Alyssa and Matt
Nickname Malyssa
Intimacy level Lovers
Sexual relationship
Allies at The Millers 2.0
Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration 1839-2010.
Status N/A

And it’s in nights like these you wonder

if Persephone ever loved Hades, if amidst the eternal darkness she saw a light in him, like he thought for her to be a blooming flower in a winter day, if at some point she started coming back to him because she wanted to and had started feeling home amongst all the lifeless souls… did she ever…?

This is the relationship between Alyssa Miller and Matt O'Connel. They are mostly friends with benefits and have a rather sexual relationship. However they also prove to be dependant on one another's approval and show concern for one another's wherabouts. Matt once drugged Alyssa into shutting off her humanity, and their relationship has been worse ever since. Alyssa says she was as close to Matt as she was with Jason and Seth, at some point. 


Alyssa and Matt met when Alyssa was still a toddler. Although Matt says he wasn't around much when she was growing up, Skye says he was there plenty. When Alyssa finally became an adult they met in 1835 and they hit it off quickly. When Alyssa stopped by the compound in the years following, she and Matt would always hang out. In 1839 they went to a bar together and they ended up sleeping together. Ever since they have been friends with benefits, and a deeper connection lingers between both. They are shown to keep in touch through writing and they call occasionally to be up to date on eachother's wherabouts. They meet up on a californian hillside to look down at LA every valentines day to laugh at the concept of romance. This tradition stands untill Alyssa meets Justin for the first time.

Their relationships stays casual that for the majority of the 19th and 20th century, despite Alyssa also hooking up with Thomas Chamberlaine. Matt claims he has no jealousy of that, because it's just sex between them. In reality, Matt has started a fight with Thomas at least once, causing him to be send away on a 'foreign mission' to Washington and leaving him 100% disconnected from the Millers for a good decade from 2000 to 2010. He never told Alyssa the reason why he got kicked out or the fact that he was close to being exiled.

Season One

In Season One Alyssa goes to visit her friends who now live back in Waterfall Creek. She talks on the phone with someone while in the car, and jokingly refers to Matt as babe, to his annoyance. 24 hours later she calls him back to come and meet her because she needs to see him. They hire a honeymoon suite in a fancy hotel in Salem.

They decide to travel together but that plan gets interrupted when Alyssa has to go and save her newfound Nephew. She does so and she moves with him to Portland. She had written a letter to Matt, but burns it as she sees no use in informing him of her whereabouts. Matt is upset about not hearing from her for a long time. When he later hears about the attack on the vampire leaders that has been made, he recognizes Alyssa's arrows. He contacts her but she is reluctant to reply. Eventually she does, and he says he has found a way for her to deal with the guilt.

Matt drugs Alyssa and causes her to switch off her humanity. This causes reckless behaviour and violence towards the Dawsons and the Silverstones. When Alyssa kidnaps Payton, Matt awaits them to feed on Payton in Alyssa's Portland loft. Eventually Payton gets rescued before it gets to that. Alyssa gets taken away and Matt is seen visably scared for what The Dawsons will do to her because of the way she's acting. He is left for dead but recovers and choses to slip away back into exile.

He doesn't have any contact with Alyssa untill the Millers fall. He claims he had no part in the kidnapping of the kids, which Alyssa believes after having seen only one human trait in Matt and that is his enjoyment of being around kids. Matt has taken semi-control of the remaining Millers, which Alyssa points out to him. He states he did it for their own good, and that he'd be happy to co-rule with her. Alyssa says she doesn't want the Millers to be a dictatorship again. Matt disagrees, but given Alyssa's bigger starpower he reluctantly goes with her on it. When Jason steps in as heir to the throne, Matt tries to get people to dislike him & dishonor his claim. This fails, and Alyssa points out that the only reason he is still alive is because she hasn't told anyone about his involvement in Portland.

Matt is seen actively not taking part in voting for Jason, and goes on a mission to Eureka only on Alyssa's request, stating "I only take orders from her." When Matt returns Emilia accuses him of sabotaging the rescue. Alyssa talks to him about it, and he denies. However Alyssa can read his mind and she knows he's lying. The following morning she declares herself to the coronated at the next moon. Matt interrupts her claim (like Alyssa intended him to do) and the two are enrolled to have a duel to determine who the second ruler of The Millers would be.

Before the fight, Alyssa gets the advice from Jade to not let the darkness take over. What Jade means is that she should not kill someone she once had feelings for just for the sake of The Millers. Alyssa takes up on that advice when she visably beats Matt. She choses however not to kill him (like the rules prescribe) but she spares his life, stating he now owns her his life and that she will make sure he pays his debt. Matt aknowledges his defeat and declares Alyssa the heir to the Miller throne, expressing his support and respect for her.

Alyssa is later coronated and Matt is seen supportive, yet he remains on the sidelines of the festivities. Alyssa later talks to him, and she says she won't reveal his involvement in Portland if he doesn't give her a reason to.



  • Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

Please Don't Go - Barcelona

  • Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons

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