Chloe Marie Curtis
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born January 12th, 1994
Turned N/A
Died Car crash
Age 21
Occupation College student/Cheerleader (former)
Employe at Down the Rabbit Hole
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Limited magic
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Hayden Curtis (brother, deceased)
Eloïse Curtis (sister, deceased)
Connor Curtis (brother)

Ariël Curtis (sister)
Phoebe Curtis (sister)

Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Sophia Greene
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color None
Portrayed By None
You make me smile. And I haven't smiled more than since I met you.

Chloë Curtis is a recurring character on Touch of Magic. She is the older sister of Phoebe Curtis and younger sister of Connor Curtis and Ariël Curtis. She is Liam's girlfriend and the mother of his child ,Sophia Greene

She is a Curtis witch, just like her siblings, but has no active powers. This makes her part of The Curtis Family and a descendant from the Curtis Bloodline. She is a friend and ally of The Silverstone Family and part of The Greene Family by lineage.


Early LifeEdit

Chloë was very young when her family lost it's active powers , so she never learned to use them like her older siblings (Connor and Ariël) did. As a result of that she lived a fairly normal life in Salem, where her mom has a practice. Her father , who is a professor in biochemica , is rarely there when she grows up since he teaches at the other side of the country.

When she is 18 , her father is the one most  upset that she won't go to study medecine like her sister. Instead she gets a cheerleading scholarship at the University of Louisville.When her little sister Phoebe is graduating from highschool (SJBS) in Waterfall Creek, Chloë flies in to be there a little earlier. 

Season SixEdit

There , she meets Liam , who helps her on one of the first nights there by booking a hotel for her. Chloë didn't really have a place to go after she got into a fight with her mom. Unintentionally ,they sleep together , that night.

They start texting and flirting and Liam invites her to the club one evening. They can't seem to keep their hands off one another and make out several times. They define the relationship shortly after when Liam offers for Chloë to stay in his pop-up appartment (only containing a sleeping couch and a table) , but she accepts.

They have an amazing summer together but that comes to an end rather soon when Chloë finds out she is pregnant. She hides it de first few weeks, but then one day she packs her stuff and leaves. She ends up going to Ariël at Yale , and tells her about the pregancy. Ariël offers her sister to stay for a while , and she helps Chloë cover things up for a little longer.

In September a heat wave rolls over but Chloë seems to be more bothered by it. When Ariël's friend Daniel drops by , he finds Chloë having a fever and vomiting. He helps her get better with a cold bath. When he finds out about her situation with her family , he offers her to stay at his place instead of Ariël's dorm.

She takes a small part-time job as a waitress, to save up for the baby. Ariël tries to make sure Chloë lives her life to the fullest, and takes her to parties occasionally. There she meets Sebastien Ambroise when they're both outside of the party waiting for it to be over already.

Sebastien's honesty takes her aback, but she likes his views on life, and they talk for the remainder of the night. When he takes her home, he comments on the masculine vibe of her apartment. Chloë clarifies the matter, and they agree to go out for coffee some time later. (see [[Chloë When one of the elders appears at that moment, they both realise eachother's nature, as they can both see the elder.

Chlo has her doubts about getting close with another wizard, and decides to meet him just to tell him they shouldn't date. However when he arrives with a little gift for her baby, she can't say no to him. Sebastien doesn't ask about the father during their relationship, and she appreciates that.

When Chloë decides she will need her family if she keeps the baby , she decides to travel to Waterfall Creek. But on her way there , while stopping at a gas station , a car runs into them. Chloë is taken to the hospital and is able to be kept alive , but she passes away in the operation room when the doctors try to save her baby.

Sophia survives and Phoebe finds a letter adressed to Liam in Chloë's luggage. He hands it over to him , and it is revealed he indeed is the father (as Chloë's family had guessed Chloë was already pregnant when she came to the town). This causes a feud between Liam and Linda , but Liam gets custody of their daughter after all.

Season SevenEdit

Phoebe becomes a close friend of Liam's and she decides to do him (and herself) a favor and summons up her sister , along with some of Liam's help. Chloë appeares to the both of them , and says she wants Liam to be happy , and for both of them to find love. She tells them she has found peace and that she is sure Liam will do a great job at raising their daughter. To Phoebe , she says she was born different , so she shouldn't settle for anything ordinary.



Chloë has blonde hair like most of her siblings.

To see Chloë's outfits throughout the season, see Chloë Curtis/Appearance


Education and CareerEdit