Christopher and Payton
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

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This is the relationship between Christopher Greene and his eldest daughter Payton Silverstone.

Payton and Christopher have a troubled relationship as father and daughter. At one point she admitted to hating him, but has since softened her hatred. Liam's arrival played part in this. They are now back on speaking terms (although Christopher is a ghost) and they occasionally interact, but there's still a long road ahead in hopes of getting a normal father-daughter relationship.



Shortly after she got born, her father battled with depression because he lost his powers (while fighting for her cause). This led him to treat her and her mother badly, and never being around ever since she was a few weeks old.

Upon her parents' death, Payton never talked about her father for a few good years, while keeping the memory of her mother very much alive.

When Payton began attending High School she officially dropped her paternal last name and went by Payton Silverstone. She never regretted it. A few years later she meets Liam and the wound that her dad left got ripped open again. This causes some issues in Payton and Liam's early relationship, but she learns to tollorate him when he helps her training. Payton decides not to talk to her father, and only a selected few peopl (Claire and Jason) get to hear her talk (mostly cry) over her abandonement issues that he had caused.

On her wedding day, she gets to see both her parents once. She greets her mother and after Claire's encouragement greets her father too. They don't communicate, but he expresses he is proud of her to have made something of her life. He apologizes, and he says he approves of Jason, despite the fact that he lost the right to approve or disapprove anything with the first bottle he touched.  After her wedding, Payton sees him again 10 months later on her birthday. She is able to talk to him briefly, and after Liam's return and her willingness to forgive him, she starts working on forgiving her father. Maybe one day she will...






  • Payton used to call him daddiedo, instead of 'daddy' or 'dad'. Probably because her dad used to lift her up in the air and her mother would say 'Should daddy do the airplane ?'...