Chris and Phoebe
Nickname Choebe
Intimacy level None
Species Human and witch
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

And all I could remember was us looking at the sky, and wishing for it to rain, in hopes that maybe we both could learn a little something about falling, the way the sky wrote it on the clouds.
— Chris reminiscing about him and Phoebe

This is the relationship between Chris Saphire and Phoebe Curtis

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Season One

TO BE EDITED ACCORDING TO TIMELINE Chris and Phoebe met at SJBS, where they originally were dorming students. Phoebe immediatly got word of his attitude, which had given him somewhat of a reputation at the school.

Christopher and Phoebe meet right after Phoebe meets the Silverstone sisters. He is the one who shows her around town and helps her getting her drivers license that summer. Chris , by that time , is still dating Noah. Phoebe has a brief thing with one of her classmates in her new school , Casper , but that doesn’t last long. Both Chris and now Phoebe are part of a group young people in Waterfall Creek , and often encounter in parties. When one of those is held at Chris’ home , Phoebe accidently drinks vodka in stead of water and gets drunk. She lands in Chris’ bedroom and when he finds out he sleeps on the couch. Noah on the other hand is furious when she comes back from hunting to find Phoebe in the bed , and she breaks up with Chris. She quickly comes back but the consequences of her absence are there : she is now a member of the Miller pack , and is forced to help May in order to stay alive. Because of this she gets a fight with Alyssa , Chris’ sister in law and daughter of May. A few months afterwards , May attacks Alyssa but Noah decides not to cooperate. She writes Chris a letter before explaining the reasons she did what she did. Noah’s suicide effects Chris hard , and it leaves him devastated for days. Phoebe , in the mean time , feels guilty about May’s attack , since in her opninion it would have never happened if she watched the children. When Alyssa leaves to deal with her heritage Chris is left to help Justin pack because their house is sold. Chris isn’t eager to move out of the house he shared with Noah but keeps a happy face on during the move. When he hears about Phoebe feeling guilty he tells her what Noah told him in the letter , and he is able to convince her to return to the Silverstones. There they have a small victory party but Chris is abscent. He left town to go and live with his aunt because it feels wrong to party when his girlfriend is death. Following this they have a small ceremonie to commemorate Noah , without Chris and led by Justin. Chris returns in the fall for a few days when he hears about Alyssa’s second pregnancy. He announces that he has started college in Wisconsin and therefore has to leave already. Next holliday season , he surprises his brother to show up at the big dinner held at the house. Alyssa also has a surprise and hands over a cheque , wrapped in as a Chrismas present. It’s enough money to buy his own house and although he initially doesn’t want to accept he realizes he can’t refuse. He visits Phoebe and she accompanies him house-hunting. When she mentions kids and his last name on the mailbox he realizes she’s not talking about his future , but about theirs. But since there is a new guy in the picture with whom she has been on a few dates already , she surpresses her feelings she has for Chris. When Chris gets a little bit to wasted at the New Years eve party Phoebe takes him to Justin’s house. She tucks him in and whispers that she’s in love with him when she thinks he’s sleeping. But he is not really , so he shows up at the doorstep of the Silverstones the morning of January first. Phoebe is surprised and they go for a walk in the snow. Afraid to commit her true feeling she claims he misunderstood her and he was just dreaming , but when he kisses her under a leftover mistletoe she can’t deny any longer. They are an item when they return from their walk , and for the rest of the holliday season they continue dating. When he is about to leave to college again he leaves a small package for her behind ,with a promise ring inside. On valentine’s day , Chris surprises her with a visit and they spend the day at an aquarium. Next summer they finally find a house and they move in the house that is only five ones away from the Silverstone propertie. Spending time with his newborn niece does have Chris think about children , but he puts the plan away because he thinks Phoebe is to young.

They end up having two kids: Quinn Avery Saphire and Logan Thomas Saphire.

Season Two

Season Three



  • Let's Hurt Tonight - One republic
    • Chris and Phoebe first hook up

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