Chris and Justin
Nickname Chrustin
Intimacy level (half-)brothers
Species Humans
First met Unknown
Duration 1992-current
Status N/A

This is the relationship between (half)brothers Justin Saphire and Chris Saphire

Chris and Justin have been close despite not really living together because Justin was staying at SJBS. They made the most out of weekends with video games and trips with their dad. With the dead of their parents, they found themselves being around one another a lot when they lived at their aunt and uncle's house. Chris was there for his brother when he spiralled into depression and Justin was there for Chris when Nora died. Despite their differences the two brothers have eachother's back because they are basically the only close family they have left. 


When Justin was born, Keith agreed to raise the baby as his own even though Jodie told him another man was the father. When Chris was born after that, the two were raised as brothers. They had a relatively carefree early childhood untill Keith got relocated. Jodie couldn't raise the two kids on her own and maintain a fulltime job, so she send Justin to Sint-Joseph's Boarding School when he was old enough to attend school instead of the private school which Chris would attend a few years later.

This caused a seperation between the two brothers, but Justin would often come home in the weekends, and he'd maintain a bond with his brother through those times. When Justin met Claire he quickly included her in many of the family dinners for special occasions, causing Chris to feel like Justin had replaced him. This fueled Chris' desire to act up.

Season OneEdit

In Season One Justin mentions the trip to California the summer before where Chris stayed behind one night because he refused to go to the restaurant with the others. Claire also tells Seth how Chris always used to pull pranks on Justin to embarass Justin in front of her.

Season TwoEdit

Chris and Justin go on a holiday with their parents. Justin recalls how Chris refused to share a room with him, but ultimatly things worked out fine on the trip. On Fourth of July, Justin invites Claire and Seth along with a barbecue and he mentions his little brother will be there too, to which Chris shouts 'I'll show you little when I punch you in the face' which Claire can hear over the phone. Chris' behaviour continues to escalate into rebellion when he starts smoking that summer, much to Justin's dissaproval.

Season ThreeEdit

In Season Three Chris gets transfered to SJBS and immediatly causes trouble. Justin is the one who prevents Chris from getting busted, and tries to talk sense into him. During the rest of the year, Chris is seen at some of the parties that Justin, Alyssa, Claire and Seth attend, even though he is only a sophomore. Chris eventually starts hosting his own parties when his mother goes to visit their father at the military base. Justin is close to calling his mother, but when Chris begs him not to he lets his brother off the hook.

When Jodie and Keith die that spring, Justin watches his brother act out his grieve on their family and turning down the help they got offered. Justin realises he can not take care of his little brother, and he spirals into depression. Both brothers move to Wisconsin after Justin graduates. Chris doesn't realise the bad state Justin is in as he keeps pestering Justin about College. When Justin recovers from his depression he remembers what Chris said and he decides to attend college, thanking his brother for reminding him of it even though the situation was different.

Season FourEdit

While Justin attends college and is living on his own with Alyssa now, he still makes an effort to visit his aunt and uncle and his brother Chris who live half an hour away. Alyssa makes efforts to invite Chris over a few times, which he accepts. As Justin makes someting out of his life, he affects Chris too who decides to quit smoking.

Season FiveEdit

When Justin moves back to Waterfall Creek Chris joins him. Chris moves into the guesthouse while he contemplates about his own future now that he is also graduated, back in Wisconsin. When Chris starts to attend some parties again, Justin is scared Chris will fall into old habbits. This causes Justin to initially disapprove of Chris' relationship with Nora, but ultimatly Justin realises she is not a bad influence.

When Nora gets turned and bitten, Chris is in despair and Justin realises Chris is no longer safe from the magical world. He asks Seth to talk to his brother and reveal all things vampires and witches. Chris is mad at first for keeping this a secret because it's the reason their parents get killed, but eventually Chris understands. At the end of the season, Nora gets killed causing Chris to shut down on everyone. Justin is the first person to get through to him, and he helps Chris as he slowly grieves the death of his girlfriend. At the end of the season, Chris remembers Justin telling him he has a whole future ahead of him, and he decides to go to college, creating a parrallell with season four.

Season SixEdit

In Season Six Chris moves to Portland and Justin helps him get settled in his dorm.




While Justin lived a normal life at SJBS, his little brother was developing a rebellious character.

Justin only realised this when their parents died, and he witnessed Chris refusing a lot of the help they were offered. Justin realised he could not take care of his little brother and he felt like he had failed a lot of people. When Justin spiralled into depression, Chris realised his behaviour was anything from supportive, and he started to act more caring towards his brother.

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