Claire and Phoebe
Nickname Cloebe
Intimacy level Friends


Species Witches
First met Unknown
Duration 2013-current
Status N/A

 This is the relationship between Claire Silverstone and Phoebe Curtis.

Phoebe is not only the protegé of Claire, she is also a very good friend. Phoebe was there when Claire and Payton both needed help. This includes taking care of their children (babysitting) when Claire wasn't able to watch her kids because she had to work or had another important appointment. Phoebe was also there for Claire when they needed help in the magical world. Phoebe learnd very fast and was able to do some very difficult magic when she needed to. This is why Claire trusts Phoebe very much and they became more than mentor and protegé. Besides the fact that they learn a lot from each other, they also share a strong friendship.


Season ThreeEdit

Claire first heard about Phoebe when her sister gave her a call about a young witch at their door when she was studying in California. She was very curious about the young witch who seemed eager to learn and she decided to go to Waterfall Creek to meet the young girl.

Season FourEdit

At first sight Claire could immediately tell that Phoebe had potential and therefor she convinced her sister to let the girl stay.They have a short conversation about why Phoebe wants to learn from them and what she expects. Claire then explains to Phoebe that being a witch has great responsibilities and Phoebe says that she understands. Because Claire is studying in California she doesn't have as much contact in person with Phoebe, but she calls once a week to ask Phoebe how she is doing. They soon become friends and more than just two witches.

A couple of months later Claire is back in Waterfall Creek and she sees the improvement Phoebe makes with her magic. She is very proud of her little protegé and they have a conversation about what it means to really become a skilled witch. In the following months Claire doesn't only try to teach Phoebe the basics of magic, but she also shares some great life experiences with the girl. 

When Claire gets pregnant by twins Phoebe's mother is the one to take care of the ultrasounds and she makes sure Claire is doing great as well as the babies. Claire eventually gives birth in the hospital with Linda Curtis as her gaenacologist. Phoebe is there as one of the first people to hold the new born babies. 





  • Claire and Phoebe have the same favourite alcoholic drink. They both really like gin and tonic. 
  • Claire and Phoebe share more of a sister bond than a bond as friends.
    • Claire feels responsible for Phoebe as she sees her as her little sister. It kind of looks like the feeling Payton has over Claire. 
  • Claire usually talks with Phoebe about the boys in her life. Claire is very curious in that department and she likes to look at Phoebes face when she talks about a boy she likes
    • Claire is therefor a big fan of Phoebe dating Chris, as she likes seeing the brother of her best friend and her protegé together.
  • Phoebe is very grateful to have two great mentors and she goes to great lenghts to make them see that. (Like watching the kids too often and staying up late to practice magic.)

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