Aria Woods
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1694
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 23 (320)
Occupation Scout for The Travellers (former)
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color brown
Eye Color dark brown
Portrayed By None
I popped onto your radar, exactly. Just like you popped up onto ours when you shacked up with the Silverstones. You know my sister and her stupid boyfriend never cared. My brother is god knows where. But the man I loved is dead. Because of you. His sister is dead, because of that bitch. The Travellers might not value family a lot, but we value a promise. And I promised John I would watch you suffer.
— Aria confronting Jason in Paris

Aria Woods is a character in Touch of Magic and Once in a Blue Moon. She has a twinsister Ivy Woods. She is the former girlfriend of John Dawson and currently has a romantic relationship with Matt O'Connell.

Aria is a vampire and former member of The Travellers. She also has ties to The Trebles. She eventually joins The Millers 2.0 for Matt.


Early LifeEdit

Aria was turned at the same time her sister was in 1864 in Croatia, Europa by Julie Dawson, the sister of James Dawson. While her sister left to figure out how to be a vampire on her own, Aria decided to stay and learn from Julie. She became her protegé and learned how to be a bad ass vampire. No feelings, just instincts. She bonds with the three siblings and falls in love with John Dawson. They have passionate relationship, with a lot of fighting but their love is true after all.

Season One (TOM)Edit

Aria stays behind in Canada while the Dawson siblings go out on revenge. When they get killed she is on her own. The loneliness gets to her and she calls her sister. Ivy comforts her sister and they travel together along with Ivy's boyfriend Tom. However Aria leaves when she feels she's too much of a third wheel.

Season FourEdit

We find out Aria has been travelling and has become a member of the Trebles. She has had a lot of one night stands, and she saw a lot of the world. She also killed a lot of people, but didn't regret anything. She ran in to Mason on one of their hunts, and she felt sorry for him because he was all alone and on the run from Liam and Jason. She offered him a spot in the Trebles, but Mason refused.

Season SixEdit

When at the beginning of Season Six she hears her brother and sister are in Waterfall Creek of all places, she decides to head out there, because she knows James is also there. She decides to go there so she can give him a little bit of a hard time. Once she gets there, she meets up with Mason who tries to get her to help him joining the Millers. When Aria tells Mason what the Dawsons did, Mason is shocked and understands. Aria then goes to talk to Ivy, who she tries to convince to leave town. When Tom says he has a job to do in Waterfall Creek, Ivy gets mad at him for betraying her. Aria watches as they fight, and when they break up she takes her sister with her to LA.

However when Tom returns and wants to be with Ivy again Aria can see a familiar pattern. She decides to leave her sister and Tom again. When the Trebles don't welcome her back anymore, she finds herself all alone. She then decides to go to Mason. Mason suggests she joins the Millers after all. Aria is reluctant, but when she meets Matt he is able to convince her. Matt invites her to Decade and they hit it off. They get involved with one another rather quickly, and Aria's status in town get's more promiscuos.When Matt tries to overpower Alyssa again, Aria tries to convince him not to.

Season One (OIBM)Edit

In Season One, Aria runs into her sister in Portland, when she and Matt are moving there because their time in Waterfall Creek has run out. She finds out her sister is enrolling in college, and she advices her to drop out. When Ivy uses the argument that Mason is also attending school, Aria knows she can't win this fight. She still tries to, by telling Ivy she doesn't have a good track record with schools.

When Mason gets arrested one night, Aria has to go and bail him out. This gets Mason suspended from any assignments at the Millers, and Matt suggests Mason to move in with them in Portland for the time being.


Aria has a free-spirited mind. She is not one to deal with autorithy well. She enjoys life to the fullest when she can. She is also sociable and is good at making connections to people, but she makes sure those don't last too long.


Aria is identical in appearance to her twin sister Ivy. She has brown hair and brown hazel eyes. She usually wears her hair in volumous curls. She also likes wearing high heels and a leather jacket.




Aria and John were long-time lovers. They were both part of the The Travellers untill John's death. (see more : Aria and John)

Aria and Matt have a romantic relationship. They met at the Millers 2.0 where Matt convinced her to join. They both influence one another greatly,as Matt challenges her to take risks and Aria challenges Matt to be a better person (see more :Aria and Matt)


Aria and Ivy are twinsisters. They've had their different opionions and different lifestyles, but in the end they want the best for one another. (see more : Aria and Ivy)


Unlike her sister, Aria is way more stable in her blood habbits. She has never really fit in with a certain group, and so she is unfamiliar with the majority of vampire politics or the functionality of a vampire group and the rules of it.


Aria has the remarkable talent to stay out of any trouble. She is good at reading people, and is able to avoid people who cause trouble because of this.




  • Aria is part of 1 out of 4 sets of twins (with her sister Ivy) in Touch of Magic. The other twins are :
    • Amanda and Alexis Dawson
    • Olivia and Caleb Greene
    • Jared and Katherine Carrington