Claire Silverstone-Greene
Biographical information
Full birthname Claire Caroline Silverstone-Greene
Also known as None
Titles In Magical Dimension:
Born May 17th 1992, Waterfall Creek
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 16/17 (Season One)
17/18 (Season Two)
Occupation High School Student
University Student
Owner of Down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking-Glass
Residence SJBS/Dorms ( S1 )
The Silverstone House ( S2 - S3 & S4 - S7)
California condo ( S4 )
Supernatural information
Species Royal Witch
Bloodline Silverstone Bloodline
Greene Bloodline
Abilities Powers:
  • Geokinesis
  • Advanced spellcasting
  • Crystal channeling
  • Bloodmagic (briefly)
  • Advanced Agrokinesis
  • Mindreading
Family & Relationships
Parents Lillian Silverstone (mother, deceased)

Christopher Greene (father, deceased)

Siblings Unknown
Relatives The Silverstone Family
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Seth Dawson (long term boyfriend, father of her children)
Children Amanda Dawson
Alexis Dawson
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green/Hazel
Portrayed By Dianna Agron
I guess I could add one more Queen title to my list...
— Claire to Mila Romano about becoming Junior Prom Queen

Claire Silverstone is one of the main characters in Touch of Magic. She is the younger sister of Payton and Liam. She is the long-time girlfriend of Seth Dawson. They have twin daughters named Amanda and Alexis together.

Claire is an alumni of SJBS. She then persued a fashion carreer. With Alyssa Miller she runs her own clothingstore and she has designed several collections. Alyssa is one of her closest friends along with her best friend Justin Saphire, Mila Romano.

She is magical Royalty as a twiceblessed witch of both the Silverstone and Greene Bloodline giving her the title of Queen Claire in Divitia and Princess Claire in Slivatica. She is also a part of The Silverstone Family and The Greene Family. She is also a part of The Dawsons by lineage, being the mother of Alexis and Amanda. 


Early lifeEdit


Claire Silverstone was born to Christopher Greene and Lillian Silverstone in 1992. Her older sister, Payton, was 2 at the time and Lillian was overjoyed with having a second child considering her family's known fertility issues. With Claire's birth, life for her family was good until the elders started to interfere in the upbringing of the young princesses. Her father wanted the girls to live a normal life and rebelled against the wishes by the elders, causing him to lose his powers when Claire was still an infant. 

Her life turned traumatic when she was 2 years old, in 1995, and her parents got killed in front of her. Claire and her sister survived the attack by a protection spell their mom casted last minute, and they were put in the custody of their paternal aunt Lucy. Claire and Payton got raised in Divitia for their own protection until they would be able to use their powers and defend themselves. When Claire was 8, they moved into a condo Lucy got, and they started homeschooling. Claire was allowed to take art lessons at age 10, which is how she met Justin at Sint-Joseph's Boarding School. When Claire was 14, Lucy decided to let Claire and Payton be boarding students, and she moved to Texas, distancing herself from her nieces mostly. Claire started in Freshman year, while her older sister Payton had to drop a year and start in Sophomore year. They got a double dorm located on the third floor, at the end of the hallway, offering them the privacy for witchcraft. 

Claire and Justin's friendship grew and she met other friends such as Mila and Katie who were a year older. Claire also got great at art, growing a passion for designing. Claire was good friends with her sister's boyfriend Pierre until they broke up. 

Season OneEdit

Halfway through High school, Claire's live changed drastically again, when vampires showed up at her doorstep. Almost literally. When Payton, Claire's sister, tells her to stay away from them. However Claire's time management skills make her come face-to-face with Seth and she has little but no choice but to talk to him. They exchange an akward conversation and both decide there is no point in faking anything. Claire then finds herself offering way more than she should when she promises to give him a tour of the building, because he saved her at math. When her close friends, among which is Justin Saphire, catch on to the fact that the boys are new, Claire comes clean to her sister that she knows Seth better than Payton would like. When Seth looses control shortly during their tour, Claire starts to realise why her sister warned her. However Claire still thinks Seth and his family isn't evil, so she gives them a chance. When Seth saves her from a vampire, she realises that there are bigger evils to be afraid of. Payton and Claire then have a meeting with the Dawsons, where their initial questions get answered about vampirism.

When Seth's powers go on a wild spree during class one time, Claire is worried and goes after him. While Seth tries to explain her it is better she stays away, she still follows him statig she knows what he is going through hiding a secret at the school. Seth then admits he actually has electrokinesis, something he had been keeping from Claire from a reason. This upsets Claire, and for the first time she actually doubts if she is still doing the right thing. However sticking to her promise she made a while before, she helps him out with his skipping class. When Payton assumes the wrong thing of Claire's absence, Claire decides to trust Jason to take her to the Dawson house where Payton causes up a storm.

Claire convinces Payton to give the Dawsons another chance, stating it will be the final chance they will get before Claire gives up on them. However Payton isn't convinced, and insists Seth and Jason leave the school immediatly. When they do, they leave behind some of the notes they had been making on the school and the students, and Claire is impressed by what they wrote about her. The next few weeks, Claire is distracted by homecoming and she is starting to move on when Seth suddenly shows up to celebrate the track victory.

At the party, they talk and Seth saves Claire from falling to her death, followed by also saving her from the cops. When she uses his abilities to escape the party, Claire is angry but she doesn't show it. When Seth suddenly leaves, Claire is left alone in the woods when Lincoln finds her. Jason arrives in time, but Claire kills Lincoln herself instead. She is then taken back to the Dawson house to get checked out medically. There, Claire tells her she and Payton can create a spell to rid the town of vampires, but that would mean the Dawsons have to move. However James isn't convinced, and when Claire realises that she knows she has to do something to make him believe it. She decides to go to the history room and she trashes the place, seemingly in an act of anger, but in reality she steals elements from each of the Dawsons in order to protect them from the spell.

She spends the night in the woods, prepping the elements and eventually burning them, before calling Mike to pick her up. She then reunites with her sister, who attends Claire's parent-teacher conference. Both sisters then head to the woods, for one final ingredient before they cast the spell that will evicerate all vampires in Waterfall Creek. When the time comes to do the spell, however, Claire pauses to add the ashes of the elements she stole, and then finishes the spell before her sister can interrupt her. Claire subsequently tries to convince her sister that she only tried to avoid a war with the Dawsons by first trying to peacefully get them to leave, but when that didn't work she says she couldn't just watch them die. This causes friction with Payton, who argues that Seth left her after the party in the middle of the woods to be attacked by Lincoln, and that they are the cause of the current increase of vampire population, something Claire herself had mentioned before.

Claire fights with Justin the day after homecoming, where Justin mentions she is too occupied by her relationship with Seth. They have a big lash-out.

Claire falls head over heels for Seth Dawson,a mysterious vampire and unlike her sister she is able to put her prejudices aside. They defy Payton's protest and they grow very close. Claire meets Seth's family soon after, and she is taken back by the vampires Seth lives with. She grows close to Alyson and Elisabeth, and she feels at home in the Dawson house. She even travels with them during the holiday season, dragging her sister along with her. When they return from Honduras , Claire has to face her jealous best friend, Justin.

Claire luckally manages to talk to him and convince him that Seth isn't a bad guy. This leads to Seth getting accepted by Justin into the track team, and the competitions create for perfect date nights, including Jason and Payton. Despite being in love, Claire remembers to make time for her best friend and even attempts to get him a girlfriend by setting him up with Alyssa, Seth's best friend, on sophomore prom.

The following day Claire gets kidnapped by Jared, Jason's brother. May is behind this, and commands Jared to torture Claire. She is saved by Seth and the Dawsons, but Jared escapes and she is injured very badly, up to the point Payton can't heal her easily. Claire goes into a coma for a couple of days because of the severe trauma she has from the kidnapping.

Season TwoEdit

When Claire awakes from her coma she is very weak, and it takes her a little while to recover. Ultimatly she does, and when Mila invites her friends to go on a vacation to Europe Claire agrees to go. When they return, Claire and Payton get attacked by Liam. After some strange coincidences, it is revealed that Liam is their paternal half-brother. Claire remains open minded while her sister has a disliking in Liam from the start.

As Liam leaves to try and work on a relationship with Payton in Portland, Claire and Mila make arrangements for Mila to move in to Payton and Claire's room, now that Payton is in Portland. All goes well in Claire's junior year, untill Seth starts to stay out on hunts longer, and a week into school he snaps. This is when Seth is revealed to be in transition, and Claire fears for Seth now that she can barely recognize him. In discussion with the Dawsons, they send Seth as far from Claire as possible where he can last out his transition.

This leaves Claire all alone during Junior Year, but Seth has thought of this and he has listed her as a candidate for Junior Year. Mila immediatly jumps on that news, and she convinces Claire to do it. Ultimatly it's Payton, who talks about their mom being a debutante and being well-loved in the city that persuades Claire.

When Seth returns in January he makes it in time to enroll back into SJBS, and he witnesses Claire being one of the finalists for Junior Prom Queen. Claire continues to be a debutante, as it offers a well-needed distraction from Jason and Payton's relationship issues. When Claire's aunt and Guardian Lucy dies early 2009, Claire is heartbroken to think the elders would allow that to happen purely because of the decisions she and her sister made.

With the help of her friends and family she is able to win Junior Prom Queen and be a succesfull debutante because of her loving personality and volunteering at most of Justin's track competitions. In the meantime, Claire tries to handle the legal issues now that she doesn't have a guardian anymore. Ultimatly she agrees to allow Liam to be her guardian.

She also attends Alyson and Dylan's wedding that spring, where she is glad to see Payton and Jason being in the same room together, at last. That summer Claire focusses on restoring her parents' house and preparing for Senior Year.

Season ThreeEdit

In Senior year Claire develops her interest in fashion to the fullest, while finding a good friend in Alyssa who has moved to Waterfall Creek and attends SJBS as well. It soon becomes clear to Claire that her suspicions where right when Justin and Alyssa finally get together. Claire promises her sister to have the best senior year, for the both of them.She wants to make lots of fun memories with Seth, Alyssa and Justin but those fun memories turn into sad ones when Justin's parents die in a horrible accident. Claire finds herself a bit shut out by Justin, and so she is left to grieve the people who helped raise her. Claire eventually graduates second in her class, and gets to hold a speech.
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Season FourEdit

In Season Four Claire persues he dream of designing and relocates to California. Seth moves with her, but frequently travels back and forth mostly during the warm summers.During his absence, Claire realises she is being followed frequently and she gets some disturbing messages but they stop after a while. She does not feel like she needs to worry Seth. Eventually he does find out and their relatiosnhips gets strained more and more. When they spend the summer back in Waterfall Creek, Claire bonds with her little niece Alena when Payton also returns home for the summer.

When the new school year starts, Claire is determined to make things right with Seth. However he tells her he has gotten an offer from magicschool to teach there. Claire is supportive, but she feels like she will have to miss him even more now. Ultimatly she focuses all her energy and (suddenly abundant) free time on her designs. She works very hard on them, and around the holidays she gets the delighted news that she had a summer internship offer. When she tells Seth, he is happy for her and he realises they have some catching up to do. That holiday season they let go of all of the tension, and spend time with their friends and family.

That summer Claire leaves to New York and Seth joins her. They meet up with Alyson and Dylan and they catch up, but Claire is mainly focused on giving it her best. She does so, and she gets inspired by one of her mentors to start her own store to show off her work which up untill now had been sitting in boxes. She starts working on the idea next semester, and Jason helps her out with the business aspects while Claire focusses on her third year of university. After she has set a deadline the stress starts getting to her though and she doubts if she has the right business instinct to pull it off. At that point Alyssa steps in, and offers to co-own the store and handle it while Claire is at school. Claire gladly accepts Alyssa's help, but before she goes back to school in january 2013 she finds out she is pregnant

Originally she is scared to tell her sister, but Seth tells her out of all people Payton will understand. Payton does understand, but she is worried about quitting school. Payton notes how FIDM was a very hard school to get into, and Claire is worried about that too. However Alyssa puts her mind at ease when she tells Claire about the succes of the store. Claire then makes the bold decision to put school aside and focus fully on the store. Claire permanently moves back to Waterfall Creek in the spring of 2013. On moving day, Elisabeth invites them for dinner to celebrate her return home. Elisabeth insists on doing some tests that evening, because she is concerned of the rapid growth of Claire's stomach. Elisabeth finds something inconsistent with the babies instead when she finds out Claire is pregnant with twins.

>>>>>>SETHS' PARANOIA<<<<<< Alyssa slips the news that she is pregnant herself when Claire goes into labor. The twin girls Amanda and Alexis are born a month after Claire's 22nd birthday.

During the summer, Claire enjoys being a mom as the store keeps running smoothly. She hires Lynn to work for her, and the two become close friends. Alyssa and Claire also grow closer when Alyssa visits the Silverstone House more and more because of her own pregnancy. Claire also uses the summer to get herself back into shape, just in time for her sister's marriage to Jason.

Season FiveEdit

Season SixEdit

In Season Six Claire is busy working on her fall collection, but she has to pause that when May attacks. When Payton suddenly shows up at the scene, Claire is concerned, but follows her sister's plan and finds herself in the hands of Jared Carrington. Claire contributes to the downfall of the Miller army, and despite being weakened she tends to her sister.

A few days later, after Payton has returned from the hospital and reunited with Jason, the whole family gathers for the birth of Amore. However one family member shows up unexpectedly, and when Liam announces he is human, Claire is shocked. After Amore is born, she spends the next few weeks trying to help Liam adjust to human life, allowing him to spend time with the twins, as well as inviting him on their first birthday party.

At the next festivities, fourth of July, Claire is in for another surprise when Pierre reveals himself as a wizard. As a result of this, Claire sees Pierre in a different daylight and she talks to him about his actions back in high-school, and how they were all to protect Payton and Claire. At the party, she senses the first signs of the magical inbalance, but attributes it to the fact that she has been out of touch lately because she has been working on her clothingline so much. Mila then suggests she should hire a co-designer to help out with the workload.

By doing this, Claire finds time again to spend with her brother, Chloë and Phoebe and she teaches them more about magic. She also bonds with Chloë in particular, and offers her a retail job at the store. When the Hainasoni arrives in Payton's abscence, Claire tries to reassure them of their safety at The Miller Motel untill Payton and Jason have returned from their anniversary trip, and Alyssa is back from a business trip.

In august, as Payton and Jason return accompanied by Bash, Claire once again feels an inbalance of magic, and her suspecions are confirmed when they are warned by Valerie that the inbalance threatens both their world. Claire then teams up with the other royals, including the Hainasoni, to fix this inbalance. She then finds out that because of the threat, Chloë had to leave and Liam hasn't heard from her since. Claire tries to comfort her brother for loosing someone he loves.

Seth then surprises her with a vacation trip, and once they arrive at their destination Claire finds herself in the opposite situation of Liam when Seth proposes to her. She accepts the proposal, and proudly shows off her ring to her sister when they return. When she goes to tell Justin the good news, he states he already knew because Seth asked his permission. Claire then notices something is on Justin's mind, which is when he tells her about the trial he has to undergo during the Total Lunar Eclipse on September 1st.

When he pulls through, Claire is relieved, but still worries for her best friend's life in the middle of all those vampires. However at the full-off, Justin proves he can stand his own. At the end of this season, this full-off proves to have been a good practice when The Anconi attack them.

In het last encounter with May and the Millers, she totally trusts her sister in the crazy idea she is proposing, and she and Payton take down the Miller army single-handedly. After this, Claire tries to focus back on her business while raising twin girls. She also continues to teach Phoebe as well as Chloë and Liam more about magic, but when she messes up on a spell Claire realises she is overworked and out of touch with her magic. Seth takes her out on vacation to crete, where he proposes to her. Claire accepts the proposal, and upon their return she starts the hunt for an assistant-designer. Claire then tries to help Liam to get over his breakup with Chloë like Seth, but is unsuccesfull to get through to him.


I wanted her light hair to frame her face the right way and have her dress do most of the talking from there on...
— Mila describing Claire's styling at junior prom


Claire is a beautiful, attractive young woman with blonde hair, green eyes and a heart shaped face. She has relatively fair skin in comparison to her elder sister. She has a relatively slender build, but is pretty tall at 5'6".

In Season Three, for senior year, she goes to a light blonde bob color. In Season four she lets it grow out again and wears it down during her pregnancy. Once she has her daughters, she chooses for a shorter updo to make things easier.

Claire has a thing for braids, and is usually seen with one in her hair somewhere. She often calls in Mila's help for her hairstyles during prom and debutante parades. She wears makeup, but when her twin daughters are born she tones it down a bit. She does like to go all out on special occasions, like a night at the club.

Her clothing style is generally girly. She likes wearing dresses, but she also has a comfy casual style. She is a fan of colours, and also likes to experiment with different styles. She is often a trendsetter in style and fashion.

Assigned Outfits

Education and CareerEdit

Claire lived in Divitia from the age of 2 until 13. After that she goes back to Waterfall Creek to live in the SJBS dorms with her sister Payton.  Claire was a Senior in the 2009-2010 school year. She took. Claire was encouraged by her friends and family to pursue her dream of designing fashion, despite of her magical responsibilities. She chose to move out to California, to study design in a four year degree, which she finishes in 2014. In the summer of 2012 she has an internship in New York. She moves back to Waterfall Creek and focusses on mentoring Phoebe, putting her dreams aside for a while. In early 2015, Alyssa encourages Claire to do something with her degree, and they come up with the idea to collab on a clothing store for Claire's designs. Claire opens Down The Rabbit Hole in late 2015, and goes on to create several collections, even throughout her pregnancy with the twins. After meeting Jacob Thompson in 2017 she hires him as co-designer, and expands her brand to a store in Los Angeles, Through The Looking Glass. In 2020, Claire uses her contacts in New York to open a third store, Wonderland, which is managed by Alyssa who now lives in New York.


Claire is into arts and fashion, and she is very visual. She prefers images over text, and she doesn't always think her plans through. This makes her spontaneous and joyfull, but she is also flawed because she had no time-management skills. Sometimes Claire's worst quality is that she can be a bit selfish, without meaning too. However she is very caring towards her family, and her darkest times are those when she is in a fight with one of her loved ones. Claire has developped a business instinct in the later seasons, and she starts becoming better at thinking her ideas through.



Claire and Seth are Claire and Seth


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Powers and TalentsEdit

Her father lost his powers before she was concieved, but it did not have any impact on the powers she inherated. besides the powers she was born with she is able to do different kind of spells in different kind of difficulties. The most powerfull spell she ever did was a resurrection spell. 

  • Telekinesis: She can move stuff and people arround without touching them. Making it easy for her to lift stuff and put stuff back where they belong. But it's also a good way of protection. 
  • Mindreading: Claire can read the minds of people around them. The only ones she can't read minds of are Jason, Seth and Alyssa, due to a ring they wear. She always knows it when someone is lying, but the mindreading can be a burden too. It is hard to hear someones thoughts if you actually don't want to hear them. She knew Justin liked her, because of his thoughts, but she actually really didn't want to know. 
  • Orben: Orbing is teleporting from one place to another just by thinking of it. It's a handy trick to get from one place to another. The difficult thing about orbing is not being seen and the fact that you have to be with two people to do it. One person to dematerialize and one to materialize back. It is hard to explain how you just appeared out of thin air to someone who is not familiar with witches and vampires. 
  • Seeing the future, past and present (visions): Claire gets visions, mostly in dreams, in which she can see the future, past or present. The visions are really disoriënting, because they rip her out if reality into some kind of weird reality, but most of the time those visions can prevent the most dangerous situations from happening. 
  • Shield: Claire is a shield. She can protect herself, and others, from physical and mental harm. It takes a lot of concentration and the shield has to be activated before the attack has started. In the middle of an attack the shield won't work as well. 

Claire has a talent for drawing, and using colors to create something beautiful. She trained herself in designing clothes, and she always carries around needle and thread.




  • Claire suffers from a fear of heights due to an incident as a toddler in the magical dimension involving a cliff.
  • Aside from English, Claire is fluent in Latin and her 'native' language from the magical dimension. She knows basic french too.
  • Claire doesn't use weapons like bows and athames until she loses her powers. Once her powers are returned, Claire is rarely seen using any weapons again, but is shown to be skillfull with them when she teaches Phoebe and Liam how to use athames.
  • Claire was the first witch to try and alter the boundary spell used to excile the Dawsons in Season One. This boundary spell is later frequently used such as security for the Silverstone House, the school and the store.
  • Like Payton, Claire didn't learn how to drive as soon as she turned 16, instead she waited untill the summer after her 17th birthday when Dylan proposed teaching her and her sister together.
  • Claire has shares in 1 business
    • Claire's Store (60% shares, but 100% profit revenue)