Claire and Payton
Nickname None
Intimacy level Sisters
Species None
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

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This is the sibling relationship between Payton Silverstone and Claire Silverstone.

Since birth they have been sisters , best friends and eachother's biggest cheerleaders. They have never been separated for long, and they have the biggest trust in eachother.



When her little siters was born, Payton was only two but she loved being a big sister. Her father (Christopher Greene )'s favorism of her little sister however did bother her a little bit , but their mother (Lillian Silverstone) made sure her eldest daughter knew she was loved by her. Payton was never upset with Claire being there, in fact she started to like her little sister more and more every day.

When Payton was 4 years old and Claire 2, they were traumatized both by the death of their parents. They saw their parents getting killed by the species that they were told was dangerous, vampires. They were raised by the elders in the magical dimension after that, but when they were both old enough to be send to boarding school they were send to SJBS. Having only each other growing up made their relationship stronger. Payton almost raised her little sister and thought her what was right or wrong.

Because of the fact that they lived together and had nobody else Payton was the person for Claire where she would go to if she had any trouble or if she needed advise. Payton became a big role model for her younger sister and she liked taking care of her, but sometimes she felt the need of somebody taking care of her too. She never blamed her sister for not being able to be that person, but Claire tried anyway. Her sister could always tell her everything.


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