Alyssa and Thomas
Nickname Alymas
Intimacy level Lovers
Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Alyssa Miller and Thomas Chamberlaine.

They were both prominent members of The Millers. At a certain point they decided to take their relationship over the line of just professional and they began a sexual relationship with one another. Towards the end, Alyssa discovered he was scouting in Waterfall Creek in assignment of her mother and she told him he was death to her if he continued fighting on the wrong side. After the Miller-army died, Alyssa keeps his file seperate along with that of May and Jared. Thomas is later mentioned in Alyssa's fight with Matt in a move of strategical warfare to show Matt's insignificance to both herself and the Millers in general. 




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