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Here you can find an overview of all witches and wizards in Touch of Magic. For more background about the species check the page (Witches & Wizards). The following gallery lists of all the royals (roughly) by age and a short summary of their life, relations to other witches, and endgames.

Royal generationEdit

Main RoyalsEdit

  • Liam Greene
    • Born in The Millers due to an affair between his mom and Christopher Greene. Raised in the UK in secret, and later introduced into the Millers as a mercenary, send out to kill his half-sisters Payton Silverstone and Claire Silverstone. After being rejected by Payton he kidnaps and hurts her friends, Mila, and he dissappears when they release her. He returns to reveal he has become a human/wizard with the death of his mother, and seeks out his sister's help. He gets into a relationship with Chloë Curtis resulting in the conception of Sophia Greene without his knowledge.
    • He raises Sophia for the first few years of her life, but leaves when she starts reminding him of Chloë too much. He signs over parental rights to his sisters, and occasionally visits but mostly lives out a life of alcohol and drugs.
  • Louis Ignatius
    • Born out of an extra-maritial affair of Peter Thornton, he was raised at the Hainasoni Compound. He was originally meant to marry another witch, but was later kept behind the gates in fear of him getting killed like Lillian and Christopher. He trained and grew up with his half-sisters Laura Thornton and Lydia Thornton, while learning more of his stepfather's bloodine, the Ignatius family. He eventually moves with his sisters and cousins to Waterfall Creek, where he fights with them against the Anconi. After the fight, and the death of his close friend Cassidy Hagano, Louis refuses to fight with the other witches against the Davis Hunters.
    • Marries Flora Gerard, having one daughter, Penelope Ignatius.
  • Connor Curtis
    • Born in the troublesome Curtis Family, Bash' family refused to teach him any magic due to a family tragic secret he wasn't allowed to know. He got sent to boarding school in New York to try and 'cure' him from being gay, expected to bring forth an heir for the family. When his youngest sister embraces her magic, as the only person with active powers, he learns more about his magical background. He fights with the other witches in the battle against the Anconi.
    • Marries Jacob Thompson and they adopt a son.
  • Payton Silverstone
    • Born as the first twiceblessed witch, Payton was important to the magical community from birth. After her sister Claire Silverstone was born, and her parents died shortly after, the magical community turned their back on her out of fear, and she was raised by her aunt Lucy Greene.  Payton remained in touch with her childhood friend Sebastien Ambroise. Once old enough to raise herself and her sister, Payton lost touch with her remaining family. She dated Pierre Ambroise, not knowing he was a wizard. She and Claire connected with vampires, revolutionizing the magical community. Discovering she has a paternal half-brother Liam Greene, Payton rejects him originally, and they become estranged when he attacks her friend. Showing her strength throughout many attacks an, and managing to make allies where other made enemies, she convinces the magical community to unite again. She is a mentor to Phoebe Curtis and her siblings along with Claire. She is one of the central figures in the fight against the Millers and the Anconi respectively, uniting several bloodlines to fight together. She takes in her second cousin Riley Silverstone when she flees from the Davis hunters. Payton decides to donate wealthto the people or Aerqua upon the request of Bash, in honor of Ruby Lennox.
    • Marries Jason Dawson and has three kids: Alena Dawson, Andrew Dawson and Amore Dawson.
  • Pierre Ambroise
    • Born in a sub-branch of the Ambroise family that rose to fame due to his parents plan to marry him to Payton Silverstone. He distanced himself from his family and also his friends in Waterfall Creek to travel around in Europe, passing his royal duties on to his older brother Sebastien Ambroise. He falls in love with an Anconi spy, and ultimately gets drawn back into the magical world. He reveals his identity to his friends and Payton. Claire Silverstone defends his secrecy to her sister, and Pierre is welcomed back into their lives. He goes on an undercover mission to the Anconi, and fights against them in the battle. 
    • Dies in the battle against the hunters/Anconi, saving Payton's life.
  • Laura Thornton
    • Born in the Hainasoni compound, Laura was trained with her older half-brother Louis Ignatius, her sister Lydia Thornton and her cousins as the future generation of the Hainasoni Bloodline. As official leader of the generation, Laura experienced a lot of pressure growing up. She was forced in a strategic financial marriage with a Russian gangster, resulting in her going to prison for killing him to pretect her unborn daughter. She eventually rebelled against her parents to protect her daughter, and moved to Waterfall Creek. She received guidance and training from The Silverstones and faught with them against the Anconi, where she lost her cousin Cassidy Hagano
    • Marries Carter Jenkins, her daughter Caitlyn Jenkins and their son Finn Jenkins.
  • Claire Silverstone
    • Born as the second ever twiceblessed witch, Claire was important to the magical community from birth. When her parents died when hse was a toddler, the magical community turned their back on her out of fear, and she was raised by her aunt Lucy Greene. She lost touch with her remaining family when her aunt abandoned them and subsequently died. She and Payton connected with vampires, revolutionizing the magical community. Discovering she has a paternal half-brother Liam Greene, Claire is willing to accept her into their family, but then turns her back on him when he attacks her friend. While her sister was more diplomatic, Claire focused more on developing her powers independently from Payton, and her duties as a royal in Divitia and Slivatica. She is a mentor to Phoebe Curtis and her siblings along with Payton. She fights with her sister and the rest of their family against the Millers and the Anconi, part of an effort to unite several bloodlines to fight together. She teaches her second cousin Riley Silverstone when she flees from the Davis hunters. Claire develops into a teacher for other witches and wizards, even occasionally teaching at magicschool.
    • Lives with Seth Dawson and has twin daughters: Amanda Dawson and Alexis Dawson.
  • Cassidy Hagano
    • Cassidy Hagano was born in the Hainasoni and although she didn't experience the pressure her older cousins experienced as heirs to the Sanguis throne, she was still pushed by her parents to be the best. She had an uneasy relationship with her younger sister Kendall Hagano growing up, but eventually they realized they had to stick together to survive. Cassidy had a relationship with a hunter, who also manipulated her cousin Naomi Thornton. She felt guilty when Naomi got punished for the relationship and got sent to Greek Hill, and convinced her parents to let her do an internship at a hospital in Seattle.  Cassidy offered her cousins a place to stay as they passed through Seattle on their way to Waterfall Creek, but she chose not to go with them. She reveals she is in a long-distance relationship with Charlie Ambroise. When Charlie agrees to join the fight against the Anconi, Cassidy eventually agrees too. She sadly dies performing a spell that consumed her but that managed to kill many of the vampire enemies in the battle.
    • Dies during the battle against the Anconi in Charlie's arms.
  • Calliope Winchell
    • Calliope is the rightful heir to the Aerqua throne. 
  • Ruby Lennox
    • Ruby Lennox was raised away from all things magic, as her mom didn't want her to suffer the same faith as her father who got killed like most of their bloodline. When her mother eventually died, Ruby looked for her paternal grandmother in London, only to encounter Sebastien Ambroise. He starts to train her and together they create a plan for her to infiltrate the hunters. She is succesfull in doing so, and gets wrapped up in their world to the point where she starts a relationship with one of them. Eventually she choses her magical life over him, and she watches him fall in love with another girl, Riley Silverstone who also turns out to be a witch. Ruby sabotages many of the hunters attacks on other witches, and acts as a double agent reporting back to Bash. During the fight with the hunters, Ruby stabs the hunters in the back and fights against them. Eventually she dies saving the life of Calliope Winchell by foreseeing an attack of Neill Davis.
    • Dies during the battle against the hunters, saving Calliope's life.
  • Ariël Curtis
    • Ariël Curtis was raised in a family that didn't want to adress magic, and had no powers growing up despite being a witch. They moved a few times due to her parents' intent on raising them a certain way, mainly trying to fight the fact that her older brother Connor Curtis was gay. Eventually Ariël got away from her parents by going to University, studying sciences. When her younger sister Phoebe Curtis ventures to Waterfall Creek to discover her legacy, Ariël  visits her and learns some basic magic there. Ariël doesn't trust Liam Greene when he first starts dating her sister Chloë Curtis because of his dark past. When Chloë shows up on her doorstep revealing she is pregnant, Ariël lets her stay at her dorm. She is more supportive of Chloë's relationship to Sebastien Ambroise and she agrees to be the baby's godmother. When she and Chloë are on their way to Waterfall Creek, they get into an ambush. Chloë eventually dies, but her unborn baby survives. Ariël ends up in a coma and is paralysed from the waste down. She eventually starts working at a genetic research facility funded by the Silverstones. When one of the subjects, a distant Greene bloodline wizard, comes in for genetical profiling, the two of them connect and fall in love. Levi convinces her to try physical therapy to try and walk again. 
    • Marries Levi Greene and they have one daughter, Elissa Greene
  • Lydia Thornton
    • Lydia grew up in the Hainasoni compound and had the least pressure of most of her siblings. However she still pushed herself to strive magically. Lydia helped her sister Laura Thornton raise her daughter while she was in prison, and she has a strong connection to the little girl. Lydia is also close to her brother Louis Ignatius and helps him finding out more about the Ignatius family, which his mom married into. Lydia eventually spearheads the plan to leave the Hainasoni compound when Naomi Thornton is sent to Greek Hill, and promises Nick Thornton they will free her. Arriving in Waterfall Creek, she trains with the Silverstones. Eventually she sets out to leave to Greek Hill with Nick and Emilia. After their return they train for the upcoming fight with the Anconi, which is when Lydia meets Bash. After the anconi battle that killed Cassidy and Chloë's accident, the two of them find comfort in each other having lost someone recently. They become friends and eventually build a romantic relationship. When Bash gets suicidal, losing also Pierre and Ruby in the fight against the hunters, Lydia is able to convince him not to pull the trigger by saying she loves him, something her upbringing has never allowed her to say.
    • Marries Sebastien Ambroise and they have two children: Lucas Ambroise and Camille Ambroise.
  • Meredith Winchell
    • TBA
  • Charlie Ambroise
    • Charlie was the only one of his siblings who stayed with his parents throughout all of his life. He isn't close to his oldest brother Sebastien Ambroise who was raised in boarding school in the UK, but he was close with Pierre Ambroise until he isolated himself from their family. He is close to his cousin Thea Ambroise who he asks to keep an eye on Pierre for. When Pierre eventually goes to Waterfall Creek to reveal his identity to the Silvertones, he calls Charlie to reveal his plan to be a double agent at the Anconi. He warns Charlie that he might be kept an eye on, so Charlie goes to Seattle instead of Waterfall Creek as to not draw attention to him. There he tracks down Cassidy Hagano, and he comes up with a plan to distract the spies. Cassidy is reluctant at first, but agrees to pretend to be in a relationship with Charlie for the spies to see. Eventually their feelings become real, and the two start an actual relationship. When Pierre returns to the US and announces that the Anconi is going to start a war, Charlie tries to convince Cassidy to join the fight. She eventually does, but she dies in Charlie's arms. Charlie mourns her death, and learns to fall in love again.
    • Lives with his girlfriend, Emma Frost, and their daughter Kara Ambroise
  • Nick Thornton
    • Nick Thornton was raised and expected to continue the Thornton patriline. He was trained early on but an accident killed him and upon being revived he lost his powers, including pyrokinesis. This put him on the same level as his younger sister Naomi Thornton who he grew close to due to training together, along with their cousin Kendall Hagano. When his parents punished her for having a relationship by sending her to Greek Hill, Nick tried to stop them. He got stabbed in the shoulder by his own father, almost getting killed in the process, and he was to stay in his room for months after that. Eventually he agrees to Lydia Thornton's plan to leave the compound, suggesting they stop in Seattle where Cassidy Hagano lived. Driving on to Waterfall Creek, he comforts Kendall about her sister not joining them. Once they get to the town, Nick meets Emilia and together they set out to save his sister in Greek Hill. They end up in a relationship after that.
    • Proposes to Emilia Brown and they have 2 children together: Emberle Thornton and Even Thornton.
  • Jessica Winchell
  • Ty Winchell
  • Chloë Curtis
  • Naomi Thornton
  • Kendall Hagano
  • Phoebe Curtis
    • Phoebe Curtis was the only member of her family with powers, and she moved to her grandma to connect with her magical heritage, ending up at the Silverstone House. She got tutored by Payton Silverstone and Claire Silverstone throughout her high-school years and proved to be an extremely gifted witch. When her sister Chloë Curtis comes to visit and ends up starting a relationship with Liam Greene Phoebe tries to be supportive despite the tales she's heard about Liam. It leads her to pursue her own love, but when she goes to visit him in Portland she discovers he is dating someone else. She then sets her focus on preparing for the battle with the Anconi and she spends a lot of time reading up on magic books. She leads the magical training session along with Payton and Claire, and acts as an important figure in the Anconi battle. When she finds out her sister has been in an accident shortly after, and has died, Phoebe tries to defuse the subsequent custody battle between her mom and Liam regarding her niece, Sophia Greene. She forms a close bond with the baby, and takes her to see Ariël Curtis who is in a coma due to the accident. She helps Liam raise the baby in the first few months, and then announces she is moving to Portland to help out Chris. She returns briefly for the battle with the hunters. She visits the Silverstones frequently during her vigilante time in Portland. When Liam starts to go downhil, Phoebe offers to raise Sophia, but then she finds out she is pregnant herself, and so she agrees for Sophia to go to Payton and Claire.
    • Lives with her boyfriend Christ Saphire and has two daughters; Avery Saphire and Quinn Saphire and one son, Logan Saphire.
  • Riley Silverstone
    • Riley Silverstone was born as the daughter of Stephan Silvester but he left when she was young because he didn't want to put her in danger. She was then raised on the streets when her mom abandoned her, and eventually found a home with the Davis hunter family. Riley starts training to become a hunter. Her magical background appears when she is around undercover hunter Ruby Lennox, and eventually she is exposed when magic accidentally saves her life on a mission. She asks Tristan not to tell any of the other hunters, which he agrees to because he secretly has feelings for her. They track down Riley's mom who now works as a librarian, but upon finding out she remarried Riley leaves with only a name for her father. She eventually tracks her father down, only to discover he has died. Riley then finds out she has extended family, and she ends up at the Silverstones. There they are treated hostile because of their hunter background, but Riley is able to convince the Silverstones that Tristan is one of the good guys, and that she wants to learn more about her magical heritage. She sends Tristan away so his family wouldn't be suspicious, but Tristan states he can't leave her because he loves her. They got together, and they agree that Tristan's pressence in Waterfall Creek is causing tension so he leaves eventually. During the battle between the Silverstones and the hunters, Tristan takes Riley away and keeps her at a cabin far away from the fight. Riley is upset at him for doing this, but eventually she has to be there for him when the hunters - his family, suffers many losses during the battles. This urges Tristan to call a truce, stating the Silverstones did nothing but defend themselves. Riley announces to the Silverstones that the hunters will only hunt hostile vampires from now on.

Other RoyalsEdit

  • Thea Ambroise
  • Levi Greene
  • Sam Greene
  • Ben Greene

Magicae ResidentsEdit

  • Mitch Sellister
  • Tobias Ambroise

Parental Generation Edit

Parents Edit

  • Lillian Silverstone
  • Christopher Greene
  • Lucy Greene
  • Linda Curtis
  • Peter Thornton
  • Bryan Thornton
  • Charles Ambroise
  • Stephan Silvester

Aunts and Uncles Edit

  • Marc Greene
  • Helen Curtis
  • Jacob Ignatius

Descendants GenerationEdit

Second Generation Edit

Third Generation Edit