Ava Carrington
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1810
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 24 (204)
Occupation Unknown
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Vampires
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Carl Rice
Mary Rice
Physical description
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Portrayed By None
Ava Carrington is a recurring character in Touch of Magic and Once Upon a Blue Moon. She is the daughter of Beth Raleigh and Jason Dawson.This makes her the older half-sister of Alena, Aj and Amore and step-daughter of Payton Silverstone.

She is a vampire and part of The Independent Vampires. She has been a type B vampire despite that, not being able to feed off of humans based on moral convictions.


Sister AvaEdit

Ava was conceived in the assumption that her parents would be married, but the marriage didn't take place. Her maternal grandfather declined the request and send her mother to a convent, where Ava was born.

As a young girl, she lived amongst the sisters at the convent but she had always been the one to balance on the fine line of god's rule.

When she was 20, she was on an errand when she was caught in a storm. She found shelter in a barn, but nearly starved to death. She was found days later, and nurished back to health. She claims she only survived that night because of her faith in god, as she explains to the townspeople while she regains her strength. But after a while the story starts to sound odd. She begins to wonder what her true purpose is, and she has moments of self-doubt. When the old lady asks if she should get her clothes from the washing line, Ava says she doesn't need them anymore and she decides to leave the convent. She writes, informing them of her situation and then she end that part of her life.

Ava RiceEdit

She decides to put her healing skills to good use and she opens a little shop downtown that sells healing herbs and medecine. After 3 more years she is well known in the little village, which has begun to expand drastically. She is no longer called the stranger, and is greeted as Ms. Raleigh. The name stranger is given to a new person in town now, the young and handsome Lewis Rice. Even though Ava had never been acquinted with loving another man but god, Lewis was respectful and required her love very slowly and patiently.

When Ava was 24, they got married after they have been in love for a few months now. Ava became pregnant on their wedding night, and she gave birth to a son 9 months later, Carl Rice. Lewis then convinced her to travel back to Boston in 1837. There he became proprietor of the American House.  One day, a group of visitors came into the hotel. Their confidence, knowledge of the world and well-spoken tongue captivated Ava's attention. One of them in particular, a woman with black hair and outspoken eyes did something to Ava. The night she went to meet them at dinner, but they were absent. As Ava resorted back to her room to tend to her son, the woman was there.

When Beth revealed to Ava who she was, Ava was shocked. Upon meeting her mother, Ava was speechless and she had no idea what to do or say. When Beth added that she was a vampire, explaining her appearance, Ava did know. She wanted to know more. So she offered the woman, her mother, whatever she needed. Beth politely refused, saying she's never take what she needed from her own daughter. Ava continued to learn more that night, including her mother's life as a human and who Ava's father was; Jason Carrington.

Beth left, stating she would be around if Ava wanted that. When Ava's husband asks her who she was talking to, Ava states it was someone from her past, suggesting one of the sisters from the convent instead of being honest.

Ava becomes pregnant again, but after the birth of her daughter Mary she becomes very ill. Beth decides she can no longer witness the pain her daughter is going through. Ava gets turned into a vampire by Beth that night.

As a new vampire, Ava struggles with handling vampirism. Beth explains why Ava was raised by strangers, and this urges Ava to persevere. She maintains her strenght for 3 months. When Beth tells her she will travel further through the country Ava agrees to go with her. Ava leaves her newborn daughter behind with great sadness and she travels with her mother.

Ava CarringtonEdit

By 1902, Ava hasn't talked to her mother in half a century. She calls herself Carrington once again, and is searching for her father. In 2015 she learns that her father has been living in Waterfall Creek for a while. She fights with her mother about this, because Beth knew all along. Beth explains she was angry and sad because Jason had married a witch.

Season SixEdit

Ava then realises the dream of being a family was never a realistic one. The next morning, Ava finds out her mother is gone. She first heads to New Orleans, the headquarter of the Independant Vampires, but does not find her there. Ultimetly she finds out Beth went to the place Ava was forbidden to go to.

Ultimatly, Ava arrives at the Motel and bumps into Alyssa by accident. As her mother and father talk to one another, Ava wonders around and learns more about Jason's life in the past decade. When he learns he has kids, she heads off before her mother knows she's at the motel. She heads to the park and sees her half-siblings for the first time. 

Jason and Beth find Ava at the park after Alyssa told them Ava was at the motel. When they see Ava is not a threat to the kids, Jason decides to introduce them properly. Ava is delighted to have met her family. Beth is not so happy about this, but she decides not to stand in their way.

The next day, Ava is invited for dinner. Instead of eating, she spends the night playing more with her siblings. She also talks to Jason that night, and he offers her a place at the Millers if she wants to. Ava says she has to think about it. The next morning, she tells Jason she accepts. 

Ava and Jason travel to the Motel, and she meets Alyssa properly. Ava also gets introduced to Payton's family. When Payton tells her about the attack of May, Ava learns why her mother didn't want her near any of it.

Over the next period of time, Ava gets aqcuinted with the Millers and their structure. It takes some adjustment for her to be part of a group that is more regulated then the Independent Vampires she is used to. When Jade's existence is revealed, Ava realises Jade is family of hers and she reaches out. However, despite Ava being part of the Millers Jade does not like her. Jade claims the Independent Vampires are up to no good, and the Trebles are an example of this. Ava contradicts this, and Beth lashes out at Jade for the accusations. They end up fighting, and Alyssa has to break them apart. This is when Ava realises that everyone in this family carries a past. 

The next day, Beth leaves but she says Ava can stay if she wants to. Ava choses to stay. When Ava is at the Silverstone house, Liam reaches out to her and talks to her. He talks about his experience being new in the family and having everyone judge you and think you have bad intentions. Ava finds comfort in this. When she is about to kiss him, Alyssa walks in to find both of her cousins and draws conclusions. Ava learns about Liam's heartbreak from Alyssa, and she promises she won't start anything with him and that they're just friends.

Their friendship continues and Mila also starts hanging out with Liam and Ava. Ava is a big part of reconsiling Mila and Liam and she is very proud of herself when the two of them actually appear to be friends in some way.

She gets compliments from Mike about that.


Ava is very shy and does not like to raise other people's attention. She is obedient and does what she's supposed to do, but she is not scared of taking action when she really has to. As a vampire she is more outgoing and she even becomes a bit more rebellious.


Ava has long, dark brown hair and green eyes. She looks like her mother Beth in many ways, which was one of the first thing Jason noticed upon meeting her.



Ava and Lewis shared a common wonderlust in a time where there was no room for being reckless. They had a good marriage, up untill Ava left. She has stated she could have seen herself grow old with him, but that didn't happen. She also regrets not saying goodbye to him properly.AvaLewis

Ava and Dante dated for a while during the time they were both part of the Independant Vampires. They were both drawn to eachother by their common trait to witness in silence and only take action when needed to. They broke up when Ava tried to find her daughter and son, and Dante forbid her because of the Anconi's rules.

Family Edit

Ava and Beth started off their relationship in a rather strange way. Ava originally didn't know what to think of Beth when she was still a stranger. As she got to know more about her mother, Ava found they were alike and that they were truely related. Ava has always been thankful that Beth came into her life. Beth saved Ava from death, and they have travelled for many many years since that time. They are also sires,and they know eachother very well. In the end they are more like sisters or friends than mother and daughter. The one thing that has stood in between them was Beth refusing Ava to go visit her father.

Although Jason didn't know Ava existed, Ava had longed for a meeting with her father for a long time. It was only when he defeated May and he was ruler of the Millers that Beth allowed them to meet. Ava was a bit resentfull that her father had married a witch, but Jason made her change the way she looks at witches. Jason welcomed Ava into his family, and urged the other members of the family to do so too. This has allowed Ava to really experience a home and a family that cares about eachother. Ava really sees Jason as her father and goes to him for advice quite often.

Ava started her relationship with her cousin Alyssa by accident, when they met outside of the motel. When they get formally introduced, Alyssa had already grown a liking for her. They immediately had some sort of bond and they had lots to talk about because of their similar faiths. Alyssa is one of the people that tries to include Ava in as much family matters as she can.

Ava and Jade started of on the wrong foot a little, because Jade's opinion of the Independant Vampires counteracted Ava's experience. They are part of the same family, but don't interact as much and they don't have a close bond.

AJ first met Ava when he was still very little. Growing up, Ava spend a lot of time babysitting her younger siblings, and AJ grew very attached to her. When AJ is older, he goes to Boston and finds Ava's line of descendants for her.

Ava and Alena immediately started bonding from the moment Ava stepped through the front door. Alena was able to recognise Ava as family even though her parents never told her. As time passed it became evident, and Alena calls her sister from the age of 6 onwards. Ever since, the two oldest children have bonded. Ava asks Alena to keep an eye on their other siblings when Ava has to leave town, a duty that Alena takes very seriously. Ava has stated she cares a great deal about Alena, because she is her little sister after all. They consider eachother also to be one of eachother's best friends.

Because of the fact that Amore is the youngest Ava was very protective of her little sister. They share not so much a friendship bond, but they do interact as family. Ava enjoys teaching Amore little things she learned as a child herself. When Ava comes to visit around Amore's 12th birthday, they spend a lot of time together. Amore tries to mimic Ava in certain ways, and she is someone Amore really looks up to. Maybe even more than too Alena. And that could have to do with the fact that Ava is a real vampire. It is something that interests Amore a lot, given that her own vampirism isn't as pronounced.



Powers and talentsEdit


  • Ava, like her own mother, has left her child(ren) behind at a very young age for her own protection.
  • She is the character with the most direct vampire family members in the story. Because of this she nicnames the Carrington Family as 'Those who refuse to die'.
    1. Jason (father)
    2. Beth (mother)
    3. Alyssa (cousin)
    4. Jade (cousin)
    5. Jared (uncle)
    6. May (aunt)
    7. Alena (half-sister)
    8. AJ (half-brother)
    9. Amore (half-sister)

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