Beth and Jason
Nickname Beson
Intimacy level Lovers
Have a child together
Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration 1805-1810
Status N/A

“I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it's these things I'd believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”
— Jason, talking about Beth in a journal

This is the relationship between Beth Raleigh and Jason Dawson.


Jason and Beth met as children. Beth became a friend of Jason's older sister Katherine, and they occasionally played together. They remained friends throughout their teenage years, the time apart only strenghtened his feelings for the girl next door. Although his father wasn't pleased, Jason's father eventually agreed and went on to arrange a marriage.

When Jason heared of this, he did not wait and he went and told her. They both vowed their love for one another and consummed their marriage-to-be the same night. Jason finds out the next mornig that Annabeth's father reclined, and she is to be married to Abraham.

After finding out he has been cheated on, he then returns to his hometown. In his rage he attacks Beth's brother, and eventually Beth herself. He kills the brother but spares her. He leaves when he realises the horror he has created, abandoning Beth who is near dying. Later upon returning to The Miller Compound he looses his memory of the attack because of May's amnesia power.

Season SixEdit

In 2016, when Jason is certain everyone he knew as a human is dead including his brother., Beth shows up. She arrives at the motel several weeks after the death of Jared and May. She explains to him what happened in 1812, and Jason's world unravels, knowing he sired someone. Jason's initially response is regret, but Beth goes on to tell him she has been able to do charity work all over the world for decades.

Beth waits several days, untill after meeting Payton, to disclose the fact that Beth had a child. After encouragement from Payton, Jason meets his daughter, Ava. He bonds with her over the next couple of weeks, to Beth's relief. Jason then offers the two of them a place amongst the Millers, Beth declines however. She states she will return to The Independent Vampires, who are her family. Jason then tells her they are family too, and Beth aknowledges that, but she states that they are also strangers, and she will need time. Jason then sends her off to New Orleans, and returns his focus to the Millers.

Some time later, Beth and Jason meet at a summit. Beth then reveals she left because she didn't want to ruin his marriage to Payton by being another ex showing up in his life. Jason then admits they could have had a happy ending if May hadn't been in his life, paralleling the craving for a happy ending with Payton now that May is gone. 

Throughout the next few years Ava connects her parents frequently and Beth becomes a known aquintance of the family. As parents, they remain a close connection and they are good friends.





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