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The Arlen Bloodline is the bloodline of the descendants of the fourth Ancient Witch, Nerilla. The bloodline is currently conflicted between revenge on the Hainasoni, or accepting their loss. Both groups are seclude from other royals and believed to be extinct.

The current generation of the Arlen Bloodline is very little, due to a massive genocide at the hands of May Miller. 

Meaning and symbolismEdit

The name Arlen means pledge. It is also derived from the word Aerla, the nickname of Nerilla, which means 'Water Queen'. In the modern world, remaining descendants also use the surname Winchell, meaning 'drawer of water'. 


The bloodline was activated

Magical DimensionEdit

The descendants of the Arlen bloodline live in Aerqua, a region that is almost abandoned. House Swann still resides there, yet they do not take residence in any of the castles and they live amongst the common folk and the low borns in fear of an attack by the Hainasoni Bloodlines.


House ArlenEdit

For the main line of descendants , see The Arlen Family

House SwannEdit

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