This page contains specific scenes between Justin Saphire and Alyssa Miller

Season OneEdit

Justin then found the bravery to break the silence and lifted his head a little to look at the person he was dancing with. "Why are you here? With me, at prom?" he asked, avoiding the eye-contact that would only cause him to blush. He had no idea Alyssa sensed he was nervous about something because his heartbeat picked up speed. "Because right now I can't be around anyone I actually like." she replied, an answer that was unexpected, and surprisingly honest. Justin replied with a soft 'oh'.

Season TwoEdit

Alyssa sees Justin after the chemistry lab explosionEdit

Alyssa came around the side of the school and took in the sight of the school building before her eyes landed on Seth explaining to the paramedcs that he was totally fine, that he didn't have any burns or reaction to the chemical substance. She then spots the group of students, scattered along the treeline, mostly sitting on the ground from exhaustion. Then her feet are moving before she realises it well enough herself, and she tries to slow down her pace but right now she needed one thing and that one thing was still several feet away from her. She is running straight at the only person standing, the only person who is capable of this type of exercise. He hasn't seen her yet thought, and so Justin almost falls backwards when Alyssa crashes into him and wraps her arms around him in a hug.

Justin then processes the fact that a car just crashed into him, only to find out that wasn't the case. After the hesitant seconds, he wraps his arms around Alyssa too, as soon as he breathes in her scent. It's as if he knows everything is going to be okay if she was here. "Thank god you're alive." Alyssa then whispers, and Justin just nods, not willing to let go of this moment just yet. However he eventually does, and as his eyes meet with her he smiles. "Claire?" Alyssa then asks, and Justin nods, looking behind him to where she is standing with some other students. Alyssa then smiles, before looking back at Justin and dropping the smile and stepping away from him in one movement. "Sorry. I... I just didn't know. They said there was a chemical accident at the school..." Alyssa then touches Justin's bicep, which is already starting to shade a little, forming into a bruise.

Justin shrugs and pulls his shirt down, then looking at Alyssa again. "I didn't even know you were in town. Aren't you supposed to be in Portland?" he says. Alyssa nods, then looking around to make sure none of the people close to them are paying attention. "I just got here this morning. I was going to hunt with Seth tonight. I ehm... I should probably go talk to him." she says, then walking away from Justin as the realisation hits her of what she just did. How she ran towards him like he was the only thing that mattered in this world. Like he meant everything to her. Like he meant more than just a classmate of her best friend and some human who happened to have figured her out. And that realisation scared the hell out of her. But as she looked behind her, she met Justin's look again, and she smiled. She smiled because she couldn't help but smile.

Season ThreeEdit

Alyssa awakes from getting attackedEdit

"Alyssa?" Justin said as he barged in his room. Claire was right, and he sighed in relief when he saw Seth leaning over Alyssa on his bed. But then he also noticed Seth was looking for Alyssa's pulse, and Justin rushed forward. "Is she... She's fine right? She's a vampire, she has to..." Justin's mind started to process the possibility that Alyssa wasn't fine. Claire then guided him to the far end of the bed, and took his hands. "Justin, she is going to be okay." Claire said, all the while exchanging a look with Seth. Then Alyssa gasped, and plunged her hand in the wound in her chest. Cringing in pain, she pulled out a piece of wood and then breathes out, only to breath in sharply again when Justin wrapped his arms around her. "Thank god you're okay." He said, and Alyssa smiled in his embrace, burying her face in the crook of his neck, taking in his scent for a little bit. "I wouldn't thank god exactly. Thank Seth." She then said, letting go of Justin to hug her best friend. "If you hadn't taken me away I would have been dead now. You risked your own life, I.... Thank you."

Justin then pulled Alyssa in his arms and nods at Seth. "Thanks." He said, before he pressed a kiss on Alyssa's hair. "You should probably lay  down again or something." he then said, and Seth looked at Claire. "I'll seal this room off. Whoever did this is still out there, and that person might try this again. You guys should stay here untill we've found them." Claire said, and Alyssa just nodded, because she knew she couldn't take that safety away from Justin again. "We'll be fine. But be careful. Seth, if this is what I think it is..." Alyssa said, and Justin frowned at the mysterious tone a bit. "Then it's us or them. Got it. Now rest. I'll call you." He said, before he and Claire walked out of the room again.

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Season SixEdit

Alyssa suggests moving into the Miller MotelEdit

"Why am I little spoon… I'm not supposed to be little spoon." Justin moaned in the pillow, his eyes still closed. Alyssa just smiled, then kissed between his shoulders. She then moved her arms around his waste, and moved down a little. Then Justin smiled. "Okay I'm good with being little spoon. As long as you keep doing that." He said, slowly turning onto his back. Alyssa smiled at him, but didn't stop.

"Well you did a lot of groundwork last night, so it's only fair.." Alyssa says quietly. Justin slowly opens his eyes, and then looks at her. "Yeah last night was amazing." Justin says, and they both grin. "I mean whatever magic you pulled I haven't seen you do since high school." She states, to which Justin starts to frown. "God, can you not mention throwbacks to highschool and references to my best friend in one sentence." He then says, while flipping Alyssa over. "That's not hot." he says as he starts kissing her neck, but then Alyssa stops him.

"We can't. Last night was almost impossible with Alyson and Dylan in the room next door. Right now Aylin and Damien are both awake too." Alyssa says, and Justin sighs in frustration before both his shoulders touch the pillows again. "I hate vampire superhearing." he then says as he rubs his hands over his face. Alyssa then turns on her side and looks at him. "That's why I have an idea. We... we could move into the motel."

Justin then frowns and uncovers his face before looking at her. "Aren't there a dozen more vampires?" he then says, and Alyssa nods. "Yes, but there is also your office which is going to be soundproof. And we talked about having a little loft connecting from your office to the second floor. If we put a bed, a fridge and a crib in there we'd be fine untill the house is finished. We'd both be close to work, we can sleep in longer, feeding is closer than at the beach and Alyson and I won't be at the verge of clawing eachother's eyes out."

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