Caleb Greene is a recurring character in Touch of Magic and mostly Once Upon a Blue Moon. He is the twin brother of Olivia Greene and the biological son of Mikeala Romano. He was legally adopted by Mila Romano and Liam Greene when he was 4 months old.

Caleb is human, but she is very much aware of magic because of her step-sister and her parents.


Caleb was born a few minutes before his twin sister Olivia Greene in a woman's detention facility in Italy. He went into protective services, and when he was four months old he got adopted by his maternal aunt Mila Romano. When he was a little over 1 year old, Liam Greene signed up as his adoptive father.

For the next few years, Caleb was raised in his family's apartment along with his older sister Sophia Greene. When he was 5 years old he got another sister, Lilly Greene.

Caleb started attending Sint-Joseph's Boarding School at the age of 7, where he excelled in track under the coaching of Justin Saphire.

Season Three

Caleb is 16 when Justin encourages him to try out for the track team. Caleb is unsure of it, because he is very dedicated to his friends in the decathlon team and he fears of loosing them. Justin convinces him and Caleb runs the third time of the entire school in his grade, after Justin and Seth respectively. Caleb joins the team and he starts befriending his older cousins who now no longer see him as their human younger cousin.

Season Four

When Damien goes off to college a year early, Caleb looses one of the good friends he had within the school. He goes on to befriend Amanda Dawson because she is heartbroken over Damien moving away for college. The two become friends and they date briefly, but Amanda ultimatly decides she is willing to wait for Damien and they break things off again.

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