Alyssa and Seth
Nickname Alysseth
Intimacy level Best friends
Species Vampires
First met 1830's
Duration 1830's - current
Status Best friends

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This is the relationship between Alyssa Miller and Seth Dawson.


Seth and Alyssa met back in the 19century when Alyssa started travelling along with the Dawsons. Seth , Jason and Alyssa started hunting together soon since James and Elisabeth had a relationship. During these hunts ,Seth and Alyssa would always have races because they both were good in the woods ; Seth had lived in the woods all his life , and Alyssa had been hunting since she was 10.

Their friendship grew stronger when Alyssa and the new members Alyson and Dylan couldn't get along. Seth chose Alyssa's side and was willing to go with her when Alyssa left , but convinced Seth to stay before she left.

Over the years Alyssa spent away , they kept in touch by writing, calling and texting.

Season OneEdit

In the 21st century their friendship still stands as they have been visiting over the past years. When Seth gets involved in a relationship with Claire Silverstone , Alyssa is one of the people who supports him. 

Season TwoEdit

Alyssa and Seth called a lot when Alyssa was staying in Portland. When Alyssa looses her humanity, Seth is very worried for his best friend. After he gets hit by her arrows, he isn't mad at her and forgives her.

Season ThreeEdit

In Season Three, Alyssa joins Seth and Claire in Senior Year of high school, although Seth knows he is not the reason why. Seth tells Alyssa he knows, and encourages her to act on her feelings. When Alyssa gets nominated for 'Babe of the month' in the locker room Seth makes it clear that she is like a sister to him, and that they are all warned if someone were to hurt her feelings.

Seth and Alyssa

Seth and Alyssa at homecoming 2009

Seth and Alyssa dance together at homecoming when Claire is occupie with her junior prom queen duties, and Alyssa reluctantly confirms she does have feelings for Justin. However in an attempt to hide these, Alyssa agrees to attend Fall Fest with one of the school jocks, which Seth dissapproves of.

When she finally starts a relationship with Justin, Seth is very supportive of it, and he agrees to go on a double date with them at Claire's suggestion.

When Alyssa gets attacked at the school, she tells Seth to tell Justin she loves him, but he refuses to do that, convinced that she will pull through. He stays close to her while she recovers, and warns Justin of the dangers of dating a vampire.

Eventually Seth and Alyssa graduate together , making it the fourth time in history.

Season FourEdit

They both move away to be with their boyfriend/girlfriend , but they often reunite in Waterfall Creek.






  • Seth is the one who taught Alyssa German, early on in their friendship