Cassidy Hagano
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born February 16th, 1992
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 23
Occupation Unknown
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'4.5"
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Portrayed By None
I was dead the minute I was born
— Cassidy in her goodbye letter

Cassidy Hagano is one of the recurring characters in Touch of Magic and one of the Hainasoni witches. She is the sister of Kendall Hagano and she has a lot of cousins. Cassidy is one of the two people to die during the first altrication with the Anconi in the winter of 2014/2015.

Cassidy is part of the Hainasoni Bloodline and part of The Hagano Family. She has a close alliance with The Thornton Family and The Silverstones. She is also an allie of The Millers 2.0


Early LifeEdit

Cassidy grew up in The Hainasoni Compound with her cousins, and had started to develop an interest in medecine at a young age..Cassidy is one of the older witches in the family and is always treated like one. Her sister wasn't treated the same and became jealous. They got closer when Cassidy started teaching her sister some cool magic, which they weren't alowed to use. But because of that, and because of the fact it was secret, it was so exciting. When they got caught the fun was soon over and they were watched very closely.

Cassidy and Kendall grew apart after Cassidy had blamed Kendall for not being carefull enough. Kendall in her own turn became jealous even more. Their relationship never truely restored after that, untill the point where they are fighting for their lives (see more : Cassidy and Kendall). In the early spring of 2013 she met Drew, and in the weeks that followed they dated. (see more : Cassidy and Drew)

Season OneEdit

In the summer of 2013 Cassidy gets the opportinuty to do an internship far away from her family, and she jumps on the opportunity. She finally experiences a free life, and she enjoys it to the fullest. One night she meets Charlie Ambroise and the two start dating despite Cassid still technically being in a long-term relationship with Drew. (see more : Cassidy and Charlie). When Hailee, Cassidy's cousin, shows up suddenly Cassidy is scared this might endanger her future, but she decides to help Hailee out after all. Together they make arrangements for the rest of their family. Cassidy also continues to practice magic, and getting better at it.

When Louis, Laura, Lydia, Nick and Cassidy's sister Kendall tell her they're planning an escape attempt Cassidy drives over to the compound as a surprise visit. After being welcomed gracefully, Cassidy realises things have gotten worse since she left. She runs into Drew, who greets her romantically but Cassidy tells him she has fallen in love with someone else. When Nick tells her Drew is the same guy his sister has been dating, Cassidy sees Drew for the cheater he is, taking advantage of her absence to date Naomi and taking advantage of Naomi's absence to take her back.

Season TwoEdit

That night, they make an escape attempt. As Cassidy makes her way to the car, she watches her sister fall. Cassidy throws a fireball at their mother, causing a huge burn on Dawn's neck and chest. This causes Cassidy to freeze, and Lydia exits the car again to grab Cassidy and her sister and drag them away. When Cassidy recovers from the shock, she finds her sister in need of medical attention, and she urges Lydia to drive to the hospital she worked. However Laura says they can't afford detours, so they stay on route. 

They're on the road for the remainder of May, June and July. 


The Hainasoni witches are welcomed in the motel. During their stay at the motel, Louis and Nick take over watching over Kendall, while Cassidy goes into the woods and outs her frustration, causing a small forrestfire. She asks Lydia to teach her how to prevent anyone getting hurt again, suggesting blood magic, but Lydia refuses.

Cassidy goes with Laura, Louis and Hailee to Seattle, where she starts her medical residency. She keeps in touch with her sister who stays behind in Waterfall Creek. At the hospital, Cassidy baffles the hospital staff with her skills, and it is revealed that she secretly has been using blood magic on patients in the hospital. Because of this blood magic, Peter Thornton is able to locate them.

Meanwhile Nick gets a surprising request from Emilia Brown, to help out with the upcoming 

After Naomi's rescue by Nick Cassidy realises she has endangered all of them. However before Peter can pin them down, Charlie steps in and prevents them from getting caught. As he lingers around, Charlie and Cassidy recommence their old romance and he eventually moves into the house she shares with her older cousins. In the fall of 2014 she and Charlie move into their own condo in downtown Seattle. 

In the winter of 2014/2015, Cassidy travels back to Waterfall Creek to help fight the Anconi. She keeps the threat from Charlie, who finds out from his brother. As Charlie arrives on the battlefield, he sees Cassidy's throat getting slid. As Charlie begs Lydia to use blood magic, Cassidy tells him that's not how she wants to live. She tells him she loves him, and then she dies. Peter Thornton overhears Lydia mentions these words by Cassidy, and he decides to give up his manhunt because of what Cassidy said.

She tries to keep herself busy so she wouldn't think about Drew (see more : Cassidy and Drew). 

When she eventually returns to the compound she gets into a fight with Naomi, who returned briefly before that and found texts between her cousin Cassidy and her boyfriend Drew. When it is revealed Drew played them both and they were research, she breaks all contact with him. When she gets a call several weeks later, she finds out Drew is in trouble. She goes out there to beg for his life. The men do not harm her, but they insist he has do die for a failed experiment. When Cassidy says she was the reason it failed, the men tell her that Drew will die for her. She asks them if she could say goodbye once she realises the situation is endless. She goes to Drew and as he hugs her she uses her powers to stop the bloodflow to his heart. Drew dies whispering her family's chant in her ear. Cassidy leaves the building after "the job is done". She attends the funeral, and finds an unlikely support in Naomi who shows up to be there for Cassidy and to say goodbye to the boy they once loved. Cassidy then tells Naomi about the plan to leave the compound. (see more : Cassidy and Naomi).

After having informed Naomi, Cassidy goes to Louis and Kendall. Once she tells them, the youngest generation of the Hainasoni bloodline arrange their belongings to depart the next morning, to a family cabin that Haillee Ignatius arranged for them. As Cassidy hands the coordinates to Laura, she heads back to get one final bag which is when their parents are allerted. Cassidy prompts Laura to get to the car, and she gets attacked by Laura's father. Laura is quick enough to get Cassidy into the car, as Louis drives off. With Cassidy unconcious and the paper with coordinates gone, they end up in a forrest and they camp there. When she awakes, Laura asks her where they need to go, to which Cassidy says she doesn't remember. Laura burned the paper with pyrokinesis after it dropped from her pocket and their parents were in danger of finding it.

Cassidy is very unstable during their wondering. They travel around half of Alaska in a week, untill they finally get word from Haillee. Now that they get back the coordinates, they head out to the cabin in Washington. There they are greeted by the mother of Louis and Haillee, and Cassidy is sceptic about her from the start. However she learns that her aunt isn't like most of their parents, and she gets treated by the skilled nurse. After a relative recovery period, they head down further south to ultimately land in Waterfall Creek, 4 months after the defeat of May Miller.




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