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Amertas is one of the regions in the Magical Dimension. It's inhabited by family members of the Curtis family. The region is ruled from Bymoor Run, the city where the Castle of Hope is situated.

Bloodline and CastleEdit

The descendants of the sixth with Myrya are located in Amertas. However the bloodline isn't very large resulting in a very small population. There are several reasons behind this, one being that the bigger part of the family still resides in Europe, but the main family resides in America. Within the main family several family members have lost their active powers which makes them unable and unwilling to visit the Magical Dimension. The only witch with this possibility is Phoebe Curtis, who hasn't had the chance to visit the region so far.

The castle of Amertas is the Castle of Hope, reflecting to the absence of it's royal family. The small community that lives in Amertas hopes for a return and bigger presence of it's leaders. It also reflects on one of the main aspects of this bloodline which is their emotional connection, for example compassion and also hope. The castle itself isn't very big and one of the smallest casltes besides the Black Castle. The royals used to have a bigger residence but that was abandoned and a new, smaller and more accesible castle was built. The former castle is inhabited by the Cerwyn family, who serve as a regent family of royals.


Amertas comes from the latin word of Amare, meaning love. It is along with hope and compassion one of the biggest trademark for witches from the bloodline

Location & ClimateEdit

Amertas is located in the south-western part of the island. The region knows an overall sunny climate but with frequent rainfall. Much like Slivatica is a region filled with nature, Amertas is too with lots of flowers growing there, a symbol of the region.

Significant PlacesEdit


Roseview is the biggest area in Amertas. It is located in the North-West of the kingdom and is significant for its many flowers. Everywhere you look there will be roses and other flowers. It's also the place where the main castle is located. 

  • Roseston, a town in the central area of the region. It's known for it's nice peacefull gardens.
  • Bymoor run, is one of the biggest towns in the region. It's where the Castle of Hope is located and the most wealthy inhabitants live there. 
  • Castle of Hope
  • Flowermarsh, a town where the trade is really big. A lot of merchants sell their stuff there and it has a really big marketplace. 
  • Springgate, is the gate between Amertas and Divitia. Although it is not being used very often. Therefor the border isn't guarded anymore. 


Fairpine is the more busy area of Amertas. It is located in the South-East of the kingdom and has a little bit more shade than the other parts of Amertas. 

  • Butterholt, a small town near the edge of Fairpine. It's the place where a lot of healers in the magical dimension have their home. It's said that the place holds some special healing powers. 
  • Elfedge, is said to be the one place in the whole magical dimension where you can see elves. It's said to be a myth, because no one has ever proven that elves really exist. There is no physical prove of any of them. 
  • Violetfield, is more of a meadow, but it's surrounded by loaf trees and bushes. It got its name due to the fact that a lot of violets are to be found there. 
  • Lindale, is a town at the center of Fairpine. It's not big, but some very important people live there. 

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