Christopher and Claire
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Christopher Greene and his youngest daughter Claire Silverstone.

Claire and Christopher have always been close. He payed much more attention to Claire growing up then he did to Payton, and he wasn't even aware he had a son. Their relationship changed drastically when Claire learned about the injustice that he had done to her sister. She tries to get them to talk, but decides to take a step back and reduce their contact out of respect for her sister. They remain on good terms and Claire talks to him as a ghost several times throughout the year.



When Claire was born Christopher was over the moon. He was so proud of his little girl and he would do anything to make her happy. Claire was his sunshine when there was nothing else for him to live for. They spend a lot of time together in Claire's earlier years of life. 

Christopher however had an alcohol problem, but Claire kept him from it a little. His relationship with his other daughter, Payton, grew worse but Claire was the happy toddler who got all of her daddy's attention. Claire was so young she never really understood what was going on with his alcoholism.

Their relationship couldn't last long, because soon Christopher died in a vicious vampire attack. Claire was left alone with her sister and the elders took care of them for a while. 

At the age of 10, she overhears Jodie and Keith talk about what a fatherly failure Christopher Greene was, which is why shortly after Payton tells Claire her side of the story. Claire gets mad at her father, and she feels betrayed because she only had good memories of him up untill now.

During the years without her father Claire thought about him a lot and about why he had to die. She always missed him, but she knew she could never see him again. 


When Liam shows up a short time later, Claire is reluctant because of what he did to Mila, and she is quick to jump to conclusions that her father hid Liam from them. When she finds out her father had no idea, she is a little less mad at him.

When Payton and Claire are in a fight with Liam, Claire summons her father but blames him for being worthless when he can't give the advice she needs. She sides with her sister and Mila, and blames Liam for being as self-centered as their father once was.

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