Alyssa & Justin
Nickname Alysstin
Intimacy level Acquaintances
One-sided crush
Romantic relationship
Parents of 1 son
Species Human and Vampire
First met
Duration Fall 2009 - Current
Status Living together
Expecting second child

Death never seemed scary before, because I had nothing to loose.
Now I do. You.
I can't loose you.

You won't

Alyssa to Justin before the Anconi battle

This is the relationship between Alyssa Miller and Justin Saphire

Alyssa and Justin had a long history before actually becoming romantically involved. Alyssa originally didn't like Justin at all, but when he was one of the few people that was able to get through to her, things changed. Alyssa gave up her attitude to open up to Justin, and in return she was there when Justin was at his lowest. They balance eachother out and they are great for one another. They're both friends and lovers and parents over their son Damien Saphire.


Season One

Justin and Alyssa first meet face to face during Justin's sophomore year at the end of Season One. She shows up at the Dawson house on prom night and agrees to be Justin's date because she wants to go, although it is more out of boredom. The small town event in a gym with way  to many teenagers puts Alyssa's mood off instantly, and after granting Justin not more then one short dance she takes off. They find a body attacked by a mountain lion that night, although it is never confirmed it was Alyssa. 

Alyssa and Justin 3

Alyssa get accused of it by James, and she is seen storming out of the Dawson house. She then stumbles upon Katie who was attacked. Alyssa discovers Jared was the one who attacked the mountainlion. As she goes to inform the Dawsons about it, she finds out Claire has been kidnapped.

After Alyssa finds out Jared has kidnapped Claire she feels guilty. She helps saving Claire but then prepares to leave. When Justin tries to stop her she makes him forget about the past 24 hours, including their promdate. Because of this, Justin forgets his best friend is in a coma and he goes on a holliday with his family.

Season Two

In Season Two Alyssa returns to the town a few weeks later to find out more about the Miller attack on The Silverstones. When she finds Claire battling with Liam, she takes Justin away from the fight and locks him in his room. There she keeps him and when he's about to run out of the door she vamps out to prevent him from leaving. Justin is very much shocked and confused by what he just saw.She then tells her there is more to the world than just videogames, and that he should stay there for his own safety. When later on Claire enters the room, Alyssa takes off slowly. While Claire talks about Magic and vampires and witches, Justin finally realises his best friend is a witch. Alyssa stands on the other side of the door, as she hears Justin ask who Alyssa was. Claire says she is not surprised he doesn't remember, and Claire tells Justin that Alyssa and him went to prom together. Alyssa then leaves the hallway to go and look for Liam.

After discovering who Liam is, Alyssa goes to talk to Claire about the two of them travelling to Portland to go and meet Payton. Justin is also in the room, and he is about to ask her something when she just ignores him and leaves. From there on, Alyssa is pretty occupied with Payton untill Payton invites everyone for a second Christmas Dinner. Justin and Alyssa encounter again. Justin is still acting a bit strange around her because of the reminescent Miller Amnesia. When Seth talks to Alyssa about it, she replies by saying she does not have the time to take 2 humans' emotional problems under her care. She says he's just there to mess things up, as he can't even make a proper tie, suggesting she did in fact notice it.

Justin proves the contrary when he later on in the evening asks an interesting question about vampires and sires, but that goes down the wrong way with Alyssa and she clearly shows Justin she is not happy with his question. Seth defends Justin, causing a shift in the relationship between Alyssa and Seth, with Alyssa claiming Seth is just pretending to like Justin for the sake of Claire. Throughout the night Justin glances over at Alyssa but he does not say anything else about it. He leaves that morning and goes back to Waterfall Creek.

A few days later on New Years Eve they are celebrating in the school when Justin finds Alyssa walking off to the rooftop. Alyssa states Seth acted like a jerk, to which Justin says that he was just as much to blame for it as Seth. Alyssa says she's not going to disagree on that. She then catches his heartbeat, indicating Justin is very nervous and excited. Knowing what's going on in the young teen's mind, she gets up and leaves Justin on the rooftop just like that. Alyssa then leaves town again, and assists Jason in transition. When he plans on attending the wedding of Alyson and Dylan, Alyssa finds herself reliefed that she won't have to watch over Jason there, seeing as she isn't even invited. Justin is, and he asks Claire about Alyssa several times. Eventually he calls her with Seth's phone, but Alyssa is in the ocean at the time, not replying her cellphone.

Alyssa and Seth then bond over Jason's transition and Seth asks her if she ever plans on letting anyone love her, aside from him and Jason. She answers after a long pause with a 'maybe'. She then opens up about her mother and the trouble there, to which Seth offers a distraction in the form of prom. He adds in that Justin will also be there, and although Alyssa is reluctant at first, she agrees to go anyways. To Justin's surprise, she takes his arm as they walk in, showing signs of acceptance towards him. She states his attire matches her dress best out of all the boys.

A few days later, news about the assasination of multiple vampire leader sets in the vampire world, and Alyssa comes forward as the killer to James and Elisabeth's shock. They come around eventually, and offer her support. Justin can't quiet comprehend the large scale of Alyssa's actions, and expresses his support to her too, even tho he is only human.

At the 4th of July party, Alyssa is visably uneasy, and when Justin talks to her she comes up with a fake story that even Justin can spot. She then leaves the party to go and meet up with Matt O'Connel, her former fling. They reconnect and Matt tricks her into taking a potion that strips her humanity. Alyssa becomes a careless bitch, to Justin's description. When she says she doesn't care anything about Justin, he is hurt. Alyssa gets captured after she tried to kill Payton and Claire. Justin visits her at the Dawson house while she's locked up and when he threatens to hurt himself badly because he can't stand being hated by her, her humanity returns and she can be cured from Matt's potion. Alyssa leaves town shortly after because she needs to reflect on her self for a while.

Senior Year

When Alyssa enrolls in Sint-Joseph's Boarding School she becomes one of Justin's classmates in his senior year. When Justins asks her why she decided to enroll, she says she wants to be around her friends and this was the most sublte way to do it. Justin notices she has changed because she is way more open towards him then the last time they saw eachother. They walk into the school together while Justin keeps an eye on her behaviour. They become friends after a whileover their shared friendship with Claire and Seth, and Alyssa discovers Justin is actually funny and very loyal. Justin and Alyssa both attend the fall dance in October, but to Justin's surprise Alyssa is attending with Douglas. At the end of the festival, they do interact at the punch table, with Alyssa offering Justin a alcoholic version of the punch.

Their friendship evolves soon and quickly. They are paired up on several schooltrips by their best friends, and they are forced to face the undeniable pull they have towards eachother. One of their conversations is about how Alyssa will have to drop out of school again because her mother is requesting her back at the compound. Alyssa asks him to take care of their friends for her. Seth walks in, but backs away again. Alyssa promises she will be back soon, but Justin says he's not going to let himself have hope. Alyssa understands, and thanks him for not asking her to stay. Justin asks her one thing, and that is to come back as the girl he loves. Alyssa leaves the appartment, whispering something Justin can't hear. When she heads out to meet her transportation, she stops a few feet away and as she makes eye contact with the driver, she looks up at the appartments to see only Seth there. She then looks back to face the driver, and walks in the other direction. She returns a few hours later, after having hunted, and follows Justin's heartbeat to the roof. She joins him as he is staring off to the skyline and she says she couldn't leave because of him. After she admits she has feelings for him she kisses him. They don't say much about it, but as Alyssa drops her act Justin can notice she likes him as much as he likes her. The days following that they make no secret of their fondness for one another and they parade through school together because 'that's what 21st century teenagers do' and Alyssa digs that. She gets named 'babe of the month' by the boys locker room and they both rise to be SJBS royalty when Justin excels with track. 

In the early spring Justin and Alyssa's relationship reaches the final checkmark on their 'to do list' and following that specific night they are inseperateble. When Alyssa gets attacked Justin offers to help Seth figuring out who did it, but ultimately Alyssa asks Justin to stay out of it for his own safety. Later that spring they invite his parents over so Alyssa can meet them. Their parents end up disapproving because Alyssa has a shady record and her past doesn't match up. Justin tells them to leave. That evening, Jared causes their car to crash after he listened to the stuff Justin's parents said about Alyssa. Alyssa threatens she'll kill him if Jared shows up once more. The following morning they hear about the accident. Jared already left town, and Alyssa knows he's the one who did it. 

While Justin tries to keep strong for his brother, Alyssa knows he's breaking. He talks to her in the beginning, but by the time of the funeral he is completely closed off from the matter, and only talks to her about daily things. Alyssa tries to ensure Justin graduates, but his grades hit rock bottom and Alyssa has to convince the teacher to give him a re-take chance for the exam so that Justin can pass and  graduate.

Justin's once so bright educational future gets cancelled and when he has to sell his parents house all he wants to do is leave town. When Chris goes to live with his uncle Eric Saphire Justin agrees to go along. Justin mostly shuts Alyssa out and stays in his room for days. Not even Claire's visits are able to cheer him up. When Chris says he's done with school, Alyssa steps up and says Chris needs to continue to go to school. Justin overhears he and decides to go to the one college that actually accepted him with his bad grades.

College years

During college, Justin slowly starts opening up again. Originally, he complaints to Alyssa about the little stuff at school. As the holidays dawn, he breaks down and tells her how much he misses his parents. Alyssa comforts him and supports him as he tries to pick up his life again afterwards. She arranges his gym membership as Justin works on getting back to shape and she helps in getting Chris and Justin to interact again, although the latter runs not as effeciently as she'd have wanted.

Eventually Justin becomes happy again and he graduates in Business Management and Accountancy. Alyssa arranges a trip back to Waterfall Creek the day after his graduation. When she tricks him into house-hunting, Justin is reluctant but when Claire shows up on the trip Justin gets used to the idea of moving back to his hometown. He and Alyssa decide to buy a house in Justin's old neighbourhood. After they are moved in to the house Chris shows up, saying he no longer wants to stay in Wisconsin. Now that Chris is over 18, Justin knows he can not control his brother anymore, yet Alyssa offers that Chris moves into the guesthouse.

New Family

When Justin and Alyssa host Thanksgiving in their new house they start to get influenced by their friends and family who have families on their own.

Alyssa and Justin
After the throning ceremony, Alyssa starts to act in a very bad way and many (among who Jason) believe she wasn't ready for the human blood yet. Eventually it is revealed that something else is behind her strange behaviour. Payton says Alyssa might be pregnant, which is confirmed when Justin feels a heartbeat when he touches Alyssa's stomach. When Alyssa hears it herself too, she is amazed and confused. She takes off to the woods, and checks herself in with Elisabeth. After she is given a night to recover from the past events, she and Justin request an ultrasound. There they get official confirmation that Alyssa is pregnant.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Alyssa and Jason are indulged in the Miller throne, talking to allies from far and wide to reconnect some important relations. Justin and Alyssa's relationship doesn't strain, as he takes up residence in the motel for this time along with their son. Once the bussiest time is over, Alyssa and Justin return to the beachhouse to stay there a few more weeks.

Alyssa and Justin are then praised by Jade and Pierre for being their inspiration, despite the fact that Alyssa and Justin were not together as long as they have been. The four of them embark on a sightseeing trip to the grand canyon, a lifetime dream of Pierre.

Come next winter, they are faced with a bigger challange. After Jade's reveal, the Anconi Threat is just around the corner. Alyssa and Justin start to realise what the past half year has been all about, and they start taking precautions. Justin and Alyssa make a trip to Wisconsin, to have Damien stay over at Justin's aunt and uncle's house, with Chris there too to stay connected. When they return.


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  • Is that alright with you - Damien Rice
  • Say Something - A Great New World
  • You could be happy - Snow Patrol
  • Trouble - Taylor Swift
  • Heart attack - Demi Lovato
  • Miles from where you are - Snow Patrol
  • Give me love - Ed Sheeran
  • Never say never
  • As long as you love me - Justin Bieber
  • Stay - Hurts



  • who’s the cuddler: Justin
  • who makes the bed: No one
  • who wakes up first: Alyssa
  • who has the weird taste in music: Justin
  • who is more protective: Both Alyssa and Justin
  • who sings in the shower: Justin, and with his voice it sounds really bad
  • who cries during movies: No one
  • who spends the most while out shopping: Alyssa, just because she can. Justin is usualy the one keeping things on a normal level, because he is an accountant
  • who kisses more roughly: Alyssa
  • who is more domineering: Alyssa
  • who controls the remote: Justin, because he is determined to watch his sportsprograms
  • what pets do they have: None
  • who decorated the house: They both decorated the house to really make it a home. But Alyssa made most decisions.
  • who does the cooking: No one, they are both terrible cooks. Alyssa likes to try, but it doesn't always goes well.
  • who is more organized: Alyssa, because Justin is really messy.
  • who iniatiates bedroom fun: Both equaly as much
  • who suggested kids first: Neither, it sort of just kind of happened.
  • who is the big-spoon/little spoon: Alyssa is the little spoon.
  • what's their favorite non-sexual activity: Playing with Damien and working on the Millers
  • who comes home drunk at 3AM: That is usualy Justin.
  • who kills the spiders: Justin
  • who falls asleep first: Justin
  • head canon: Alyssa made Justin forget about her three times, after that they broke up one time and got back together.
  • do they have any rituals: They decorate the house together for Christmas. They do work for the Millers together and they usually bring Damien to bed together.
  • who is louder: Alyssa
  • who is more experimental: Alyssa
  • who takes more risks: Alyssa
  • do they fuck or make love: Both
  • lights on or off: On
  • who is more spontaneous: Alyssa
  • who does the laundry: No one
  • who gets up in the middle of the night for the baby: Justin
  • who is most likely to steal the others clothes: Alyssa steals Justin's.
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over: Who's turn it is to check up on the Millers.
  • who steals the blankets: Justin
  • who remembers anniversaries: Alyssa
  • who gets the food and who stays at the table: Alyssa gets the food for Justin
  • who stays up untill 2AM reading: They don't read
  • who initiates pda: Alyssa
  • who gives nicknames: Justin
  • who apologizes first after an argument: Justin, because he can't stand Alyssa being mad at him. Alyssa is very stubborn
  • what kind of gifts do they get for eachother: Justin get's Alyssa sexy lingerie and Ayssa get's Justin socks, boxers and a car.
  • what's their favorite place to be together: The bed, the shower, the babyroom, their house and the rooftop.
  • their song: Give me love - Ed Sheeran
  • where did they first meet: At the Dawson house
  • who are the godparents of their children:
  • what do they do when they're away from eachother: Justin usually goes to do some sport, Alyssa hunts or works on the Millers
  • who says I Love You the most: Both equally
  • who is the dirty talker: Both
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt: Alyssa would freak out and find somebody to help him. Justin would give her some of his blood.
  • who spoils the kids the most: Justin
  • who proposes to bathe/shower together: Both
  • who's the messiest: Justin
  • who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown: Alyssa
  • Living space has a leak! Who fixes it: Alyssa
  • who buys the groceries: Alyssa
  • going out to eat, who pays: Alyssa
  • would they go to the beach: Yes, but not in the summer, because the sun irritates her eyes
  • can they swim: Yes, but Alyssa can drown
  • is someone multilingual: Yes, Justin speaks English and a little French and Alyssa speaks English, Spanish, German and French
  • baths or showers: Showers
  • who stays up late: Both, Alyssa because she is a vampire, Justin because he usually works till late
  • how often do they have sex: Very often
  • oddest place they have sex: The bathroom
  • favorite positions: against the wall
  • quickest turn ons: For Justin that's sexy lingerie, for Alyssa that's Justin's bare chest
  • first to orgasm: Justin
  • how are their afterglows: Long and sexy

Basic informationEdit

Residence: Saphire-Miller house



Daily livesEdit

  • Strollers:
  • Diaper bags:
  • Nurseries:



  • Justin and Alyssa are the couple who have sex the most.
  • Justin fell in love with Alyssa the first day he met her. Alyssa took longer to admit that she felt something for him. She had to make him forget a couple of times before she realized that he wasn't the problem, but she was.
  • Their nickname is Alysstin
  • It was a big surprise to them when Alyssa was pregnant, they thought she couldn't conceive.

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