-sexual activity : cuddling, watching movies
  • who comes home drunk at 3AM : Claire, once in a blue moon
  • who kills the spiders : Seth usually sets them free outside, if he can.
  • who falls asleep first : Claire
  • head canon : They fell in love at first sight
  • do they have any rituals : Claire attends all his track competitions, they also go to Crete every now and then. Claire has worn a jacket of his during 2 battles (The Dawson group & The Millers). They watch a movie together once a week. Seth always dresses Amanda, Claire does Alexis (if they split it up)
  • who is louder : Seth
  • who is more experimental : Neither are very experimental, because neither have much experience at anything
  • who takes more risks : Claire
  • do they fuck or make love : make love
  • lights on or off : off, but also during daytime
  • who is more spontaneous : Seth
  • who does the laundry : they rarely do laundry, Payton does it for both. If they do it, Seth's usually the one to do it in the middle of the night.
  • who gets up in the middle of the night for the baby : Seth, but Claire can't help it to check every now and then. But it's double trouble, so that's only natural.
  • who is most likely to steal the others clothes : Seth doesn't even dare to enter Claire's closet. He has plenty with his few shelves...
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over : Who has more time to do groceries
  • who steals the blankets : They sleep in eachothers arms, so no nee for blanket stealing
  • who remembers anniversaries : both
  • who gets the food and who stays at the table : Seth goes and gets the food, because the he gets to pick something new for him to try. He knows best what Claire likes.
  • who stays up untill 2AM reading : Seth, but he doesn't read often.
  • who initiates pda : Claire (she kisses his cheek a lot)
  • who gives nicknames : both (they playfully call eachother names sometimes)
  • who apologizes first after an argument : Seth, he hates fighting with her
  • what kind of gifts do they get for eachother : Seth asks Alyssa to pick out new fabrics and he pays for them (they get delivered to Claire with a bow, separated from the others so she knows they're from him). She buys him dvd's for his and dylan's shared collection.
  • what's their favorite place to be together : Waterfalls, history room at the Dawson house, Seth's car.
  • their song : somebody to die for - hurts
  • where did they go on their honeymoon : Seychelles
  • where did they first meet : Hallway outside of their rooms @ sjbs
  • who are the godparents of their children : Payton & Jason and Alyssa & Justin
  • what do they do when they're away from eachother : They leave eachother notes & they text (yay for cross-dimensional texting)
  • who says I Love You the most : Claire
  • who is the dirty talker : Seth, Claire sometimes
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt : Seth would freak. And then get Payton or Elisabeth to heal. Claire would hold his hand and stay with him untill he is healed. She wouldn't leave his side. Call her sister if needed.
  • who spoils the kids the most : Claire
  • who proposes to bathe/shower together : Seth