Christopher and Grace
Nickname Gristopher
Intimacy level Lovers
Romantic Relationship
Species Wizard and Vampire
First met Unknown
Duration 1984-1985
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Christopher Greene and Grace Miller.

They were lovers for a brief time while Christopher was in college, but Grace left without saying goodbye when she found out she was pregnant. When Liam was born Grace took him away to the Uk shortly after and Liam never met his father. Through Christopher, Grace was able to ensure her son would have a family with Liam's younger half-siblings and in honor of Christopher she vowed she would do anything to reunite their son with his family.


Christopher and Grace had a short, but rather heated relationship. He met her at a local bar at the town that he lived in and he wanted to know more about her. She seemed tough, but sweet and she acted like she could care less about anything. Something that made him wonder what had happened to her that she acted this way. They talked for hours when he finally had the guts to talk to her and that night she spend the night with him in a motel. Grace was intrigued by this man that seemed to have honest interest in her.

That summer they spend a lot of time together and Grace convinced Christopher that he had to go to college after summer. They went to different schools together and Christopher picked one close to home so he could spend a lot of time with her. They even started planning on living together. When Grace suddenly left and he never heard of her again he was heartbroken. She had been his first real love and he had no idea why she had left. Grace knew Christopher was a wizard, but he didn't know that she was a vampire, which made there relationship pretty hard on her.

Christopher went on with his life and met Lillian Silverstone with whom he got two daughters. Grace had gone back to her sister after she raised her son (and Christophers) alone for a few years. Christopher never met his son and never knew he existed when he was still alive. When Payton and Claire met their brother when they were in high school the whole story got out for the first time. Grace became pregnant just after Christopher had applied for college. Grace knew that a baby would ruin his chances on a good life for himself, because he wouldn't be able to handle the fact that the baby would be born half-vampire. She left and raised Liam on his own with the intention that no one would find out.

Christopher first learned about his son when he came back from the death for a couple of hours to attend his daughters wedding. He had a good conversation with his son and learned that Grace had always wanted to protect him and their son. He forgave her for the fact that she left him and he gave his son his blessings.

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