Claire and Justin
Nickname Clustin
Intimacy level Classmates
Best Friends
Species Witch and Human
First met Unknown
Duration 1997-current
Status N/A

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This is the friendship between Claire Silverstone and Justin Saphire




Claire first met Justin when they both attended SJBS in their first year of primary school. From the moment they met they were practically best friends. Claire asked Justin if she could join him while drawing and Justin was impressed by how well she could do it. He complimented her and that's how they became friends. Soon Justin invited her to his birthday at his parents house and from that moment she almost became a part of his family. His mother loved her and always asked if she wanted to join them for familydinners and other familyevents. Jodie Saphire, thus became some sort of mother for Claire. 

When they became Freshmans at the high school they were already known as the best friends who always spend time together. If you saw Justin, Claire was somewhere close. This is where Justin started to feel even closer to Claire and discovered he had a crush on her. He just didn't had the guts to tell her, because he didn't want to ruin their friendship. He was scared that if she would say no to him, he'd never be able to be friends with her again. Claire was always very protective over Justin. She knew that he was in danger because of who she was and she knew she had to do everything in her power to keep him safe. That is also why she had never told him about who she was and where she really came from. 

Season OneEdit

When Claire fell in love with Seth Dawson in their Sophomore year Justin was very jealous. He was the one who had always been there for her, and now she had found somebody else. Their friendship therefor changed a bit and Claire felt guilty about it, but Justin didn't really give her the chance to explain. They drifted apart as Claire started spending more time with her boyfriend. Eventually Justin accepted that Claire wasn't supposed to be with him and he moved on. They became closer again.

Season TwoEdit

When her half-brother attacked them that's where she told Justin about who she really was and what was out there that he didn't know of all these years. First Justin was mad at her, but when he finally saw that Claire was only trying to protect him he went to apologize. Claire accepted his apology and they decided that they should just accept each other and their mistakes. 

Season ThreeEdit

Justin then soon fell in love with the best friend of Seth and Claire wanted them to be happy. But she also knew that Alyssa Miller might not be interested in him the way that he was in her. But she wanted her friend to be happy, so she did everything in her power to find out if Alyssa liked him to, so she could bring them together. When they finally were, disaster struck as his parents died. This was a time for Claire where she could show him that she would always be there if he needed a friend. And he appreciated it very much. He had a lot of support from her and that made grieving a little less hard. 

Season FourEdit

When they both started to study somewhere else they still called each other a lot, but they couldn't spend as much time together with friends. But when they both got back to Waterfall Creek and Claire was pregnant Justin became a very proud uncle for the twins. And until this day they are still best friends. They care about eachother a lot and when there is something going on they know they can always count on each other. Claire will still take care of Justin and the other way around.