This is the relationship between Sebastien 'Bash' Ambroise and Lydia Thronton.


Their relationship started out slow, as Bash originally didn't really want anyone around him when he was mourning the death of Chloë Curtis. When Lydia tries to reach out to him once, he closes the door in her face and tells her to go home, to which she whispers to herself 'I don't have one'.

However Lydia is persistent, and a couple of days later she tries again when everybody else is focussing on the baby, Ariël and so on.. They share a talk by the piano, where Lydia talks to him about how her older siblings are always the prime pupils, so she kinda gets what he's going through. She helps him to remember Chloë the way he knew her, and not by the tragedy that killed her. Bash reluctantly agrees that the talk helped, and Lydia is glad about that.

Bash soon uncovers Lydia also has her demons, and he often catches her staring off in the distance thinking, or she wipes away a quick tear when anyone mentions her home. And so Bash decides to return the favour and asks her about what happened in Haines. Lydia has a similar reply to him as he had to her, so Bash decides a different approach. He offers her a room in the house he rented, in case she is tired of being around all her cousins all the time.

When he one day finds her in the bed, he smiles. Lydia then says she's ready to talk about it, and Lydia explains the situation with her parents, but more shockingly she tells him about Yuri. Bash reassures her she did what she had to do to protect her sister and her niece. They have a friendly relationship from this point onwards, working together as royals and living together as roommates. However a certain chemistr lingers. One night, they give in to the urge, and they sleep together. The morning after, they don't talk about what happened, and they proceed with their lives as they were. 

Season Eight???Edit

After several weeks, Bash finally breaks the silence and tells her he has feelings for her. Lydia tells him she doesn't know what she feels, even though she admits to herself she does feel something for him too. Bash then accuses her of being selfish, and the have a fight. They both soon apologise, and Lydia tells him she no longer has any reason to be selfish, because she is now growing another human inside her. She tells Bash she loves him, which he replies, and they kiss.

Bash is overjoyed with the prospect of fatherhood, and he treats Lydia like a princess during her pregnancy. They exchange Lydia's old room into a nursery and they start planning their lives together.

Lydia was there to comfort him   This helps Bash a lot through the first few days, as it helps him sleep.

However when Bash realises that he is starting to have feelings for Lydia, he tries to ignore them because he has sworn never to fall for a royal again. However he can't help his feelings, and he glares at her by occasion, sometimes not so subtle. When Payton notices, she tells her to not waste time lingering. She reminds him he has the right to be loved to, and to experience it fully. This prompts Bash to 

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