This is the sibling relationship between Payton Silverstone and Claire SilverstoneSince birth they have been sisters , best friends and eachother's biggest cheerleaders. They have never been separated for long, and they have the biggest trust in eachother.


When her little siters was born, Payton was only two but she loved being a big sister. Her father (Christopher Greene )'s favorism of her little sister however did bother her a little bit , but their mother (Lillian Silverstone) made sure her eldest daughter knew she was loved by her. Payton was never upset with Claire being there, in fact she started to like her little sister more and more every day. 

When Payton was 4 years old and Claire 2, they were traumatized both by the death of their parents. They saw their parents getting killed by the species that they were told was dangerous, vampires. They were raised by the elders in the magical dimension after that, but when they were both old enough to be send to boarding school they were send to SJBS. Having only each other growing up made their relationship stronger. Payton almost raised her little sister and thought her what was right or wrong.

Because of the fact that they lived together and had nobody else Payton was the person for Claire where she would go to if she had any trouble or if she needed advise. Payton became a big role model for her younger sister and she liked taking care of her, but sometimes she felt the need of somebody taking care of her too. She never blamed her sister for not being able to be that person, but Claire tried anyway. Her sister could always tell her everything.

Season OneEdit

Their relationship changed a bit when Claire met Seth Dawson. She was able to see through the fact that he was a vampire, but Payton wasn't able too. She wanted to protect her sister against the danger that could cause her, but Claire didn't want to listen to her sister. At this point Claire and Payton have a different idea of what they think is right or wrong, but they never really fight. Claire also tries to convince her sister that she should go out with Jason, but Payton is not at that point yet where she'd willingly spend time with one of them. When Payton comes around and sees that Jason and Seth are not that bad, Payton and Claire grow closer. They go on one double date, before things fall apart when Jason is taken to the Anconi. This effects Payton badly, and Claire is worried because it's Payton's second bad seperation in less then 12 months. But with the help of her sister, Payton manages to get distracted enough to go to Honduras along with Claire.


END of S1 : Claire's attack & coma ???

Season TwoEdit

In August, Payton leaves for Portland and Claire is heartbroken that she has to say goodbye to her sister. They lived together for so many years and now they won't be able to have their moments anymore. When Payton breaks up with Jason in Portland Claire gets very worried and protective over her sister. When their half brother comes knocking on the door the sisters experience another difference of opinion as Claire is willing to give him a chance and Payton isn't. When Liam causes Payton and Jason to break up, Claire's immediate concern is her sister and so she agrees to keep Liam on a distance untill Payton's broken heart is mended. When Payton herself opens up to Liam, Claire continues once again to create a bond with him.

While Payton stays in Portland she decides that she wants to do more, not sit there all the time and let other people take care of her. She always took care of her own, so why not now? Claire is worried about this change in Payton's behavior and she asks Liam to keep an eye out for her. Help her when she needs it and report back to Claire. Claire doesn't really trust the fact that her sister is being really honest with her. She is scared that Payton might be keeping the truth from her. Therefor Liam decides that he wants to give Payton a self defense training. Claire isn't really thrilled about that either, but she is glad that there is somebody taking care of her sister.

When Seth goes in transition Claire starts to feel kind of lost. Both people that she loves very much are now gone and she doesn't really know what to do with all her time. She can always talk to Payton, but it is different now her sister is so far away from her. Payton on the other hand feels guilty for not being able to really be there for Claire so she sends Liam back to Waterfall Creek at some point to take care of Claire. What Payton doesn't know at that point is that Jason is in transition too.



THE WEDDING (this isn't really a Payton/Claire topic but i'm overviewing S2 as well so that's why I put this in here)



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