Aylin McKenzie
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born July 7th, 2009
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 5
Occupation Student at SJBS (former)
Residence McKenzie beachhouse
Supernatural information
Species Human
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color None
Portrayed By None
Aylin McKenzie is one of the main characters in The Next Generation and the adoptive daughter of Dylan and Alyson McKenzie. She is the oldest of the next generation within the larger Silverstone-Dawson family.


When Aylin was born she wasn’t wanted. Her parents didn’t want a girl and left her on the streets two weeks after she opened her eyes for the first time. An elderly woman found her but couldn’t take care of the little girl, so she brought her to the orphanage. There she got put up for adoption, but due to the fact that nobody knew who her real parents where and where she came from nobody wanted to adopt her. She was raised in the orphanage and never really started caring for somebody, because they would always leave when she finally started feeling comfortable with them. She developed a fear of rejection and became very quiet. 

When she was about two years old there were two lovely people that wanted to know who she was and when the woman picked her up for the first time she felt like home immediately. The people where so loving and within a few weeks she had found a home.Dylan and Alyson McKenzie were delighted to have a daughter, because they couldn’t get children of their own. Alyson and Dylan took her to the hotel and Aylin saw a whole new world. She got spoiled with lots of toys and presents, and she felt genuinly safe with the people from America. She gets adopted and she spends 4 more months getting to know her parents and learning to speak bits of English. When Aylin was almost 4 years old she moved with her parents back to the Hamptons where she continued learning english during the summer. In May that following year, she goes with her parents to Waterfall Creek and she meets her many aunts, uncles nieces and nephews. 

Season x Edit

Aylin becomes the biggest of all the kids and she takes that role well. When her parents consider doing fostercare, they consult Aylin and she says it'll be a good idea. Aylin is very kind to her fostersiblings and she bonds with them very quickly, reassuring them that they are fine among the McKenzies and that nothing bad is going to happen. Aylin develops a close bond with Macy (Lyndon Smith FC) and Jay (Eli Goree FC), two of her fostersiblings who stayed with her family for 8 years. 

Season One (Blue Moon) Edit

Aylin has graduated from high school and she goes to study Asian culture in Portland.Like many adopted children, she wants to find out where she is from and gets the full support from her family in this.

After she finished her first year, she decides to make a roadtrip to Asia. The original plan was for her to travel alone, but along the way she meets a young man, Josh, who is backpacking through Asia, and the pair decides to stick together.

She eventually finds out where she is really from but doesn't find the answers she was looking for. She then gets reminded that she has already found her true family back in Waterfall Creek.

They stay in downtown Tokio, and when some people start taking pictures of them, Aylin realises her companion is a famous European actor Josh Allistair. He admits to her it felt good not being recognised for once, and they share a kiss. The next morning, Aylin receives a note at her hotel room (a seperate one), asking her to come to the lobby. That is where she meets Leah Chang, who claims to be Aylin's younger sister.

In between a potential new famous boyfriend and a potential sister, Aylin decides to ask the help of Alyssa, who is in Australia for business at that point. Alyssa makes arrangements for the two girls as they get a DNA test done, which concludes they are sisters. Leah says they have a younger brother, but that their parents don't want to see them ever again after Leah got kicked out of their house for tresspassing.

Alyssa talks to Aylin about her younger sister, explaining what she went through with Jade. This encourages Aylin to conclude her search for her parents. Leah admits she feels the same way, and they both decide to fly back to Waterfall Creek. Alena picks them up from the airport, and reveals that there's pictures of Aylin and Josh on the internet, but she hasn't been recognised yet. When Alyson and Dylan find out about the pictures, they ask Scott to get rid of those, which he does. Aylin then introduces her sister to her adoptive parents.

Season Two (Blue Moon) Edit

Even though they said their goodbyes in Tokio, Josh shows up in Portland looking for her and finds her. He tells her he's been thinking about her non-stop, and Aylin admits without him (and his fame) her sister wouldn't have found her. The two of them get together in Portland, where Josh sticks around for the next few months, living on the downlow. When word gets out halfway through the spring of Aylin's second year, Aylin suggests her home town area as a place for him to withdraw from the spotlight. Josh agrees, and ends up buying a house 3 houses next to Alyssa and Justin. When Aylin is on her breaks, Josh and her parents are the ideal motivation to drive back home as much as she possibly can. On their one-year anniversary he plans a romantic dinner. A few months after that, he proposes during a family thanksgiving dinner.







Powers and TalentsEdit

Aylin has chosen not to persue much special skills. She knows basic training which she did with her cousins, and she is good at parkour as well as a sword, but she is not on the same skill-level as her other cousins. She does not have any magical powers because she is human.



  • Her godparents are James and Elisabeth.

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