Annabeth Raleigh
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1790
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 23 / 224
Occupation Philantropist
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Ava Carrington
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color green
Portrayed By None
Annabeth 'Beth' Raleigh is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. She is the eldest of 5 children of the Raleigh family, neighbours of the Carrington family. She once had a romantic relationship with her neighbour, Jason who she conceived a child with. 

Beth was a secluded vampire before she joined the independent vampires in New Orleans.


Early LifeEdit

Beth was born in 1790, as the only daughter of the Raleigh family. She had 2 older brothers, and two younger ones. When she was 5, she first met Catherine Carrington. Soon they were having tea parties with their dolls together, and they became true friends. Catherine's twin brother Jared became the obvious choice as Beth's husband, something Catherine pleaded for herself. Beth didn't favor the idea so much, as she had caught the wondering eye of Jason, the younger son. She started developing feelings for him, and throughout her teenage years they were very much in love, but secretly. When their mothers realised it, they wanted to support their children. After talking to his wife, Henry went to Beth's father to propose a marriage between their children. However Beth's father did not accept, saying he'd only let his daughter marry the first born of a family. That was whe Abraham came into the picture, a friend of Jason and Jared from church. Beth became engaged to him, and Jason left for the war.

Soon after the engagement party, Beth discovered she was with child, a child conceived with Jason at their one and only night together, whilst they were still under the assumption they would get married. Beth told her mother, who then send her to a convent. She returned eight months later, and marries the following weekend. Some time later returns to Boston. As a newborn vampires he makes many mistakes and he kills Theodore, Beth's eldest brother. He then goes to Beth in the garden. When he asks if her marriage to Abraham is true, she confirms it. To this he attacks her, and drags her to the place he killed her brother. Beth is then left to die, with vampire toxic in her blood. She manages to gather enough strenght to go to the woods. There she gets found by a coven of colonist vampires.

Beth spend some time with them, untill she separated from them and she chose seclusion. When 20 years had passed, she gave up on finding her daughter, Ava, who she left in the convent after giving birth to her. She goes to travel around the country, spending time in major cities like New York and Chicago. She joins the Independant vampires in the beginning of the 20th century, and when her New York friend Skye asks her for a place to stay she gives her shelter.

Season Six

In Season Six, Beth comes to Waterfall Creek after hearing there is a new leader for the Millers. Originally, she appears to have similar intentions as May, but Jason soon realises Beth is kind of heart and she is just there as a friend. However, in the midseason finale, Beth attacks a hiker and Jason realises Beth is still a Type A vampire. When he tells her she has to leave because she endangers their secret, she tries to convince him to stay by seducing him.


Beth is friendly and loyal. She also has a seductive side, and a bit of a harsh temper that shows mostly when she encounters new people or she has a bad day.

Powers and TalentsEdit

Beth played the piano as a human, and has also required to play violin. She is good in multitasking, and she has an unpaired concentration.

She might have a slightly enhanced ability persue other people's emotions, potentially caused by her own traumas


Beth has dark hair and blue/green eyes. She has occasionally had lighter colored hair, sometimes even blonde. 

She has dressed in several fashions, and she has always made it work. She claims she loves the modern fashion to most, as it makes her more able to move around. She is a fan of skinny jeans for sure.



Beth and Jason were childhood friends who fell in love. They wanted to marry, but Beth's father refused. In the night before the refusal, they conceived a child together. (see more :Beth and Jason)

Abrahams was Beth's fiancé and later husband during the time that Jason was at war.


Beth and Skye are old friends from the time they spend together in New York and later when Beth gave Skye refuge at the Independant Vampires compound while she was hiding for the Millers. (see more : Beth and Skye)


Beth has had a troubled vampire life. She was originally left on her own during her transition, then later she finally got helped by some vampires who happened to cross the area.




  • She is (chronologically) the first women Jason ever loved. She is subsequent to this also the first mother of his child, and the first women to inform him he has another child.
    • Chronologically the other 2 women are May and Payton, although Alyssa is truthfully his niece and he never believed she was his daughter.
  • She got along with all Carrington children, but mostly with Jared's twin sister Katherine.
  • She is the third person from Jason's past to show up in the present timeframe. She is the first person though to appear after being presumed dead.

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