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Claire and Lillian
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met When Claire was born
Duration N/A
Status Deceased (Lillian)

This is the relationship between Claire Silverstone and Lillian Silverstone


When Claire was born Lillian fell in love with her second daughter. She was really happy and she wanted to give her two little girls as much attention as she could. But because of Christopher ignoring Payton and only giving attention to Claire, she decided that she needed to divide her time between the two girls. She didn't want any of them feeling alone. So therefor Claire got a little less attention from her mother than Payton did. But she never noticed, because she was still so young. 

When Lillian died Claire lost a mother, but Payton tried to fill that position as much as she could. But Claire still missed a motherfigure in her life. Payton couldn't always take care of her like a real mother could, although she did the best she could do at that time. Claire therefor missed her mother a lot and she tried to find comfort in the little things that reminded her of Lillian. 

When Claire found a way to resurrect her parents for a certain amount of time she brought her mother and father back to life for the wedding of Payton and Jason. She had a great talk with her mother and found out that her mother was really proud of everything Claire had achieved. Claire then was able to let her mother go. 

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